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Sunday, 18 January 2015 13:27
fc,550x550,orange.u1Well, it seems that Birdman, Michael Keaton's  dark comedy about a former superhero movie star gone mad, is about to gobble up all of the awards this season (and it's well deserved, everyone should go check it out). But the idea of insanity tied to comic book heroes and villains is definitely not entirely a new concept. In fact, there are tons of psychotic characters in between the pages of the "funny books". I would go so far as to say it is a recurring theme! Batman stays in business JUST because of all the crazy! But just who is the craziest of the crazy? The looniest of them all? The cookiest for cocoa puffs?! I've decided to go back to my 'ol "listing ways" and come up with 6 absolutely certified insane in the membrane characters (villains AND heroes) around!  Read more...
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Wednesday, 24 December 2014 12:31
l 11I'm am getting behind on these Top 20 Comics columns, I really don't have an excuse I just didn't get to it at the first of the month like I usually do. That said I finally am getting to it and here we go. Last month was a bright light for the comic book industry. I commented at least twice how glad I was to see the numbers continue to rise after that miserable first quarter and I was hoping for another big month in November. I will get to that in a minute, but I also last month talked quite a bit about DC and Marvel and how they differ so much. DC took a month this year based on gimmick covers and there are so many rumors in the pipeline saying that a drastic change is going to occur there. I have no idea if it will happen, BUT I truly believe it does need to happen. Marvel on the other hand is hinting the end of all things, and I think that is a huge mistake. We are going to find out in 2015, and I think it will be a wild, wild ride. Enough of that though lets' get started.   Read more...
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Monday, 17 November 2014 12:45
Harley-Quinn-Annual-1_53bf14b8ae9483.71857504Here we are in the middle of November and I am just now getting out the October Top 20 Comic Books and Top 10 Graphic Novels. I don't even have an excuse for this month. I had thought about this column last week, but just never got around to collecting the data so here we are. Speaking of here we are, if you are in the area of North America right now, chances are you are somewhere where it is cold. This is some what appropriate as DC who was hot last month isn't this one. Other things that were hot in September didn't make the list this month and it pretty much all has to do with DC. There is a brand new #1 this month and it is an Indie. Much like last year this book held around the Top 10 for the year and when (hint) the show started up again it took the number one slot. Finally we have been having a pretty good run on the market lately. After a pretty dismal beginning of the year things have turned around in the second and third quarter. Could October continue the run? Let's all find out together!   Read more...
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Sunday, 16 November 2014 13:31
axis-1-red-skull-100912It's the event of catastrophic proportions as the Avengers & X-Men unite against the most destructive and powerful common foe they've faced in a long time. But can they do it alone?! Heck no! Who will help them? Well, the most unlikely team you'll ever see! The fate of mankind is in the balance as Marvel's latest event is an old fashioned super"hero" brawl! PEW! PEW! And of course, your faithful event reviewer, The Bleeder King, is here to call all the action (in his best Jim Ross voice)! It's Axis! And this is a slobberknocker of a review of Book 1 (issues 1-3), bygawd! Fasten your seatbelts and don't get all spoiler sensitive! Read more...
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Sunday, 19 October 2014 13:51
DSC_0845 copy copyIf you're a horror fanatic you've probably heard of Jen and Sylvia Soska. These Canadian twin sisters have taken the horror world by storm and after directing their critically acclaimed horror/thriller masterpiece, American Mary, they have become the most sought-after new filmmakers of the genre. Now the "Twisted Sisters" have just released their latest creature feature, See No Evil 2, the sequel to the original WWE Studios slasher flick starring Glenn Jacobs, who you probably know better as the Devil's Favorite Demon, WWE Superstar Kane. The original See No Evil starred Jacobs as Jacob Goodnight, a monstrous serial killer bent on unrelenting murder and mayhem. Of course, The "Big Red Monster" was a natural in that role, and the first film received quite a cult following. Read more...
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 14:21
logo_montreal_comicconWell, it's that time of the year again, Bleeder Nation! Montreal ComicCon has wrapped and my hometown came out to celebrate comics and pop culture in droves! Over 51, 000 of the greatest fans in the world attended! Trekkers, Whovians, True Believers, Hulkamaniacs, Bat-Maniacs, Arrow-heads, Deadheads and everybody in between were all represented at this year's con and Belle Montreal let their geek flags fly! And ENR, eXpertComics, Hype Energy and Heroes of the North all teamed up to celebrate the festivities (with the ultra-talented DJ Vertigo providing the tunes and making our super-booth the spot to hang out at!). We'd like to first and foremost thank everyone that stopped by to join the party! But as always, I gotta start this year's coverage with the cosplay parade! Montrealers are some of the most creative people in the entire continent (and I ain't just saying that because I am one!), and this year they outdid themselves! Read more...
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 13:10
gog leadIt is once again time to do the Top 20 comic books. This, the August edition marks the Anniversary of when I started doing this column 4 years ago. I was at a different site then, but no matter this column has run monthly now for four whole years. Things I have noticed over the 4 years are: Some of you folks really like the breakdown portion of the column, but most couldn't care less. Batman has had the number one book on the Top 20 list almost twice as much as any other book on the list. Marvel has been the Top producer almost twice as many times as DC. DC has only taken the top slot this year once. Finally I have written NA more times this year on the Top 20 list more than any other year, or two years combined. What does all that tell you? Not a dang thing. Well maybe that there have been more number one books this last year or so than any other time I have been writing the list other than the New 52 debut.   Read more...
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 14:21
batman-33-saveHere we are in the hot muggy month of August. I'm not sure where you live in the world, but here in NWPA it hasn't really been a great sunshine type summer for us. It has been raining mostly, but that hasn't stopped the muggy, humidity that we have all come to love for making it's presence. As the year has gone along business has picked up for the comic books. I for one am grateful and I know those of you who sell comic books for a way of life are too. From the beginning of the year there has been what could only be called a downward trend but May showed signs of life, June actually had a heart beat, and July has been GOOD! For how good, you will need to stick around for the comparisons, but I will say it is really good. Another theme we have had this year has been the downfall of the New 52. Many proclaimed it would happen, and it DID happen, but recently DC has made a move to get back into the game. Did they? I will be talking about that in just a minute. Last month we had a sign of the Apocalypse with Archie comics landing on any list in this column. This month the world has ended and we just haven't heard because those fine folks at Archie have done it again! Lastly I have talked in the past how it used to be once upon a time that if one of the comic book companies put out a movie that the book the character in the movie was about would see a massive increase. It has been a long time since that has happened but this month shows that sometimes old dogs still have new tricks. OK there is the lead up, let's get to the rest.   Read more...
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