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Monday, 17 August 2015 14:29
Last year, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. launched a new television series version of The Flash, actually the first television series to entirely center around DC's famed scarlet speedster Barry Allen since the 1990 television series version. Yes, the new series featured a number of fantastic super-villains, but the one villain who was shaking up the story development the most was the yellow-suited speedster Eobard Thawne (also known as "Professor Zoom"), one of the multiple characters from DC Universe lore who maintain the moniker of the Reverse-Flash (possibly the most popular of them all if not mistaken). Anyway, although Barry Allen made his final defeat on Eobard Thawne in the season 1 finale episode of the currently running Flash-centric T.V. series, part of me seemed to want to see more of this iconic super-villain, and DC Comics gave me that wish as I got me a copy of The Flash (comic series volume 4) Annual 4 in my attempt to meet for first time, the Professor Zoom of the current main universe setting from the official DC Universe continuity (yes I'm talking Prime Earth or in other words, the "DC New 52 Universe" or the "Post-Flashpoint Earth 0"). Now, let's zoom on to the review on this annual of the comic book series, shall we? Read more...
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Monday, 22 June 2015 14:43
18 Minutes of moral morass… Whether you like DC Comics’ direction in their books, film or animation they seem to be all in. Which direction is that you ask? Why the continued darkening of their Universe and the transition to blurred lines in what defines a hero. With films like Man of Steel, the New 52 reboot of 2011 (and now Convergence) it seems the more flawed the hero, the better for DC and its parent company Warner Bros. On July 28th the latest installment of the DC Animated Universe will get an ElseWorlds (alternate Universe) treatment and the chance to inject bleak darkness into another version of this Universe was too great to pass up. Even for Bruce Timm. The revered and yet recently departed (creative differences) creator of Batman TAS has returned to the DCAU with this coming film. While TAS might be the greatest cartoon of all time, it is safe to say that despite towing the company line and touting this work, Gods and Monsters is not the traditional fare he respected so highly. But while this is an alternate world (for which I am so grateful) it is an opportunity to rationalize poor decisions, glorify the darkness and up the violence level another notch on the “get the gamer audience” belt. How do I know this when the film isn’t released? Read more...
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Thursday, 14 May 2015 17:00
We knew The CW had yet another DC Universe spinoff in the worksstarring Caity Lotz (the former Canary now White Canary) and Brandon Routh (The Atom), and it now has a name, Legends of Tomorrow, as well as a debut trailer! Also starring Victor Garber, Robbie Amell (both sides of the "Firestorm coin"), Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold), Dominic Purcell (Heatwave) and new faces Ciara Renee (Hawkgirl) and Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter). The Legends will be teaming up to go up against the immortal DC Comics baddie, Vandal Savage. Read more...
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Friday, 08 May 2015 14:03
There are two DC Animated universes currently and while one is constantly covered and hailed (the more adult line containing Batman vs. Robin and Throne of Atlantis) I have also been watching the secondary more child friendly universe (containing JLA; Trapped in Time). This animated movie, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts is the second in the second universe. However I am not sure this is entirely correct since there were no indications the universes are connected and Unlimited implies perhaps it is not. In any fashion it is done in the lighter style. As with any animated, direct to video release from DC in the last few years the expectations are high and the payoff in doubt until the reviews are in. I am just the chimp for the task. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Wednesday, 18 March 2015 13:00
izombieSo I decided to give the new CW show, iZombie a shot. It is based on the  award winning Vertigo title of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred. I wasn't expecting too much, since the only CW shows I'm interested in are Arrow and The Flash, and this wasn't exactly the same sort of deal. It isn't based on a legendary DC Comics superhero and I have never even read an IZombie issue. And I must say, this show is a VERY pleasant surprise! It shows a lot of promise and for all of you that are looking for a quirky spin on the zombie dynamic, this show is EXACTLY for you! Read more...
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Sunday, 15 March 2015 14:05
sollicitations-DC-juin-12Well, the big buzz this week in comics was the announcement that after their next big event, Convergence, DC Comics is going to be making some BIG aesthetic changes to some of their most popular characters. And I'm talking BIG. HUGE. MEGA. SHOCKING...freakin' weird....CHANGES! Didn't they already DO this like not 4 years ago?! YES! THEY DID! TOTALLY! Is rebooting trendy? YES! IT IS! TOTALLY! Do they need to keep doing this every few years to maintain sales and stay relevant and keep columnists and bloggers like myself talking about them? THEY OBVIOUSLY THINK SO! And I can't help but give them exactly what they want. Because some of these costumes are so freaking drastic that I just can't stay silent anymore. I'm gonna stop and give my thoughts on all of the announced revamps that are happening post-Convergence. It's time, DC. Let's have a chat, bro. Read more...
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Thursday, 05 February 2015 11:57
So I'm Faster Than A Speeding Bullet The-Flash-TV-Series-LogoSo Far On The Flash: We have had it all since the return what with Reverse Flash, Captain Cold and what not it seems the second half of the first season is getting ready to rip the roof of the joint. Last week we had Hartley Rathaway as Pied Piper and he was the perfect jerk. Is that too tough on him? Nope he wa the perfect jerk. We had some character scenes which were done very well for a show with just almost a dozen episodes and we had our madatory Barry chases Iris around that is just getting annoying. Harrison Wells lives large, doesn't need the suit to be fast, and the Speed Force is finally mentioned. Overall I thought that this might be a throw away episode, it happens in the first year of every new show, but it wasn't as Pied Piper may be back sooner than we think and he might be on the side of the good guys. I was really hoping for more about Firestorm, but hey what can you do? Read more...
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Monday, 02 February 2015 11:56
“This is your birthright, Arthur.” throneSince the credits rolled on Justice League: War and we saw Ocean Master ominously rise from beneath the surface of the waves, this has been the DC animated movie I’ve been waiting for. Throne of Atlantis is still arguably one of my favourite Justice League stories of all time and definitely one of my top events of the New 52. Here we saw Aquaman divided between the people he chose to save and those who he calls family. Orm took all his pent up aggression and rage and directed it towards the surface world as the result of a misunderstanding of monumental proportions and the League were called upon to set things right. There was a distinct lack of any mention of Arthur Curry in DC’s first venture in the animated universe of the New 52 in Justice League: War or any of the following movies but with good reason. Throne of Atlantis is effectively ‘Aquaman Begins’; bringing about a new animated origin story for the King of the Seven Seas. Read more...
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