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Sunday, 03 April 2016 03:50
Oh yeah! It’s that time of year once again! Wrestlemania season! That time of the year when almost everyone (or at least more people that you think) get together and watch the 4 hour extravaganza involving big muscley men and women (and sometimes a zombie or a leprechaun or a voodoo priest) wearing outlandish tight outfits and getting in the ring in front of thousands of people for a fight that’s not really a fight...but still very treacherous nonetheless. Read more...
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Sunday, 19 October 2014 13:51
DSC_0845 copy copyIf you're a horror fanatic you've probably heard of Jen and Sylvia Soska. These Canadian twin sisters have taken the horror world by storm and after directing their critically acclaimed horror/thriller masterpiece, American Mary, they have become the most sought-after new filmmakers of the genre. Now the "Twisted Sisters" have just released their latest creature feature, See No Evil 2, the sequel to the original WWE Studios slasher flick starring Glenn Jacobs, who you probably know better as the Devil's Favorite Demon, WWE Superstar Kane. The original See No Evil starred Jacobs as Jacob Goodnight, a monstrous serial killer bent on unrelenting murder and mayhem. Of course, The "Big Red Monster" was a natural in that role, and the first film received quite a cult following. Read more...
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Sunday, 02 June 2013 18:03
424937_500290290004473_916165350_nI grew up to watch and enjoy pro wrestling. It’s one of the many things I’m a bit of a “geek” about, and while the sport is still looked down upon (far more than comics these days) and many people still think that the average wrestling fan is unintelligent, trailer park trash (and don’t get it wrong...there are many people with low I.Q.s that live in trailers that watch Monday Night Raw every week), it doesn’t take away from the fact that pro wrestling has its place among pop culture. Personally, it is a performance art for me. Not like ballet, but more like ballet with folding steel chairs and dropkicks. The naysayers will argue “but it’s fake”...let’s be honest, so are our favorite movies, comics and video games, and we adore and love those. To the point where we will argue who could win in a fight between The Incredible Hulk and Thor as if they are real people! It’s not different whatsoever. And giving people sitdown piledrivers for real would be completely illegal. There’s that too. Read more...
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Sunday, 12 August 2012 16:00
The stars of wrestling and how they aren’t so different than your favorite comic book heroes & villains! A little while back in an episode of the Bleed, around Wrestlemania, I confessed my love for Pro Wrestling (or “Sports Entertainment”, if you prefer). I can’t really explain why a 31 year old like myself still sits in front of my television every Monday and Friday night (and one Sunday a month) and tune into this type of’s just something I’ve done most of my life, ever since  I first saw Hulk Hogan point his all-powerful finger at some poor jabroni on WWF Superstars one Saturday morning after my cartoons before laying down a few punches, irish whipping his foe into the ropes, causing him to predictably run into Hogan’s big yellow boot before falling victim to his deadly leg drop of doom. Why stop now?! It was like watching a superhero from one of my comic books come to life and lay waste to evildoers but for real. Almost real. Real enough for a young kid. Things have changed in the past few decades in the world of pro wrasslin’, we went from Hulk Hogan and his bright yellow tights, to the “Attitude Era” where middle fingers, crotch chops, and bra and panties matches reigned supreme (there was even a few ritualistic sacrifices here and biggie), and all the way back again to a PG era with larger than life heroes that battling almost cartoonish bad guys. Read more...
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