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Sunday, 24 May 2015 17:10
I have been reading the final issues of comics taking place in Marvels 616 Universe. As most of my readers probably know by now, Marvel Comics is following suit from what DC did a few years ago and rebooting their universe after the big blockbuster Secret Wars (technically it’s Secret Wars 4, if you count Bendis’ “Secret War”), and most of the long run and over 70 years of continuity will be (probably) flushed away. I’ve been pretty vocal on how I don’t think reboots are actually the way to do things, in fact, I wrote an entire column on how this was a bad idea. But anyhoo, none of that matters anymore. It’s happening, and the continuity of the comic book company I’ve stood by and loved my entire life is basically going kaput. As I was reading the final issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run, I was pretty bummed out on how things were ended: Iron Man and Captain America basically fighting like infantile school kids while their world gets decimated. THIS is how you end 7 decades of heroism and teamwork between two amazing and celebrated heroes? By having them act like....well...selfish douchebags? Read more...
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Monday, 11 May 2015 14:59
I knew of the Fantastic Four since around the mid-1990s when the 1994 animated series Fantastic Four (better known as "Fantastic Four: The Animated Series") was in its run. I never read much Fantastic Four comic book stories as I mainly read Spider-Man stories when it comes to what I tune into from the Marvel Comics side of things on a regular basis, but I always managed to tune in to every animated series Fantastic Four ever produced when they were available on the television airwaves (there were four by the way), and it was thanks to watching them that I got to know everything there is to know about the famous four-member super-hero team whose comic book series gave birth to Marvel's Silver Age (1961-1973 if not mistaken) as well as some of its most famous adversaries (such as Doctor Doom, Galactus, and Mole Man for example). Read more...
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Sunday, 10 May 2015 14:41
You know what they say, “you can’t choose your parents”! And the same goes for the world of comics! For every Ma Kent and Susan Richards....well, you get a Mystique and Talia Al Ghul! But keep in mind, even super villain moms love their kids to a degree, and for this special edition Mother’s Day Bleed, I plan on honoring not only the amazing hero-moms, but the ones we love to hate as well! So roll out the red carpet, get the bouquets ready...I’m counting down the Top 10 (But Not Neccessarily BEST) Moms in comics! Read more...
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Friday, 01 May 2015 14:17
This week, to celebrate the huge theater release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, ENR would like to do something a bit different for #FanFilmFriday. Different, and hilarious! In true Marvel fashion, it's time for a classic "What If" scenario. What if the Avengers weren't just Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but a boy band called Da Vengerz? Our friends at Season Xero decided to assemble and dress up as select Avengers members because...well...we don't ask them why they do these things! Read more...
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Sunday, 26 April 2015 01:23
We all like to dream of our ultimate superhero mashup like a Captain America shield wielding Batman or a vampiric Spider-Man in a Vampirella mankini...okay, that last one was pretty twisted, but you get the idea. Few of us actually have the skill or ability to design something like that. But graphic artist Damien Devaux actually can! And when Damien decided to enter the Comiccon Challenge for the Gameartisans website. This online contest encourages artists from all over the world to come up with creative mashups of their favorite heroes. Damien decided to put together a clever amalgamation of two of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Deadpool and The Hulk. Enter “Deadpulk”, the green-skinned merc/monster with a mouth! Read more...
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Sunday, 12 April 2015 16:39
*WARNING! This Review contains SPOILERS! You have been warned!*   It’s 2003, and I’m in a theater watching the Daredevil movie directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starring Ben Affleck, his now wife Jennifer Garner and Colin Farrell as Bullseye. These were the first few years of the comic book movie era, and to be honest, I was just happy to have one of the superheroes I grew up adoring. I accepted shoddy wire work, cheesy cartoony lines and just general horrible movies because me back then, a bad comic book movie was fun just for existing. Just for exposing something I grew up loving to the masses. Today, in 2015, things have changed. After such films as Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy, and so on....we expect more. The bar has been raised. Even now on television with such stellar shows as Walking Dead and The Flash, comic book fans just expect their characters to not only be adapted in a fashion that is faithful to the source material, but done WELL.  And Daredevil, which is now a Netflix exclusive TV series, is the perfect example of the revolution of the comic book adaptation. Quality, in every sense of the word, in every aspect of the production, is key. Read more...
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Friday, 27 March 2015 15:19
Experience 30 Years of Secret Wars With This Astounding Collection! New York, NY – March 27th, 2015 – Before the all-new Secret Wars takes the comic world by storm in just over a month, relive the complete Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars legacy in one complete, stunning package. Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at the MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD BOX SET SLIPCASE, a deluxe collection of 11 hardcovers chronicling the history of one of Marvel’s most storied events! Available in June, readers will be transported to Battleworld and back as they experience over 30 years of Secret Wars stories in one of the most comprehensive collections we’ve ever released! Plus, each of these extremely limited box sets comes complete with a full-size poster: legendary painter Alex Ross's rendition of the cover to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1! Read more...
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Thursday, 26 March 2015 16:26
Marvel's full press release for you below. Don't forget that eXpertComics celebrates FCBD both in their retail locations and online! Press Release: Read more...
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