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Friday, 29 April 2016 18:15
It is never easy when a loved one dies, even if they are fictional. For Arrow the death has been far less permanent and far more fluid than we can hope for in real life. Yet grief fascinates us as a culture because it is so powerful in us. When grief over takes a human being it changes the filter and scope of all we do for a time until the cycle has passed and scars have formed over the once too painful wounds of loss. Read more...
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Thursday, 19 February 2015 09:03
10988537_889531154430388_6501187408506781330_nLast time on Arrow was another major moment in the show's ongoing story plot. As the Black Canary was finally leaving behind the events of the Brick war, the villain Vertigo made a comeback. That time, claiming the black-costumed heroine as a victim of his fear toxin, which caused her to see illusions of her sister Sara Lance (also known as "Canary") attacking her with a bitter and angry attitude, except of course it was Vertigo assaulting her in reality. Fortunately, Black Canary overcame her fear of angering her sister and about an attempt to take over her fighting spirit and learned to build her own fighting spirit in time to defeat the villain himself. Meanwhile, Oliver Queen faced another major moment in his life with family as he invited his half sister Thea to discover his double-life, which fortunately brought them closer together, but unfortunately resulted Thea's bitterness towards Malcolm Merlyn, who thought he did right by keeping Arrow's secret away from her after the Deathstroke terror in Starling City back in season 2. And now, we look at another major moment in Arrow's life in the Arrow episode "The Return". Read more...
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Friday, 17 October 2014 15:10
Shot 1 for Arrow S3E2In case of some of you missed last week’s episode of Arrow, Sara Lance (also known as “Canary”) made a return to Starling City after her five-month absence, only to meet an unfair fate as she got put to death too soon just as she was just getting back into The Arrow’s crusade against crime and evil. Now, we are looking at the sequel episode “Sara” in this week’s edition of ENR’s Arrow column. In “Sara”, Oliver Queen (also known as “The Arrow”) and company, while dealing with the loss of their comrade and friend Sara, find themselves encountering an Arrow-like supervillain known as “Komodo”. This man targets a number of victims and kills them with the same type of weaponry The Arrow uses: arrows. Read more...
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