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Monday, 02 February 2015 11:56
“This is your birthright, Arthur.” throneSince the credits rolled on Justice League: War and we saw Ocean Master ominously rise from beneath the surface of the waves, this has been the DC animated movie I’ve been waiting for. Throne of Atlantis is still arguably one of my favourite Justice League stories of all time and definitely one of my top events of the New 52. Here we saw Aquaman divided between the people he chose to save and those who he calls family. Orm took all his pent up aggression and rage and directed it towards the surface world as the result of a misunderstanding of monumental proportions and the League were called upon to set things right. There was a distinct lack of any mention of Arthur Curry in DC’s first venture in the animated universe of the New 52 in Justice League: War or any of the following movies but with good reason. Throne of Atlantis is effectively ‘Aquaman Begins’; bringing about a new animated origin story for the King of the Seven Seas. Read more...
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Sunday, 01 February 2015 11:58
twilight-x-men-baseball1The Superbowl is upon us and it's that time of year when almost everyone in North America plops down in front of their TVs with chicken wings and all sorts of junk food and watches the two best teams in the NFL go head to head! It's pretty exciting stuff, and this one game means a lot to a lot of people! Does the comic book community take part? I'd say a lot of them do, some fake interest, some don't even bother. But it has nothing to do with their interest in funny books. Not everyone is into sports, it's just that simple. But I think EVERYONE has a bit of interest in popular events, and that's the real appeal of the Superbowl. In spirit of the "Big Game", I decided to take a look at the 10 best athletes from comics. There's actually quite a few! I even have some spandexed individuals who could have even been Superbowl champions themselves! Y'know, if they weren't so busy saving the planet. Read more...
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Monday, 19 January 2015 09:14
d 5Sometimes in the world of comics’ journalism it becomes easy to just go drifting along with the norm. Rarely do things surprise or shock, hardly ever is there a true shakeup of the tried and true and rarer still do less than great series become stellar before they are cancelled. But it does happen apparently. At least for this journalist. Upon the release of Justice League 3000 #1, I was appalled. I found tainted and boorish versions of the Justice League 1,000 years in the future was an abysmal idea and the division of the world into kingdoms hokey. Prison planet? Been there done that. I resented the further desecration of Superman and was disappointed one of my all-time favorite writers, J.M. DeMatteis had chosen this direction. To make it worse for me they had also cancelled the last Legion title and this seemed a poor substitute. Rather than blast the book back to the Stone Age I simply waited. I read 2-4 and was still having trouble enjoying it. The pacing was slow and the characterizations and actions of the characters so bizarre there was no connection to their predecessors or to me as the reader. I waited and checked back in around issue 7 and found myself leaning heavily in to see the train wreck universe and a little glee took over too. I didn’t come back until last month in issue 12. I plan to stay. That magical turnaround happened in issue 13 and I have a full review. So let’s get this monkey smoking…   Read more...
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Sunday, 18 January 2015 13:27
fc,550x550,orange.u1Well, it seems that Birdman, Michael Keaton's  dark comedy about a former superhero movie star gone mad, is about to gobble up all of the awards this season (and it's well deserved, everyone should go check it out). But the idea of insanity tied to comic book heroes and villains is definitely not entirely a new concept. In fact, there are tons of psychotic characters in between the pages of the "funny books". I would go so far as to say it is a recurring theme! Batman stays in business JUST because of all the crazy! But just who is the craziest of the crazy? The looniest of them all? The cookiest for cocoa puffs?! I've decided to go back to my 'ol "listing ways" and come up with 6 absolutely certified insane in the membrane characters (villains AND heroes) around!  Read more...
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015 12:39
Van SciverIf there's one guy at the forefront of drawing superhero comic books these days, it's Ethan Van Sciver. Ethan has been working in the industry primarily for DC Comics for years now, and is one of the masterminds that has revolutionized the company the last few years. From Green Lantern to Flash to Batman/Superman, Ethan has been the man when it comes to making the greatest superheroes ever look, well, that much more super! I got a chance to chat with Ethan at Montreal Mini ComicCon and he let me in on what it's like working in the "world's finest" industry! Read more...
