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Al Sahim Saga Part 1 | Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 Review

Written by  Published May 7, 2015 05:53
A few weeks ago, we have witnessed on Arrow, a tragic event where Oliver Queen's sidekick Roy Harper ended up being sent to jail after lying to the police about him being the Arrow in an effort to spare Oliver from suffering and take opportunity to recover from his unintended act of murder back in the time of the Deathstroke war. Fortunately, Roy's death was faked so that he could be out of jail, only for him to leave his friends at Team Arrow. Then Ra's Al Ghul made his next move to get Oliver to give in to his demand for him to take over as head of the League of Assassins: assassinate his half-sister Thea Queen. Anyway, it has been a couple of weeks since ENR presented to you anything regarding what happened since Roy Harper's departure episode. As a first, I present to you, an Arrow episode double-bill feature as we are nearing the end of season, which makes sense as the episodes shared together a premise. This time, we are looking at "The Fallen" and "Al Sa-Him".

Arrow Al Sa Him Saga Shot 1

Analyzing Oliver's part so far, it was funny that his life story as an archer man would still go on after Starling City saw what appeared to be the end of Arrow (you know, the delusion of Roy dying in prison). But you know something, the show managed to still have the arrow in "Arrow" in a particular way, except this time, he would not use "Arrow" as his moniker while carrying arrow in his arsenal; he is Al Sa-Him now. Additionally, "The Fallen" and "Al Sa-Him" combined gave us a next step in defining Oliver as a tragic hero, especially with the part in "The Fallen" where he gave in to evil demands from Ra's to ensure his half-sister would get another chance at life, a fate for her that was good for the very least, with Oliver now no longer remembering his being on the side of Team Arrow, which was very bad, and just as I was hoping he was going to outsmart the villains in a way to get him out of the league itself.

Oliver was the only tragic hero in the two episodes. For, as John Diggle would eventually take over as the head of Team Arrow, he played the role of a failing soldier who just could not seem to get through Oliver's head, not even when he was pressured into putting aside his morale when the League of Assassins threatened to kill his wife Lyla unless Nyssa, now one of the good characters, surrendered herself to her father Ra's Al Ghul.

I was disappointed by Ray Palmer's lack of superheroic activity on screen recently since Roy Harper's departure. I mean, with his super high-tech gear, he could have been useful in Team Arrow's attempt to get back Oliver while rescuing Lyla from Ra's' army. Fortunately, Arrow would not be without costumed heroes for long, which would prove to be good news for the superhero television fans. For in "Al Sa-Him", Thea finally got her own archer suit thanks to her father Malcolm, and although she did not have much to do in the scene of Lyla's rescue, at least she got to crusade without dying a 2nd time. I waited to see Thea make her move as a fighter in the battlefield after her last encounter with Deathstroke, and that patience paid off.

Arrow Al Sa Him Saga Shot 2

From what I have seen, Arrow appears to present us a major change in status quo for Team Arrow and its former commander Oliver. Bad news: Oliver Queen is now one of the super-villains in the Arrow universe (but here is hoping it goes for a short time). Good news: Thea is now on the path of the costumed adventurer, thus adding to the list of super-heroes in active duty of this fictional universe, but it is just a matter of time until she picks a superheroine name for her to go by. Despite disappointment about Oliver joining the dark side, the drama and action still keeps going strong, and I look forward to presenting you the next Arrow episode review double bill as the Al Sa-Him saga is nearing an end.

In the meantime, look forward to watching the show on next Wednesday at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT on CTV or The CW. Also, make sure to look out for Al Sa-Him's appearance in next Tuesday's episode of 2014's The Flash (I predict a sour conflict between Barry Allen and Al Sa-Him by the way).

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