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Monday, 15 December 2014 12:38
arrow-logo-imgLast time’s episode of Arrow was a moment no DC Universe could ever forget, and it was so big that you could say that fans of the show were getting an early Christmas present from DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Yes, I’m talking about Arrow’s crossing over with The Flash as they battled Captain Boomerang, only for their differences to clash with each other before the final showdown. The big stinker was that the episode stopped without confirming if The Arrow is superior to The Flash or not despite the fact that many of us were tuned in to that episode for the answer. It was a fun ride, but now let’s focus on this time’s Arrow episode “The Climb”, which is the episode that concluded the first half of the show’s current season. Read more...
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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 11:19
33541It's Christmas cliffhanger week! The rest of our favorite shows will be going on hiatus for the holidays, but they are going out with a bang! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have Skye finally coming face-to-face with her insane father, Barry finally finds "the man in the yellow suit", and Arrow finally goes face-to-face with the immortal (maybe) Ra's Al Ghul! Get ready for some shocking and epic winter finales, people! Here's your previews!   Flash Episode 1.9 "The Man In The Yellow Suit"
  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 2.10 "What They Become"
    Arrow Episode 3.9 "The Climb"
  Constantine Episode 1.8 "The Saint of Last Resorts"
  Which show will you be missing the most over the holidays?! Or better yet, which Cape TV character would you like under your Christmas tree this year? Keep it clean, folks! Tune in after the holidays for more sneak previews of your favorite comic book adapted shows!     Read more...
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Thursday, 04 December 2014 11:01
arrow-logo-imgIn case you missed the previous episode of Arrow, let me give you a brief recap. Basically, what happened was The Archer found himself in battle with Cupid, an insane super-villainess who was brining terror in Starling City in attempt to make the archer super-hero himself her boyfriend, but she failed to get what she wanted. Meanwhile, Felicity Smoak became seduced to her boss Ray Palmer via his wealth, leading to problems for Oliver Queen. Last of all, Flash villain Captain Boomerang showed up in town. Well, that is everything you need to know about last time’s Arrow, and now, get ready for a special review in this time’s Arrow weekly as it is part 2 of ENR’s Arrow Vs. Flash crossover coverage. That is right, you are about to see a review of Arrow’s Arrow Vs. Flash episode, titled “The Brave and the Bold”, and no, it is not a live-action remake of the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, though a live-action version of it would be cool. Read more...
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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 13:39
flash logoLast Week on the Flash: We had three, count them, three meta humans (no more super villains) to deal with and deal with they did. The Flash after having his powers siphoned out of him was plain ole Barry Allen that is actually weaker than I am. The Clock King returned and took over the police station, and Girder from the previous episode got out of jail courtesy of Harrison Wells to become a hero? Yep, Girder the bully was a hero. In the end Flash gets his man, Iris gets the King and Harrison Wells is still deliciously sinister!   Read more...
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Monday, 01 December 2014 10:09
fla108c0157bjpg-89c37bIt's finally here! It's crossover week! Flash vs. Arrow! We all knew it was coming, and it's finally here! It's time to pick sides! Who do you have in this battle between the Scarlet Speedster and the Emerald Archer?! And why the heck are these pals fighting in the first place?! We'll need to tune into both shows this week to find out! We say goodbye to Walking Dead and Gotham for the holidays, but we welcome back Agents of Agent May's Hydra double is back for revenge and goes one-on-one against Skye! Check out this week's previews! Read more...
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Monday, 24 November 2014 11:00
arrow-logo-imgLast time on the American superhero television series Arrow was a time of major problems for two DC super-heroes: Arsenal and Wildcat. On Arsenal’s part, he was having trouble pulling himself together as he continued having images in his head of himself killing Canary, causing him to have trouble keeping his head in the crime-fighting game. Fortunately, The Arrow and Felicity Smoak tried to help the troubled super-hero with his issue, but while Felicity’s virtual autopsy on Canary got no full detail on who killed the super-heroine, The Arrow’s attempt to help Arsenal seemed to backfire as he too got no full answer on what exactly happened the night Canary died. As for Wildcat, he was framed for murder in his gym with The Arrow and Laurel Lance arguing over if he could be trusted or not, but the culprit was soon revealed and arrested. Now, we look at the episode “Draw Back Your Bow” in this weekly Arrow feature. Read more...
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Monday, 17 November 2014 11:20
GOTHAM ep. 109 -- exclusive imageHere we are 9 weeks in and superhero TV is going strong! This week the villains are taking over! We will be going "face-2-face" with one of Batman's greatest future enemies, discovering more about the mysterious Obelisk and Skye's father, Barry Allen will meet his strongest foe yet in Girder, The Arrow will get struck by Cupid and more! Which of these villains will have the most impact? Don't let your lucky coin decide or you! Check out these previews and decide for yourself! Read more...
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Thursday, 13 November 2014 07:54
arrow-logo-imgIn case you missed the previous episode of Arrow, let me give you a recap on what happened. Starling City was terrorized by Felicity Smoak’s thought-to-be-dead boyfriend from her years in college, and for the past to come back to haunt her, the criminal was using a computer virus that Felicity herself created. As for The Arrow’s sidekick Roy Harper (a.k.a. “Arsenal”), he had a nightmare where he brutally murdered Sara Lance (a.k.a. “Canary”). Now, we look at the 11/12/2014 episode of Arrow, titled “Guilty”. Read more...
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