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Thursday, 08 January 2015 12:25
Oh the way Glen Miller played, songs that made the Hit Parade, guys like us we had it made, Those Were the Days. All_In_The_Family_WallpaperArchie & Edith Bunker sang that before every episode of All in the Family. Growing up in NW PA there are a lot of things to do, mostly outdoors. When winter hits like it is hitting here now, folks come inside and you aren't left with a lot of options. When in doubt we mostly turn on the boob tube, the idiot box, or best known as the TV. It is amazing how many channels I can get now compared to growing up here. We started with that antennae thing on top of the house, and I suspect most of you who just read that are thinking What? Yea before cable, satellite and Netflix you got three sometimes as many as five channels depending on the weather and it had to be moved to get some of them. What does this have to do with anything? The good thing about television even when cable first started you were able to watch every show with everybody in the house. It was Family TV then and OH how I miss it. There are TV stations that have the "oldies" on them, and I do watch some of those, but on Saturday Night the only channel I watch for three solid hours is MeTV. You see on Saturday night you get three hours of old fashioned comic book TV goodness. Look Up in the Sky At 6:00 PM George Reeves visits our house for an hour. That is two george reevesepisodes of corny, family goodness of the best sort. The shows are sometimes in black & white, sometimes in color, but they are all good. There isn't any emo, soul crushing, darkness for that hour, just plain fun. If you think it's just me, you would be wrong. I have a 5 year old, a 12 year old and my wife who watch with me and we all enjoy it. The sci-fi effects aren't up to todays standards, but that is alright, the story telling far outweighs the loss of massive explosions and gore shots. Last week we had Superman flying into a comet to save the earth, where because of the force of   the blow he lost his memory for awhile. He almost gives away his identity to Jimmy Olsen by taking off his shirt revealing he is Superman (why he put the suit back on is a mystery), but Jimmy goes down to the corner deli for coffee and sandwiches. There is something pleasing about and hour of TV where I don't need to rely on a filter to clear out language I would rather not have my children repeat. It is pleasing that the story line, although at times corny, is compelling and has drama without going over the top into some misdirected emotional tantrum. Most of all though it is a show that we can all watch together and enjoy. Holy Big Boats Batman Batman in BatmobileAt 7:00 PM Batman comes on for an hour. Sometimes it is one of the two part shows sometimes the last season with Batgirl, but it is all fantastic. Many of us have gone out and bought the The Complete Batman series already, but it is still fun to watch it on Saturday night. My son and Daughter are big fans, but it is my non-super hero liking wife Jo who enjoys the show the most. I love the corniness of it all, the little jokes, the lessons (there are great lessons for kids every hour) and the fun this show has. I think just about everybody does, and those who don't probably take life a little to seriously. Batman 66 is kind of the Tick before the Tick came about, just more fun. Last week the Joker Was Wild. This is the episode where the Joker trades the Bat Utility Belt for the Joker Belt. There is confetti tie ups, balloons that come out of pills and Queenie who is only there to look at, but my 5 year old could care less. Again, no swearing, no deep seated angst for a flimsy plot line, just fun that at times is better than any blockbuster movie that is coming out next summer. Prince Diana Prince Finally at 8:00 PM EST, we have Wonder Woman. What do you say about wonder_womanyour first crush? Lynda Carter is and always will be Wonder Woman to me. There is some gratuitous legs to see, the top of her costume is revealing, but come on it is old fashioned campy super hero goodness at it's peak of perfection. Last week WW was involved in moving to California (yep final season) and discovered a man who had become invulnerable due to a sketchy scientist who was bent on taking over the world. The plot line was thin at times and and the monkey (yep a monkey) who got hit by a car looked like someone threw a doll up in the air (because that was what it was), but the story was basically Captain America without the SFX. Best of all we get to see Lynda Carter doing what she does! Wonder Woman was better the first couple of years, and even the season with IRA the computer than the last season, but if you had known it would be the last season when it was cancelled you know you would have watched it more to keep it on the air. There wasn't any swearing, there wasn't any over the top violence, what there was was a decent if not great story line, and of course Lynda Carter! Like Archie & Edith sang, Those Were the Days. I'm not putting down todays shows, I am a fan of most of them if not all and hope they continue. I do wish however that I could watch all of them with All of my Family. Read more...
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 08:06
ww 2If there is one thing we can learn from The New 52, the current official continuity of the DC Universe, it is that the world we live is a mixture of both good qualities and bad ones. The same can be said about every living being living in it. That is to say we are talking in terms of abilities, limits, mindsets, moral sense, ambitions, etc. Just like how the DC Universe villains have their good qualities (examples: a sense of humor and intelligence), the DC Universe heroes have their bad qualities as well (examples: lack of social life and the capability of making mistakes). Recently, when the married duo of writer Meredith Finch and her husband artist David Finch took over the helm for the DC Universe comic book series Wonder Woman (still in its fourth comic book series volume), they began in comic series volume 4 issue 36, a multipart storyline that clearly stated that like in the real world, nothing in the DC Universe is entirely white (positive qualities) or black (negative qualities), and they did so very well through three elements: the heroine, the villainess, and nature itself. Find out how in this analysis presented by me, the one and only SHX. Read more...
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Monday, 17 November 2014 12:45
Harley-Quinn-Annual-1_53bf14b8ae9483.71857504Here we are in the middle of November and I am just now getting out the October Top 20 Comic Books and Top 10 Graphic Novels. I don't even have an excuse for this month. I had thought about this column last week, but just never got around to collecting the data so here we are. Speaking of here we are, if you are in the area of North America right now, chances are you are somewhere where it is cold. This is some what appropriate as DC who was hot last month isn't this one. Other things that were hot in September didn't make the list this month and it pretty much all has to do with DC. There is a brand new #1 this month and it is an Indie. Much like last year this book held around the Top 10 for the year and when (hint) the show started up again it took the number one slot. Finally we have been having a pretty good run on the market lately. After a pretty dismal beginning of the year things have turned around in the second and third quarter. Could October continue the run? Let's all find out together!   Read more...
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