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Wrestlemania Predictions Sure To Go Wrong 2016

Written by  Published March 9, 2016 05:48
Welcome to the annual exercise in futility where I try to predict five outcomes or events at WrestleMania. It seems that in the last few years (I have done this for three years now at ENR) I have managed very few correct prognostications despite my lifelong obsession and my regular season accuracy.

20160222 WM32 keyart MATCH TripleH NEW 1920x1080 f2fe26ad884144186a50c79668701777In fact, while I am in the win correct column 2 to 1 on every other public prediction I have made on WWE, when it comes to WrestleMania I am an abysmal 3 and 12. But this isn’t about being right anymore.

This column has become my yearly tribute to WrestleMania and more of a wish list than any actual serious prediction. I am embracing my inaccuracy on this event and maybe…just maybe, I will get lucky along the way and have one or two turn out correctly.

So let’s get this monkey smoking…


Undertaker Loses – Shane Gets RAW

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At WrestleMania 32 the biggest match (despite two championships of note) is Hell in a Cell between The Undertaker and Shane McMahon. After a six-and-a-half-year absence the son of the chairman has returned to the roster of the WWE at least long enough for this epic match at the big event. While it is rare to see a Hell in a Cell match at WM (there have only been two before this - WM XV and XXVIII) they are usually always legendary and usually steal the show.

Bear with me here, I know that no star in history has a better record at WM than Undertaker and that no one has been in more Hell in a Cell matches than the Dead Man either. But what some may not know is the Undertaker loses in Hell in A Cell as much as he wins – his overall record is 6 -6 – 1 and split in the last two. If WWE is serious about hearing the voice of the WWE Universe, then they will let the Shane story continue and then begin the last arc for the Undertaker including letting him retire as champ if he wants.


AJ Styles Will End the Jericho Rivalry with A WrestleMania Win

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To be fair they haven’t even announced this match officially -  but you know it is coming, what with the blow up of Y2AJ on RAW and 3 phenomenal matches prior it seems almost a given that this match will be made. Maybe stipulated in some fashion or perhaps to open the show Y2J vs AJ is a match that needs to be written in the WM history book. Jericho is known for getting new talent to the WWE over and he seems to have taken a shine to AJ. While the future holds so many options one thing is clear…I could be wrong on this before the PPV starts. But I hope not.

3 Codebreaker finishing moves can end the union but it also strengthens the rivalry and made the storyline good enough for the biggest stage of them all.


Charlotte Remains Divas Champion

132 FAST 02212016rf 1831 1c7ea01fcc042d3dffb274d8cf59522cTriple Threat matches always suck if you are the champion. I remember very few times the WWE title has been successfully defended in such a manner. I think Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs The Boss has a built-in failsafe. The rivalry to a standstill, the recent tag team beatings and more have created a false alliance in the two contenders that – unlike Ambrose and Reigns from last month – that necessitates implosion. The two are not fond of each other and Charlotte has Nature Boy in her corner.

With a clear idea on making Charlotte to the Divas division what Flair was to every other division there is plenty of logical play for a win. While people wish for comeuppance for the Naturally Superior Specimen, what will come instead is at least her first WrestleMania title victory.


This Will Be the Best HOF Ceremony We Have Seen So Far

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With The Godfather, The Big Boss Man, The Freebirds and Sting already announced it is clear to me that the induction ceremony this year will be filled with laughs and tears of a whole new level. Seeing Sting get an accolade he deserves and watching Bad Street talk about Gordy will be the highlights one could expect.  But think on this. What a journey for Godfather and Boss Man. These two legends get looked over often, they are easy to miss in the halls of immortals before them but what they have to offer is perspective.

Neither of them ever became the main attraction itself, always a device for narrative and a place for the big names to get their big names. Fans are in for a treat and the rest of the class isn’t even announced yet. But even though we have seen everyone from Hogan to Warrior, Flair to Arn go in this is the class for the blue collar fan.


RAPID FIRE – Kalisto and Ryback will steal the show at WMRybackKalistoNov13


I like the less stressful approach to the predictions and hope that each and every one of you has a fantastic WrestleMania. Watch for fantastic coverage right here on ENR and make sure you comment below to make your own predictions.

Tell the monkey to crush his butt…


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