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The Justice League Stand Together In The SDCC Trailer
The trailers keep rolling in! San Diego Comic Con revealed today the brand new trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League movie and it is action packed! Read more...
SDCC Delivers A New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer...And It Is Glorious
Just like we expected, SDCC delivered us a second Thor: Ragnarok trailer and it is another great one! Read more...
Family Is Power In The Gifted SDCC Trailer
The X-Men and the Brotherhood are nowhere to be found and the number of mutants are growing. Where do they turn? That is the premise of the new Fox show, The Gifted!  Read more...
Don’t Miss The Dramatic Debut of WEAPON H!
What is the startling secret of Weapon H? Find out in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #22, on sale 08/16! Read more...
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Breaking News

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