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Sunday, 03 April 2016 03:50
Oh yeah! It’s that time of year once again! Wrestlemania season! That time of the year when almost everyone (or at least more people that you think) get together and watch the 4 hour extravaganza involving big muscley men and women (and sometimes a zombie or a leprechaun or a voodoo priest) wearing outlandish tight outfits and getting in the ring in front of thousands of people for a fight that’s not really a fight...but still very treacherous nonetheless. Read more...
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Monday, 23 November 2015 16:21
Ask anyone if they know Mark William Calaway and almost all of them will say no and look at you quizzically. Ask those same people who the Undertaker is and I would guess without fail nearly all of them would respond with “the pro wrestler?” For a quarter of a century, the Deadman, the Outlaw, the Master of Darkness or the half a dozen other nicknames he is known by has been the gold standard of the modern era of wrestling. In fact, ask the pros and they will tell you that in the conversation for greatest of all time the list has three names – Bruno Sammartino Jr., Ric Flair and The Undertaker. Read more...
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Sunday, 29 March 2015 02:45
It’s that time of year again, it’s the show of shows! The granddaddy of them all! Wrestlemania! And like every year, I have a special column dedicated to the biggest sports entertainment spectacle of the year! This year I wanted to do something a bit different and fun, and count down my personal all-time dream matches for Wrestlemania. Some of these may happen, some are highly unlikely and some are literally impossible, but we can all dream, can’t we?! And after all “anything can happen in the WWE!” This was a really difficult task to weed these down to 5, but these are the grapplers that I personally wish could meet and steal the show. Enjoy! Read more...
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Sunday, 24 November 2013 14:20
SS_93Well, it’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving! Well, American Thanksgiving, I should say. While we up in “Alpha Flight” country, Canada, actually celebrate our Day of Thanks a few months earlier in October, there happens to be one American Thanksgiving tradition I look forward to every year: WWE Survivor Series! Ever since I was a little kid, WWE (or WWF) put on this unique pay-per-view event that usually pit teams of wrestlers against each other in 5-on-5 elimination matches. A guy gets pinned, he’s sent to the showers. The teams whittle down until every member of a team is eliminated. So basically you can end up with literally one man against 5! It’s always fun to see just who would survive in these unpredictable matchups. So, I’m dusting off my ‘ol Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase t-shirt (yes, I actually have one...don’t judge me!), and revisiting my personal favorite Survivor Series matches over the ages! Read more...
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Sunday, 02 June 2013 18:03
424937_500290290004473_916165350_nI grew up to watch and enjoy pro wrestling. It’s one of the many things I’m a bit of a “geek” about, and while the sport is still looked down upon (far more than comics these days) and many people still think that the average wrestling fan is unintelligent, trailer park trash (and don’t get it wrong...there are many people with low I.Q.s that live in trailers that watch Monday Night Raw every week), it doesn’t take away from the fact that pro wrestling has its place among pop culture. Personally, it is a performance art for me. Not like ballet, but more like ballet with folding steel chairs and dropkicks. The naysayers will argue “but it’s fake”...let’s be honest, so are our favorite movies, comics and video games, and we adore and love those. To the point where we will argue who could win in a fight between The Incredible Hulk and Thor as if they are real people! It’s not different whatsoever. And giving people sitdown piledrivers for real would be completely illegal. There’s that too. Read more...
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Monday, 22 April 2013 12:01
Conway ChampionIf you were a fan of the Ruthless Aggression era in the WWE like I was, you should remember a French-Canadian tag team called La Resistance. They garnered heat like their 80s counterparts, the Rougeau Brothers and were three-time tag team champions. One of them, Rob Conway, a French sympathizer, immediately stood out to me with his honed physique and Buff Bagwellesque looks. Since being released back in 2007, he has kept busy in wrestling with stints in The Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalo Championship Wrestling and now a successful run as the current champion of the NWA. How are you today, Rob, or should I say Robear ? (Laughs) I’m great.   Read more...
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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 13:02
On December 15, 1997, Vince McMahon gave a State of The Union address to viewers during an episode of Monday Night RAW. He stated that he would no longer insult wrestling fans’ intelligence by living in the heyday of the eighties to the mid-nineties where he presented a product where “good guys” fought “bad guys. ” The product was going to get edgier. It was going to have more…attitude. Thus, the biggest boom period in wrestling was born, The Attitude Era. Read more...
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