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Top 10 Comic Book Power Couples Of All Time

Written by  Published February 14, 2017 06:03
Well, it’s Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s week or month for some...why have bounderies?), the time when lovers love and secret admirers let their feelings be known! And single people? Well, I guess they all deal with this day differently! The most important thing, whether you believe in celebrating V-Day or not, is that you appreciate your special someone all year around! And for those of us bleeding hearts that bleed comics as well, we get our #relationshipgoals from our heroes and their perfect/not-so perfect relationships! So, I figured what better way to toot St. Valentine’s horn by firing up the ‘ol Listmaster 5000 machine and do one of my old fashioned lists! This time it’s comics’ Top 10 Power Couples! Some are superheroes with non-superheroes, and some of them are both supers...but all of these sweethearts showed us that their true powers are their love for each other (awwww)!

And yeah, most of these couples are no longer together in their respective current continuities, so this is an “of all time” list! Here goes!


10. Arthur & Mera

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Splish-splash! When it comes to showing true love, the king and queen of Atlantis have been through it all. Originally from another dimension, Mera was always depicted as a beautiful, redheaded femme fatale...think of her as a badass Ariel from The Little Mermaid. And this was explored more during Brightest Day, when she was given a more important role as a Red Lantern.

So it only makes sense that Aquaman had the hots for her! What man can resist that wet, “fresh-out-of-the-shower” look on a sexy lady? She perpetually looks like she should be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, but she kicks villain butt too! *swoon!*

We will see this wet and wild relationship in live action in this summer’s Justice League and Aquaman’s eventual solo film, with Jason Mamoa and Amber Heard playing Arthur & Mera. We can only hope it warms our hearts like the comic version!


9. Billy & Dorrek


Better known as Wiccan and Hulkling, they are the premiere LGBTQ couple in comics and beyond all else, they are too damn cute together! Former Young Avengers, Billy is the son of the Scarlet Witch and Vision along with his twin brother, Speed. He also very well could be the future Sorcerer Supreme, if you believe the various possible futures. Hulkling however is NOT related to Hulk at all...he is in fact a Skrull that has patterned his superhero identity after Hulk. Hey, he’s big and green...and Super Skrull was taken!

This relationship is a pretty important one, as these two certainly helped homosexual couples become commonplace in comics over the last decade or so. It was a big deal, but not so much that they were any different than any other pair of lovers in comics. Their relationship comes off as something very natural, and why wouldn’t it?

Their creators Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung should be credited for creating two amazing characters that could make the LGBTQ community proud and show what love means to people of all orientations. Hulkling and Wiccan are great heroes on their own, but are truly stronger together.



8. Kitty & Piotr

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This one is for me. I make no secret, I’m an “X-Men guy”. And for us, Kitty and Colossus was always the ultimate story of young love. They hooked up in their early days as X-Men, and then Piotr cheated on Kitty (with an alien girl during the original Secret Wars) and then they broke up...then they got back together as older, wiser heroes in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. I totally thought they would last this time...but they broke up again when Colossus was infected by the Phoenix Force in Avengers vs. X-Men. Basically, this relationship keeps getting screwed up by crossover events. Damn crossover events.

Even though they never made it work, Peter and Kitty definitely was a special thing. Theirs is the story of first loves and I guess you could say high school sweethearts...if your school trained you to beat up super-terrorists and giant robots while wearing brightly colored spandex.

What is my favorite Kitty and Piotr moment? Hmmmm....the time she fell through the floor while they were getting freaky comes to mind. Yeah. That happened.


7. Luke & Jessica

Jessica Jones Marvel Comics Alias AKA h6

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ romance may be new to some Netflix viewers, but we comic book readers have been entertained by their off-kilter, hilarious banter for a decade or so. I’ve always seen them as such a quintessential couple. And yeah, they started out as just friends with benefits, but more came from it and they realized that they should be together. And yeah, they definitely mesh, especially when Brian Michael Bendis is writing. He’s the best at banter, I don’t care what anyone says.

Lately their relationship has been strained (see the recent Jessica Jones comics), but when I fell for “JessiCage” was during the original Civil War and the New Avengers issues following it. They showed that their marriage can survive the worst of times and they will do anything to protect the future of their daughter, Danielle. That includes fighting all evil and oppression.

They aren’t always perfect spouses or perfect parents, but they feel real. That’s all that matters.


6. Oliver & Dinah

Green Arrow and Black Canary 1

Much like the previous entry, Green Arrow and Black Canary are a major “goals couple”. They don’t always get along....but they ALWAYS get along in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. Sometimes, that’s the makings of a really great, long lasting relationship! Let’s be honest about that.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a comic book couple that are constantly knocking the boots like Ollie and Dinah. It seems like if they are not beating up some baddie, they are knocking boots! It’s their two favorite activities to do together. The Arrow TV show never truly depicted these characters the way they are in the comics traditionally....and actually if they did, it would be an R-rated show.

The best thing is that these two are reunited as crime-fighting partners/lovers in the comics thanks to DC Rebirth....and that has me on board as a reader. Oliver just wasn’t the same without Dinah and vice versa. They just go together.


