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Heroes of The Ring Part 2

Written by  Published June 29, 2017 04:17
Back in 2012 I did a column that I always consider as one of my all-time favorites. And it was called “Heroes of the Ring”. This column correlates two mediums I enjoy that are very different but the same in many ways: comic books and pro wrestling. The goal of the column was simple, show that the “faces and heels” from WWE lore are not that far apart from the “heroes and villains” in superhero comics. The good guys were larger-than-life and the baddies were just as detestable. Well, the column did so well that I have wanted to do a part 2 with some of the more modern grapplers in WWE.

This time I am using all current (as of this writing) WWE superstars rather than ones from all throughout wrestling history! There’s a lot to choose from...I could do another three columns like this! So, here we go! Enjoy, humanoids!


Alexa Bliss – Mistress of Mirth

Alexa Bliss Body Measurements Abs Bra Size

This one seems like a pretty clear comparison. Alexa Bliss (or Lil’ Miss Bliss) really does seem to embody the look of Harley Quinn. And she seems to be an obvious fan of the comic book genre, as she’s worn wrestling gear inspired by Iron Man, Riddler and of course, the Clown Princess of Crime herself. She really does look like Harley’s doppelganger, right down to the pigtails.

5296059 harleyquinnbystanleylau

Alexa just doesn’t seem to share Harley’s cheerful demeanor, as she is one of the most underhanded and conceited heels in the business right now. The thing is, she is so mean that the WWE fans seem to actually like and appreciate how good she is at it! Sometimes a performer is so good at being bad, you have to like them!

Don’t let the cheerleader good looks and her pint-size stature fool you, Alexa Bliss is not someone you want to get on your bad side...just like a certain Suicide Squad member we all know and love!


Nikki Bella – Fearless Wonder

 fecb524214fbfaf7934ec567c58f2c07The polar opposite to the evil Alexa these days seems to be Nikki Bella. Sure she used to be a bad girl alongside her twin sister Nikki, but this reality show star/wrestling diva is now on the side of the angels. And recently she donned the stars-and-stripes and resembled a certain Amazonian princess. Yeah, if anyone could be wrestling’s Wonder Woman, it is “Fearless” Nikki!

Nikki has trained over the years to be able to perform amazing feats in the ring and she has developed (okay, she may have purchased as well, at least in two areas) the body of a true warrior of Themyscira. And to top it all off she even has hooked up with WWE’s own Superman (okay, I compared him to Captain America in the last column, but you get the idea), John Cena! The two got engaged...IN THE this year’s past Wrestlemania.

8298054a75160a2c03559b217e60e8deSome may say their nuptials are all a wrestling publicity stunt to help promote the Total Divas and Total Bellas reality shows on the E! Network, but it doesn’t matter. Often in the world of pro wrestling fiction and reality sort of...blur together. WW and Superman never got to this point...but at least they were a steamy couple for awhile in the New 52!

So yes, I definitely could see Nikki don the tiara, gauntlets and lasso and look exactly like Wonder Woman. I don’t know how long she will remain a “good girl” (it never seems to last forever) in the ring, but for the time being she will be fighting the good fight just like the Princess of Power!


Seth Rollins – Architect For Hire

0835208001425659990 filepicker

When I look at a guy like former World and Universal champion Seth Rollins and I see a guy with a “particular set of skills”. Seth has honed his abilities over the years in the independant scene, NXT (WWE’s minor league) and in the WWE as a founding member as The Shield, one of the greatest wrestling factions in history.  And he is good at what he does.

Bullseye 002

Seth went on his own by betraying his partners (whom we will talk about soon) and “selling out” to the bosses, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, otherwise known as The Authority and became their “assassin-for-hire”. Which comic book villain does this remind me of and would do the exact same underhanded thing? None other than Daredvil’s greatest enemy, Bullseye! Bullseye would do anything for the almighty dollar and has the twisted mind combined with awesome skills to do it in style, just like “The Man”, Seth Rollins! Who else would have the black heart to murder the beautiful ninja Elektra with her own weapon?

