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Millennia of civil war has seen the sentient race of robots, known as the Transformers, battle for freedom and supremacy across the universe. The fight has taken them from their home planet of Cybertron to Earth and back again. The noble Autobots, leader by heroic leader Optimus Prime, face off against the evil Decepticons, led by the megalomaniacal Megatron, using their form-shifting abilities to hide in plain sight. 

Hasbro's iconic toy line first made their appearance in the comic book world in 1984 at the hands of Bob Budiansky and Simon Furman for Marvel and Marvel UK. Starting life as a four issue mini-series, the Transformers had a successful run lasting 80 issues - certainly proving there was More Than Meets The Eye to the cartoon superstars.

Capturing the imagination of the world, the Transformers were picked up by many publishers from Dreamwave to Devils Due before landing the hands of IDW where they have gone on from strength to strength. Characters such as Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime, Whirl, Galvatron, Metroplex and Grimlock have all made their mark at the publishers and their adventures continue to thrill and amaze.


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