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Montreal Comiccon 2017 Cosplay Parade

Written by  Published November 29, -0001 07:00
Once again, Montreal Comiccon has come and gone and it was an absolute blast! And this year seems to have been one of the best, with guests, attendees and exhibitors all expressing their pleasure with how things were put together this year! It looks like this convention has come a long way!

And once again along with some awesome interviews, I have put together an extensive cosplay photo parade showcasing just how awesome some of my fellow Montrealers can let thier geek flag fly! Be sure to have a look and if you spot a friend of yours in one of the pics, be sure to let them know they made our column! I'd also like to thank my buddy Gary Raiche for the extra pics! I can't be everywhere at once and there was so many great cosplays this year I couldn't do this on my own! 

Here we go again! Enjoy!


 DC: Truth, Justice And A Lot Of Body Paint

Bombshell Starfire Raven2017

One thing you have to give DC Comics a lot of credit for is that they pretty much are the leader in terms of aspiring cosplayers' imagination. There is always a huge amount of amazing DC Comics cosplays at every convention I have ever gone to, and it seems that will NEVER change! Thank the multiverse for that!

This year there were Harley Quinns, Wonder Women and Mister J's scouring every corner of the convention, but there were also some pretty original versions of those characters and some characters I've never seen cosplays of before! Even eXpertComics' clerk supreme Alexandra Giubelli got in the groove of things and put together an amazing Black Canary cosplay! Way to go, Alex!

I also ran across my good friends, Prya McCabe and Roxane Paradis in two of my favorite cosplays from the entire con, Bombshell Starfire and Raven! I can't ever go through a local comic convention without getting a pic taken with those two lovely and talented ladies!

Let's get to it, shall we?


Black Canary2017 Zatanna2017 Iolande2017

Superman2017 Lex Luthor2017 Livewire2017

Gotham Rogues2017

New52Harley2017 Harleys2017 Zombie Joker2017

Catwoman2017 Suicide Squad2017 Flash Wonder Woman2017


Marvel: Avengin', Defendin' And True Believin'


I don't really keep it a secret. I'm a Marvel guy. Always was, and always will be. I love all comic book companies, but Marvel comics were always around the house when I was growing up, so that's what I gravitate towards to. So, naturally whenever I'm at a convention, all of the the Marvel cosplays make me happy like nobody's business! This year at MCC the Marvelites came out in force and showed that the Red Team still rock!

This year I caught up with my good friend Ashley "Undead" Du as she was modelling an assortment of superhero corsets at her booth! Well, I had to get a shot of her in the Winter Soldier one...because when else has Bucky looked so good? 

I also had to get a shout out to the amazing Cosmo The Spacedog cosplay that was an ACTUAL dog! It was the first pet cosplay I've ever seen and it was simply awesome. He even had a Rocket Raccoon riding him!

Also want to give a shout out to the Montreal X-Men, who let me put on their new Cerebro prop and always have an amazing booth full of mighty mutants cosplaying and taking pics for charity. Great work, guys!


Captain Marvel2017 Cosmo2017 Rocket Racccoon2017

Doctor Strange2017 Hela2017 Matt Murdock2017

Dr Doom2017 Invisible Woman2017 Gambit2017

Spider Man2017 Spider MJ2017


TV And Film: Binge Worthy Heroes & Cringe Worthy Villains


I honestly have seen so many cosplays inspired by film and TV in my life! MCC was filled with some of our favorite characters from the big and small screens this year. From Lord of the Rings to Stranger Things to Dr. Who and of course Star Wars and Star Trek were all represented this year and even though it is COMIC con, ALL forms of entertainment are welcome!

Heck, I even got a chance to hang out a little bit with the Ned Flanders inspired metal band, Okilly Dokilly! They perform on stage in Flanders cosplay and came to visit the convention on Friday and even played MCC's very first Nerdstock concert that night! I was in attendance and I must say that I had an absolute BLAST! These dudes are by far the funniest and hardcore musicians I've ever seen live and they are the coolest bunch of neighborinos to meet!

In this section you'll also find local cosplayers The Estrada Sisters in their perfect Beauty and the Beast cosplays and Kim Martineau as Senni Tonnika from the Star Wars Cantina scene in A New Hope! Also, that Pennywise from Stephen King's IT was one of the best cosplays I've EVER seen! Congrats to that guy!


Amidala2017 Jedis2017 Senni Tonnika2017

BeautyTheBeast2017 DisneyVillains The Sisters2017


Bender2017 Danganronpa2017 Dr Who Cat Nurse2017

Pennywise Orcs2017 Eleven2017


Video Games (and EVERYTHING ELSE)

Last but not least, I have a category where I have some of the best video game cosplays I came across as well as all of those costumes that I have NO IDEA where they are from, but are absolutely gorgeous and awe inspiring that I cannot help but include them! 

Here you'll find Daft Punk and Deadmau5, Conan The Barbarian, Gladiolus from Final Fantasy XV, and of course Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 (who happened to be voiced and mo-capped in the game by my pal, Shawn Baichoo)! I had a chance to meet nearly the entire cast of WD2 and even got an interview with the guy who played the main character, Marcus, Ruffin Prentiss (keep an eye out for that interview soon)!

I'm sorry if I added a costume here that deserves to be in another category, but even I don't know everything about everything! If anyone spots a cosplay here (that's not from video games) and can tell me where it is from, do not hesitate to let me know! As for Team Rocket, I put them in here because Pokemon was a video game before it was a TV series!

Gladiolus2017 Princess Peach2017 Team Rocket2017

Wrench2017 Daft Punk Deadmau52017 PeekabooMermaid

DSCF1792 Chomp2017 Blue Alien2017

Giant Gold Alien2017


Well, there you have it, kids! Another year of Montreal Comiccon cosplay! I don't think I've had more fun and met so many awesome celebrities and comic book professionals! Stay tuned for my continuing coverage of the 3 days including exclusive interviews with Chapterhouse Publishing's Fadi Hakim and the co-writer of Captain Canuck Year One (and full-time movie star) Jay Baruchel, DC Comics cover artist Michelle Delecki, Image's Southern Cross artist Andy Belanger and as I mentioned earlier, Watch Dogs 2's Ruffin Prentiss! I wasn't lying when I said this con was awesome!

Stay tuned for all of that! Bleed out!




Dave Michaels

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