Bullseye rarely ever misses his target and Seth’s aim when he does his awesome aerial moves in the ring is impeccable. Both Seth and Bullseye have target style logos and while Bullseye has one of the greatest and simple costumes in comics, Seth wears wrestling gear that makes him look exactly like a comic book villain. The only difference between the two is that Seth Rollins is now a fan-favorite babyface (and claims that he is ashamed of his past actions) while Bullseye is a leopard that would never change his spots. Besides that, there’s no other WWE Superstar I would pick to embody Marvel’s slickest assassin.


Dean Ambrose – Lunatic With A Mouth

dean ambrose 2016 full beard png by ambriegnsasylum16 daq5axz

Speaking of assassins AND former Shield (not S.H.I.E.L.D., totally different thing!) members, Rollins’ ex teammate Dean Ambrose also sort of reminds me of another one of Marvel’s mercs...this time the one with the MOUTH, Deadpool!

Ambrose not just LOOKS like Wade Wilson before the Weapon X Project got a hold of him, he is just as unhinged and twisted as DP! Ambrose doesn’t let anyone tell him what to do, so he wrestles in a tank top and jeans...and has a habit of popping up when his enemies least expect it to annoy the s#!t out of them! Remind you of anyone?! His enemies have just as much problems shutting Dean up as a certain motormouth superhero we all know and love, too!

a8YQjGe 700b 1

Dean-O is even capable of breaking the 4th wall....well, almost all wrestlers can! There’s an audience right there all the time to talk to, right? It’s in a way a similar thing when a wrestler plays to the audience than when Deadpool talks to his “readers”! I’m sure Dean and most of his peers wish they had healing factors just like Deadpool too. Being on the injured list when all you want to do is go out there and perform for your fans must be the worst thing for a wrestler.


Roman Reigns – Dog of War

roman reigns

As for the third former Shield member, we have Roman Reigns, who has over time become a casualty of the “John Cena” formula. Y’know, when a wrestler is groomed by the powers-that-be backstage to be the next big babyface of the company and the adult, male, wrestling fan community get sick of him VERY fast. For Roman, it even happened before he even GOT to be the top guy! I personally don’t have an issue with Reigns as a grappler, and someone always has to be “THE GUY”...but it is a drag when a company-made talent seems to get the edge all the time when someone that has worked equally hard from the ground up gets left behind. And the more someone gets pushed down your throat, the more irritating he becomes.


That being said, Roman is definitely the perfect pedigree (no pun intended) to be a popular wrestler. He comes from Samoa’s A’noi family, the same as such WWE Hall of Famers as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and The Wild Samoans, and of course such famous legends as The Rock, Umaga and Rikishi. And when Roman storms at his opponent and hits his Superman Punch and/or Spear signature moves, it’s lights out!

With his bloodline and ferocity I can only compare him to Marvel’s version of the God of War, Ares! Ares sadly met his “seemingly” (don’t expect it to last) demise at the hands of the Sentry at the end of the Dark Reign event, but before that he was a very awesome member of the Avengers and then Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers. Roman Reigns doesn’t wield a giant battle axe like Ares, but he’s pretty proficient with a steel chair! And he even wears a protective vest that resembles Marvel’s God of War!


Finn Balor – Demon of Vengeance

finn balor demon wwe raw wrestling 3765874

Ghost Rider may be Marvel’s leather jacketed Spirit of Vengeance, but in WWE the equivalent would be Finn Balor. And just like Johnny Blaze, Dan Ketch and Robbie Reyes, Finn has a habit of shedding his “human form” and letting his inner demon loose! See, on special occasions, Balor uses body paint (or war paint) and becomes his “Demon King” persona and creeps to the ring as a method to get into his opponent’s head before he even lays a hand on them.

