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Monday, 09 November 2015 16:38
Days ago, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. launched the first-ever television series to feature the famous comic book superheroine Kara Zor-El in the sole protagonal role. Yes, I am talking the new hit American live-action television series Supergirl, and apparently, although it only just premiered, it somehow flying strong in mainstream status within the North American continent, and I am happy to say it is nice to see a female super-heroine from DC Universe lore other than Wonder Woman has the power to triumph in maintaining a huge audience with her own solo non-comic book series, even after the commercial failures of both the Supergirl movie and the infamous Catwoman movie. Read more...
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Sunday, 27 September 2015 18:47
September 27th was Batman Day, a day where every year generations of fans of the Caped Crusader celebrate the awesome pop culture icon. Just what is it about The Bat that has made him the most popular superhero of all time? Is it the badass costume? The fighting skills? Those “wonderful toys”? Maybe it’s his super intelligence or detective skills? Well, it’s ALL of those things, really. But I think most of all, it’s the relatable nature that the character exudes. Without any real powers, Batman is pretty much a normal person. Read more...
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Monday, 07 September 2015 17:28
So, I’m a fan of hip hop music. I grew up listening to Biggie, Tupac and the Wu-Tang Clan. And everyone in between. I don’t often get a chance to write about that love on a geek/pop culture website...but sometimes I’m able to sneak it in there. One of the coolest songs Notorious B.I.G. ever wrote was the “Ten Crack Commandments”, where Big basically...well...lists his simple rules for being a drug dealer. Not saying it’s the right thing to write a song about...but whatever. It is what it is. And what it is is one of the best written hip hop songs of all time, in my opinion. Read more...
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Friday, 07 August 2015 15:54
When I reviewed Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts a few months ago (late to the series) there were some things I knew about the franchise and some things I didn’t. What I did know is that while the larger hyped and bigger eyeballed Justice League line (or the official DCAU as it stands Gods and Monsters, Throne of Atlantis and the upcoming Killing Joke) got gritty and dark and even pulled away from the classic interpretations of the Icons that are the Trinity entirely, (Affectionately known as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman for those not in the know.) This new line of video storytelling was in fact, up to something grand. Special. What I didn’t know exactly was where this line came from originally. It is a toy line of ghastly costumes and accessories like Bobsled Batman in a blue camo suit (shudder). Read more...
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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 15:40
I notice that there are a number of pop culture media franchises (and sub-franchises) that manage to have their own special holidays established to celebrate their respective fandoms, whether it be a national holiday or even international one. To give examples, there is Star Trek Day (now officially an April 5th international holiday), Batman Day (debated by some to always be May 1st despite date variation by year), Superman Day (a June 12th holiday), Spider-Man Day (an August 1st holiday), and now there is International Sailor Moon Day (whose first annual day will be on August 15, 2015). Now you are probably wondering, "what can we do to celebrate the holiday that celebrates the fandom we are a part of?". Well, there are usually a number of options we can do to celebrate. So let's take time to explore each option on how to celebrate. Read more...
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Sunday, 12 July 2015 15:34
When it comes to haunting, dark artwork that almost looks like it should be hung up in a museum somewhere, the comics industry turns to Mr. Jae Lee. A 20+ year vetran in the industry, Jae has worked on it all from Wolverine to WildC.A.T.S to Stephen King's Dark Tower to his monumental run on the New 52 reboot of Batman/Superman. Jae has become one of the comic industry's top talents and most enthrallic and unique artists in a long time! I had the chance to catch up with Jae at Montreal ComicCon and have a talk about his start, his run on Batman/Superman and more! I could have talked with Jae forever, but it was the last 5-10 minutes of the con day and he was about to pack up! But he was so awesome he granted me this interview anyway!  Check it out! Read more...
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Saturday, 11 July 2015 16:19
Are you ready to see the most anticipated trailer to come out of San Diego Comic Con? Well it's here! WB has unveiled its first full Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and it has a lot that we've been clamoring for! Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in full costume, Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg) scheming , Batman (Ben Affleck) in action and more plot details! And not to mention Superman and Batman face to face! Oh yeah! It's on now! Read more...
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Wednesday, 08 July 2015 22:45
eXpertComics and ENR are proud to announce that we have received the absolute honor of being nominated by the 2015 Joe Shuster Awards for the Harry Kremer Retailer Award! The nomination is given to a select few comic book retailers across Canada that have shown merit in a variety of categories and is inspired by Harry Kramer, the original owner of Now & Then Books in Kitchener Ontario.  The Shusters is an annual award ceremony named in honor of Canadian born Joe Shuster, one of the original creators of Superman, and awards Canadian comic book creators and retailers.  Read more...
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