5. Scott & Jean


This one was filled with tragedy, but at the same time the love story between Jean Grey and Cyclops was something we will simply never forget. Beginning as teenaged X-Men, two awkward teenagers thrown into a fight they never asked for, with devastating powers they never wanted...their love for each other got them through a lot of the pain of it all. More importantly, their love made them better at being Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

If only they weren’t constantly pulled apart by cosmic forces, they probably would have been together forever. But it was never meant to be. Nonetheless, they at least got married and did lead the X-Men into the new millennium. Then Cyclops hooked up with Emma Frost (Jean’s biggest rival) and the SAME Phoenix Force that killed Jean made him go crazy and killed their mentor. I always wonder what Jean would have thought about what Scott eventually became.

Some may prefer Scott with Emma or Jean with Wolverine. Still, nothing will change what made these two the ultimate X-Men power couple. And if you truly want to understand their love, read their final moments before Jean died at the end of the original Phoenix Saga. Some of Claremont’s and Byrne’s best work and serious tear jerker material.


4. Reed & Sue

34c28c0dfe6d1d3be93c7e4d7b59f114They may be the second oldest couple on the list, but they are also one of the only ones that are still actually together...sort of. Nothing, not even becoming cosmic beings rebuilding the multiverse (see 2015’s Secret Wars event) can make Reed and Sue break up.

Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. They have had their struggles over the years, but no Sub-Mariner or Skrull invasion or Civil War or Dr. Doom could tear them apart, they truly have always loved one another through the good times or bad. After all, they are the linchpin of Marvel’s first family. They may not be featured in any comics currently, but they will eventually return.

Don’t count them out. When Marvel needs the Fantastic Four back to save the day, Reed and Sue (and their kids, Valeria and Franklin) will be back and they will be more in love than ever. Mark my words.


3. Dick & Barbara


This one is pretty close to my heart. They weren’t together very long, but was there ever a better couple than Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Barbara Gordon/Oracle? I personally think they were made for one another.

They shared a flirty romance back when they were Robin and Batgirl and then later on, after Barbara was paralyzed and became Oracle, and Dick was the guardian of Blüdhaven, these two finally hooked up. And it was beautiful.

I personally never would have broken them least not for many years of them being a full-on couple. You can’t finally give the fans what they have always wanted and then take it away so soon!! But still, at least it happened. Both Dick and Babs have had their share of romantic interests (some would have probably wanted Dick’s relationship with Starfire to be here instead), but for me there was never a combination that the fans wanted more and that was more meant to be.

And yeah, this was more meaningful to me than Batman and Catwoman and Joker and Harley. While those two couples are filled with all sorts of unhealthiness....Dick and Babs actually MEANT something.


2. Peter & MJ

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This one cannot be denied. No matter how much Mephisto tried to erase it....our back issue bins never forget. Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson were one majorly amazing couple, and one of the most important ones ever in comics.

I mean, what other marriage in comics was literally re-enacted at Shea Stadium in New York?! That happened! And while some people feel that Gwen Stacy was always Spider-Man’s true love, I personally think Mary Jane was always the one that got to know Peter on a deep, emotional level and helped him cope with his double life as Spider-Man. I think that breaking them up was one of the biggest mistakes Marvel has ever made, and it really does need to be rectified. Break up anyone you want except Pete & MJ, I say! That was totally blasphemous! I guess the only thing that made sense was Marvel’s personification of the devil did it himself.

Their marriage was literally cursed out of existence, but it was the one that even when I was a little kid eventually wanted for myself. I can’t be the only little boy that always just wanted to answer the door one day and have the prettiest girl in the world let me know that I “hit the jackpot”!


1. Lois & Clark

  1. 9e0c726eac4af4c5362c3f11d891d353After the New 52 happened, we thought the Lois and Clark relationship was done for. It was time for a younger Lane and Kent...and it was also time for Superman to finally shack up with Wonder Woman. Was that a good call? I personally think that while the flirtation between the two most powerful superheroes around was always welcome, Lois Lane should forever be Clark’s love. It’s just meant to be that way. That’s my opinion, however.

At the end of it all though, the previous universe’s (and still very married) Lois and Clark survived into the 52verse and now are that world’s Superman and Lois Lane! All is well, and most importantly the greatest couple in the history of comics is back at full force! This definitely proves that love somehow always survives and finds a way to persevere! Could the comic gods (which are...the editors, basically) make that happen for the rest of the couples on the list that have been broken up and retconned out of existence!? I hope so. Because even though comics are about awesome action and’s the love stories and relationships that also make them very engaging and special.

I know. I’m a big ‘ol softie.



I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day (even those that spent it can still be a nice day for you too), and enjoyed this little tribute to the love stories of comics past and present! Bleed out!

Dave Michaels

With his unique brand of humour mixed with die-hard passion and knowledge for all things comic books, Dave Michaels puts his weekly spin on the pop culture like only he can. Each “episode” of Full Page Bleed provides fun, wacky commentary, interviews, recommendations of Dave’s favourite comics, and whatever else his “evil genius” can conjure up. What are you reading THIS for?! Read some FPB RIGHT NOW and PREPARE to BLEED COMICS! FPB is Here...

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