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New Transformers: Age of Extinction & Arrow Trailers | FPB Double Cut

Written by  Published March 5, 2014 09:39
For the first time EVER, ENR brings you TWO exciting trailers for the price of one! First off, Michael Bay's latest offering for Transformers fans is the fourth feature film in the franchise, Age of Extinction. This time Mark Wahlberg joins the cast in what looks like an entire new direction for the franchise! Also..."AoE" also brings us something Transformers fans have been longing for. One word. DINOBOTS! We don't get to say this often, but "thank you, Michael Bay!"




And for our second trailer, we have a trailer for the upcoming episodes of CW's Arrow, which promises to bring the series full circle with the return of Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke, and Jessica De Gouw and Huntress as well as the formation of the Suicide Squad!

If you haven't been watching this show and you are missing the most exciting comic book adapted show on TV right now!

This EXCELLENT trailer says it all!



Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27th, and Arrow is all-new Wednesday, 8/7c on CW!

Dave Michaels

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