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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: Daisy And Confused

Written by  Published May 1, 2016 03:03
Previously on AoS: Gideon Malick in custody! Gorgon taken down! Secret Warriors assembled! But as soon as everything looks great for Daisy’s team, everything falls apart as Malick informs Coulson that Hive likely has infected one of his Inhuman agents. But which one?! Yo-Yo? Joey? Lincoln? Could it actually be the leading heroine in the show, Daisy? After Malick is murdered in his cell and they discovered the Kree artifact that they got from James was in Lincoln’s locker, they suspect and inprison him, but was it planted? YES! Lincoln IS NOT the mole. It’s actually the person we least expected: DAISY “QUAKE/SKYE/TREMORS” JOHNSON!!! NO!!! WHY? HOW?

Well, it turns out that Hive did get to her a couple of episodes back and infected her with his mind altering pores, putting her under his spell. She tries to convince Lincoln that Hive’s side is the one to be on, but he refuses, so she takes the orb and a bunch of terrigen crystals and uses her powers to level S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ as she makes her escape! It was almost heartbreaking! I know she’s not in her right mind, but it was still really sad to see Daisy go evil.

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This week, Coulson, Mack and the rest of the crew are picking up the pieces after Daisy’s betrayal. Phil immediately lets them know that it isn’t Daisy’s fault that she did what she did and she’s actually Hive’s prisoner. It’s up to them to rescue her from this monster.

At the same time, Daisy meets up with Hive with the orb but the catch is that James gave it to them without one vital piece of it. Hive must know what the missing piece is, because he and Daisy go back to James’ trailer to retrieve it...while also recruiting James into their “Inhuman army”. James is reluctant to give it to them, but when Daisy exposes him to the terrigen, he cocoons. Do we finally get to see him become Hellfire, like in the comics? Indeed! And it is awesome, he has all the same powers too. Hive does indeed infect him as well, and poor James is forced to be a lackey.

shield 7x18

Trying to figure out a way to turn Daisy back, Gemma suggests a scientist she knows of named Holden Radcliffe. It turns out Radcliffe is a robotics engineer specializing in human modification using robotic replacements. Sound familiar? There’s a Marvel villain that Radcliffe is based on. More on that later.

Fitz and Simmons decide to have a chat with Radcliffe by disguising themselves as fellow scientists with new eye replacement technology. Radcliffe, of course, operates out of an underground club. So we get that obligatory creepy fetish club scene like out of a Blade movie (without Blade or really anything creepy, since this is ABC prime time after all). Mack is on the comms and can see everything through Leo’s Bond-like spy glasses. But as they wait to meet Radcliffe, they are given a chance to talk about their relationship...which has been heating up as of late and they’ve shared quite a few smootches. And no, I haven’t mentioned it in many of my reviews because it actually never seemed that relevant to the story until now. We know they love each other, we know they are gonna hook up, and the show keeps dragging it out! Only now it seems relevant because now they are talking about ACTUALLY sealing the deal, between the sheets! Oh yeah!! Simmons is finally gonna see if it FITZ! And yes, finally I get to use that pun!

Meanwhile, Coulson, May and Lincoln track down the “Multiple Woman” Alicia (who they met on Afterlife, and later became their ally). Unfortunately, Alicia’s already been turned and there’s a pretty cool fight with two of her clones, but they are just that, and the real Alicia is already with Hive.

After an awkward nerd exchange that reminded me of Willow and Oz on Buffy...or ANY romantic relationship on ANY Whedon show, Radcliffe’s assistant Anon (MAJOR MARVEL reference there!!!) brings them to the back, and as a test, asks them to replace a patient’s eyeball with one of theirs, right on the spot! Gemma volunteers and stabs the patient, who turns out to be Radcliffe himself right in the eyeball! Turns out the eye is not real and Gemma spotted it. When they explain to Radcliffe the situation, they are attacked by Hive and Daisy and while Daisy does not want to hurt Fitz, but tells him to stay out of her way, or she will snap his neck. Hive on the other hand, isolates Simmons and creepily uses Astronaut Will’s memories to lower her guard. It doesn’t work, and Gemma uses a gun May gave her earlier and plugs a few shots into his stomach. This stalls him long enough for her to escape.

After all of the danger, Fitz and Simmons finally are alone and “bump the uglies”. We’ll have to wait for THEIR reviews next week, I guess.

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Coulson and crew are able to track the seismic activity in the area and it leads them to James’s trailer out in the desert. It seems he buried the missing piece of the orb under it and the baddies dug it up. BUT! They knew S.H.I.E.L.D. would come snooping and planted a bomb! May and Coulson are buried, but NEVER FEAR! Coulson has a freaking ENERGY SHIELD built into his hand! JUST like the one Steve Rogers used during his time as S.H.I.E.L.D. director in the comics! This references not only Captain America, but Coulson’s fanboy obsession with him! What an awesome geek-out moment, possibly the biggest one of the season so far.

Now, Hive is more dangerous than ever. He has Radcliffe as a hostage, Daisy, James and Alicia as henchpersons, and the Kree orb in its entirety (James buried it under his house). All of the cards are in his hands, but it seems Hydra is out of his control (not that I think he cares at this point). Malick provided Coulson and Glenn Talbot enough information to organize a coordinated strike at all of Hydra’s facilities at the same time, essentially crippling what is left of the organization. I can’t help but think that this will tie into Captain America: Civil War somehow. At least before he died, Malick did SOME good, by taking Hydra out of the hands of Hive. BUT, don’t count them out! “Cut off one limb” and all that.

It was a pretty entertaining episode all throughout with lots of action and Easter eggs. I particularly like how they are using Hive’s powers. His victims are not mindless drones, but rather his infection is chemical based, and like an addictive drug, tricks the person’s mind into doing things they ordinarily wouldn’t. Daisy seems perfectly like herself, but like a heroin addict, she has a compulsion for Hive, and NEEDS to do whatever he says.

There is also that vision she had episodes back of someone on the team dying. Could it be Daisy herself? That would be indeed a sad state of affairs, but then again, in the Marvel Universe, who actually STAYS dead?

Holden Radcliffe Earth 616 from Machine Teen Vol 1 5 001

Radcliffe is indeed an interesting character, as he is from a Marvel comic that I had no idea even took place in the Marvel 616 canon. He’s from the comic miniseries, Machine Teen, and the actor Stuart Wilson (who you’ll recognize from the Mummy films) looks identical to his comic book counterpart. I’m wondering what Radcliffe’s role will be in Hive’s evil plans...why does he need a roboticist? Cyborg Inhumans would be major overkill, no?

Radcliffe’s assistant Anon, however, is possibly referencing a different corner of the MU. Lord Anon also goes by the name Sir Wulf and was a member of the Knights of Wundagore. Oh yes, I think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. referenced High Evolutionary somehow...and that’s just spectacular! Sure, she’s female and half robot and not some mutated wolf creature...but it’s still amazing to see Marvel characters referenced. And Mack’s reaction to seeing her “augmentations” via Fitz’ X-ray specs was hilarious.

Lots coming in the future episodes. Who’s going to die? Leo? Gemma? Daisy? May? Mack? Joey? Yo-Yo? Lincoln? Coulson? Nobody is really safe, are they? Get ready for a wild end of the season! That’ll be all for this week! Bleed out!

Dave Michaels

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