Finn clearly gets his inspiration from comics and geek culture, too. While he was in the independent scene he had body paint to homage such characters as Carnage, Venom, Joker, Anti-Venom, Spider-Man, Resident Evil’s Licker, Punisher, Freddy Kreuger, Spawn and more! There’s no doubt about this guy’s fandom and how he enjoys blending genres.

We’ve yet to see Finn ride a flaming motorcycle to the ring (with the McMahons you should never count anything out) or use a penance stare of any kind, but you can bet he would love my comparison of the Demon King and the Spirit of Vengeance!

ghost rider featured


The New Day – Guardians of the Universe

The New Day 4

Another group of guys that would love to see my comparisons between comics and wrestling would definitely be The New Day. These fun-loving guys are such fanboys that they literally had Final Fantasy and Dragon Ball Z inspired costumes at the last few Wrestlemanias!

Their unofficial leader Xavier Woods has his own video game Youtube channel called Up Up Down Down where he plays video games with all of our favorite WWE Superstars and has a love for pop culture just like Peter Quill, Big E is the team’s powerhouse with a goofy side which makes him a mix of Drax and Groot (and anyone who follows him on Twitter will know how big of a comic book fan he is) and Kofi Kingston is another avid gamer and has amazing skills and agility in the ring, giving him the speed, quickness and wily nature of Rocket Raccoon.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 6 Hildebrandt Variant Textless

 The team doesn’t have a lethal beauty like Gamora, but they are good friends with former Women’s Champion Sasha Banks who is full of attitude like the “Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe”! So, in total this faction is hilarious and as fun to watch as the Guardians of the Galaxy!

These guys may have made the whole “Brony” subculture cool in wrestling with their unicorn aspirations and colorful outfits, but I think they definitely should do a Guardians inspired cosplay at the next show of shows!


Stephanie McMahon – Daughter of the Demon

STEPH 08282015sb 0924 2 9338c9a4a9a3ea7d4e4dfad214dbc450

To bring it all home, we have the Billon Dollar Princess. Last time I compared her father, Vince McMahon to Norman Osborn. But Stephanie actually reminds me of a character from DC Comics lore. She was originally portrayed as an innocent young woman who was constantly harassed and/or kidnapped by the villains of the WWE like Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness or her now on-screen and real life husband, Triple H. But eventually she proved the apple does not fall far from the tree and is now very much the female mirror image of her father as one half of the Authority with her hubby.

Talia al Ghul 0011

Her character’s metamorphosis is similar to that of Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, Talia. Talia was originally seemingly innocent, so much so that she was able to capture the heart of Batman himself! But after a few decades, Talia also revealed her heart to be as dark as her dad’s, and is now considered to be one of the Dark Knight’s most conniving enemies. She became the leader of the League of Assassins, created and army of Man-Bat ninjas and even hid the existence of Bruce’s son, Damian from him for many years! Talia even became a boardroom titan like Stephanie when she became the LexCorp CEO for a short time! And Stephanie and Talia both have been known to get physical when they need to! Steph’s ring gear has even resembled Talia’s black catsuit that she is known for.

At the end of it all, Stephanie McMahon and Talia Al Ghul are more similar than they are different, right down to their respective fathers’ ability to cheat death! Who can forget that Mr. McMahon escaped a firey limosine explosion one time! Maybe there’s a Lazarus Pit under that wrestling ring!


 I hope everyone enjoyed this redux of one of my favorite all-time columns! Whether it’s wrestling you love, comic books or anything else, love it without shame...because it’s our passions that make us who we are! Until next time, Bleed out!

Dave Michaels

With his unique brand of humour mixed with die-hard passion and knowledge for all things comic books, Dave Michaels puts his weekly spin on the pop culture like only he can. Each “episode” of Full Page Bleed provides fun, wacky commentary, interviews, recommendations of Dave’s favourite comics, and whatever else his “evil genius” can conjure up. What are you reading THIS for?! Read some FPB RIGHT NOW and PREPARE to BLEED COMICS! FPB is Here...

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