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Friday, 25 July 2014 09:50
600full-deadpool--a-typical-tuesday-posterWhat happens when we do Deadpool on #FanFilmFriday? Well, the movie is about a typical TUESDAY for the Merc With A Mouth. And it is hilarious! With a movie that has it all, Wade breaking the 4th wall, violence, Marvel guest appearances and of course, Mexican food, we at ENR say why WAIT for a Deadpool movie that will likely disappoint when we can watch something made FOR DP fans, BY DP fans?! Not only that, with a wicked opening theme by one of the coolest bands around, The Black Keys! Also music by Moby, Jack White and Kriss Kross! So turn up your internet box and enjoy this one! Read more...
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Thursday, 17 July 2014 13:16
 mark 1This is the 7th installment of Getting to Know Your ENR Crew. As the title suggests this is a special edition dealing with my buddy Mark Tomlin. Mark is the glue that holds the whole shooting match together. It's Mark that gets all the books, statues, shirts and you name it out on time, and keeps the writers in books to review.  He also is one of the few rare people who has an answer for every question I throw at him, and believe me I throw a lot of questions. He is a massive toy collector, a bigger Power Ranger fan, and one of the nicest people you are likely to meet. So sit back and Get to Know Mark Tomlin! Read more...
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Monday, 14 July 2014 13:34
top leadHere we are in mid-July and the numbers for the month of June have finally hit. As this is the second quarter of the year for comic book sales let's do a quick recap of the months proceeding this one. January, February, March and May were all down as far as the numbers went. April had a big month aided by the release of Amazing Spider-Man #1, and here we are looking at June. It hasn't all been doom or gloom as some months some area's did better than others, and there hasn't been a month yet (besides May)  where the numbers fell to a great or even moderate extent. That said compared to last year at the end of the first quarter the numbers have shown a downward trend and coming into this second quarter I have been a little nervous to see what we had. I have given a ton of reasons why I think we saw a dip in numbers and some of those are proving to be pretty much dead on, some not so much, but we will get to that by the end of the year column as always. So what do we have this month? We have a return of the number one spot on the Top 25 after a short hiatus, we have something I thought we would never see on the either of the lists I put out once a month, and we have for the time being some pretty good numbers to look at for once, so let's get started.   Read more...
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Thursday, 03 July 2014 13:15
Death 1It's that time again. No not the time of year or even the time of day, it's the time Marvel or DC (in this case Marvel) kills off a big name superhero. It happens, the books are meant to somewhat portray life as it is lived so eventually somebody has to die right? I don't really even mind (well a little bit) that our heroes and some villains have the "comic book death" it makes for at times interesting reading and it is always fun to speculate how the hero/ villain will return. The problem is how it's handled. Once upon a time it was a BIG thing. It shook the comic book readers and made us appreciate our heroes even more than we already did. I have written about how as a much younger person that I cried reading the Death of Captain Marvel. I stood in a line full of folks who couldn't have cared less about any superhero to buy a copy of the Death of Superman. Ah for the good old days. Now before my friend and colleague Jess Kirby says "I thought he wasn't going purist on this" I must say I don't mind the right as of this moment days either. The Death of Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man is still one of my favorite hero dies stories that I have ever read. Add in the mass media coverage of these high profile "Death Of"  put name of hero here and it is easy to see how this can be good for at least a small period of time for the comic book industry. Sick as it is nothing sells better than Death Of other than sex, so yea it has to happen so make a buck right?   Read more...
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Thursday, 12 June 2014 14:34
Original_Sin_4_Teaser_VariantPreviously in Original Sin: The plot thickened and sickened! The mysterious boss’ teams had discovered many more dead creatures both in the underworld and in alternate dimensions, meaning that Uatu wasn’t the only anomaly that bit the green glowing bullet! Meanwhile, Nick Fury’s squad narrowed down the search for Watcher’s killer and found out who had one of his eyeballs! They find Exterminatrix and a mysterious man with a towel on his head with it, and “Extermy” and a group of Mindless Ones take on a virtual all-star team of heroes on their own. As cool as they looked going into the fight...the heroes make short work them, and the head under the towel is revealed! Who is it?! Who else would want to cart around a creepy giant eyeball but the one Marvel villain that HAS A CREEPY GIANT EYEBALL FOR A HEAD! That’s’s The Orb! Shock! Awe! And...more questions. What could it all mean!? Who is the mysterious man conducting his own investigation? Why and how could C-list villains like Exterminatrix and The Orb kill and de-eyeball The Watcher?! Or DID they? Or are they just pawns in a larger scheme? Will issue 3 answer any of these questions!? Read more...
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Sunday, 01 June 2014 14:04
lobo bisley 2I’ve done a fair share of interviews with comic creators over the past few years, and some people you think are going to be awesome, turn out to be not so much...and then there are others that, for whatever reasons, you think are going to be crappy interviews, and they turn into great ones. And then, you interview someone who you have so much respect for...and they turn out to be freakin’ amazing people. The latter is the case with Simon Bisley. Simon, in case you don’t know, was a big part of the “british invasion” in the late 80’s and early 90’s in comics. Along with such creators from across the pond such as Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and painter Glenn Fabry (whom I got an interview with as well), Simon took the American comics world by storm and changed the entire scope of comics...forever. Bisley’s out of control, take no prisoners art style has made its impact on comics history, but his legacy is truly how he took a minor, b-list, skinny, alien bounty hunter named Lobo, and made him a muscle-bound, foul mouthed, womanizing, heavy metal badassed DC Comics icon! Read more...
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Sunday, 18 May 2014 14:21
Logan & KittyWith less than a week before The X-Men return to theaters in the most ambitious and star-studded film yet, we will also be able to play out the X-Men’s adventures through time in the Days of Future Past mobile video game developed by Glitchsoft. This interview displays just how awesome comic book conventions can actually be. Wandering around Ottawa ComicCon this year, I came across this booth with a gigantic poster of John Byrne’s classic Uncanny X-Men #141 cover. You know, of an aged Wolverine and Kitty Pryde backed up against a wall covered in wanted posters featuring many X-Men characters. Being a die-hard X-Men fanatic, just that image displayed in such a way was more than enough reason to catch my interest. Read more...
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Thursday, 15 May 2014 14:34
Ottawa-Comiccon-SliderHey Bleeder Nation! Your king is still having a bit of a "con hangover", a result of an awesome weekend at the nation's capital (well, MY nation's capital, at least), Ottawa ComicCon! It was another great experience, hanging out with creators, cosplayers, and fans of comics, video games and pop culture of all ages! Nothing makes me happier than going to a con, and this one was one of the craziest! In fact, the numbers are in. 38,000 comic loving fans attended the event! Congrats to the organizers for putting the con together and making it a success! Oh, did I mention the interviews?! I got interviews! 4 amazing ones, to be exact! So be sure to keep a look out for those! You won't be disappointed! And as always I took pictures. Tons of pictures of the coolest cosplayers I ran into throughout the weekend. Once again Ottawaians (not sure if that's what they call themselves, but let's go with it) came out in full force and got their geek on! Read more...
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