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Leonardo. Raphael. Michelangelo. Donatello. Apart from sharing the names of four of the most influential Renaissance painters in history, these four brothers share an even more unusual similarity - they're also four, humanoid, teenage mutant turtles. Schooled in the art of Ninjutsu by their adopted 'father' - a mutated rat by the name of Splinter - the brothers patrol the streets of New York, fighting criminals, aliens, mutants and despotic dictators as well as arch-nemesis The Shredder before retiring to their sewer base for pizza (no anchovies!).

Each turtle has a signature weapon and attitude. Leonardo is the self-assured leader of the group who duels with katana blades. Raphael is the brash and ill-tempered brother, strong and confident but incredibly headstrong. He favours a pair of sai. Michelangelo is the joker of the pack, often thought of as the mischievous younger sibling. His easy-going nature betrays a devastating effectiveness with the nunchaku. Donatello is the more conservative of the foursome,  preferring to resolve his problems with his brain rather than his brawn. However, don't be fooled. When called upon, Donatello shows lethal capabilities with his bo staff.

Created by the pairing of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird in 1984 for Mirage Studios in an attempt to raise funds, little could the creators anticipate the worldwide popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Going from strength to strength, and never far from the forefront of popular culture, the Turtles have enjoyed several TV and movie outings as well as an ongoing book now being handled by IDW with Kevin Eastman back on board!

Cowabunga dudes!

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