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Note that by clicking below you will be leaving the Canadian site and taken to the American site.

Your Subscription "My Inbox" will not be available however your discount rate will still apply to all products you decide to purchase and have shipped from United States.

Help & FAQ

Need more info? Call us 1-438-387-7117

01.01 - Why should I become a Member?

There are several benefits to being an eXpertComics Member. Once you've created a membership (very simple: just your email and a password) you will have access to a Member's area which allows you to update your profile, subscribe to our newsletter and track orders. Being a member provides you a single login to both eXpertComics and ENR | eXPress News & Reviews. On top of that as a Member the discount rate offered online becomes applicable to all in-store purchases and any one of our locations.

As a Member you can make any purchase online at the posted Member discount rate with the option to either have it shipped to you or pick it up in-store if there is one in proximity. In order to complete a check-out you must have your address information completed in your profile so that shipping rates can be transmitted to shipping our service providers. Note that this even applies if you wish to pick up your order in-store as it allows our system to detect if local pick-up is an available option to you based on your proximity. Members also receive our weekly new product releases Newsletter which you can unsubscribe to anytime.

01.02 – Why should I become a Pull-List Subscriber?

Here’s where you really can take advantage of great deals and features so let’s get to it. First off is the most important advantage: higher discount rates! Subscribers are entitled to the higher posted discount rate off comic book new releases and graphic novels. If the listed item is of a greater discount rate than your Subscriber rate then you always qualify for higher posted rate. On top of that enjoy a rate of 15% off on Statues, Toys and Apparel including selected specialty brands!

Pull_list Subscriber Discount Rate

Next is exclusive access to the "My Inbox" page. My Inbox Cart, found on the My Inbox page, is a shopping cart that allows you to park items for up a month! Every product listing on the website features a button that allows you to "Add to Inbox" which inserts the item into My Inbox Cart at your preferential discount rate. The "My Inbox" page also allows you to pre-order variants, lists all new upcoming subscription titles, allows you to manage the parameters of your subscription and lists upcoming titles you are subscribed to as they are released weekly.

You can check-out My Inbox Cart anytime during the course of a month by using the self-initiated check-out process. If you have not done so during the course of a month the system will automatically process your inbox to a shopping cart allowing you to submit payment. This monthly inbox processing is synchronized with the release of the comic book industry catalog Previews Magazine. Note that access to My Inbox will be restricted until payment has been made for the month.

help image001 help image002

There are even more Subscriber advantages! With My Inbox you can request special order items and use My Wishlist to submit requests for items you’d like us to order for you or have us track down. A Subscriber's access to My Inbox allows eXpertComics Team Members to track these items for you, insert them into My Inbox Cart and/or insert any credits you may have allocated to you. My Inbox is really the best way to manage your purchases and to create a bridge between your account and our eXpertComics customer service specialists. More questions? Feel free to contact us anytime by email or our toll-free number 1-877-XCOMICS (1-877-926-6427).

01.03 – Do I need to be subscribed to any titles to be a Subscriber?

Not at all! As so many eXpertFans have already discovered you don’t need to be subscribed to any titles at all to take advantage of all the Subscriber features and discount rate. By activating a subscription you’ll be provided access to "My Inbox" and the "Add to Inbox" button that appears alongside each product listing will be activated. This allows you to enjoy the Subscriber discount rate without being subscribed to any titles at all! You’re also provided access to “My Longbox”, an online inventory catalog system of your collection, and “My Wishlist”, a page in which you can track key issues you’re seeking to acquire on your own or though us

01.04 – Why can't I remove items from My Inbox Cart?

As a Subscriber eXpertComics makes a commitment to acquire and purchase the titles selected on your behalf and allow for payment of those titles to be withheld for a maximum of a month. Therefore the commitment to purchase the items a Subscriber has identified and instructed eXpertComics to acquire, and that have been inserted into My Inbox Cart, reflects the restriction of removing items by which My Inbox Cart is designed.

There are distinguishing features that differentiate My Inbox Cart from the regular Shipping Cart. The Shopping Cart commits a purchase once a transaction is completed, payment is submitted and an invoice is generated; at which point the distribution center will pull the items purchased, package and ship them. My Inbox Cart, however, is a long-term commitment that allows for items to accumulate up to a month's time. A physical inbox is created for each Subscriber at the distribution center where the items selected within My Inbox Cart are pulled from inventory and placed in the Subscriber's physical inbox. Every Subscriber's Inbox Cart is monitored daily and any new item entries are immediately pulled from stock and placed in the physical inbox.

Since these pulled items are no longer made available to other clients and are reserved exclusively for the Subscriber, they are subject to re-stocking fees if a request is made to have them removed. Since they have been taken out of distribution they must be re-inventoried and returned to available stock. Should a mistake be made any Subscriber can contact us at the time the mistake was made and will make necessary corrections and/or remove an accidental entry. Please note that to do so you must use the form on our Contact page and alert us at the time the error was made.

It is not eXpertComics’ intention that any Subscriber purchase an item that they do not desire which may have been inserted into My Inbox Cart accidentally or inadvertently. Therefore please, do not hesitate to contact us or call our toll-free number 1-877-XCOMICS (1-877-926-6427) so that we can find a solution for you prior to checking out.

01.05 – Can I keep track of my collection online?

My Longbox is a feature available to Pull-List Subscribers and here's how it works in a nutshell. Your Pull-List profile is fully integrated into My Longbox which means every purchase that's made through eXpertComics, whether online or in-store, is automatically inserted into My Longbox which then allows you to keep track of your collection inventory. Key product information is captured from every purchase which is made available to you in My Longbox which you can then even edit.

Since a collection can include lots of comics from other sources other than eXpertComics, My Longbox allows you to add any item with all of its characteristics such as what was paid to acquire it and what its market value is. This way your collection it consolidated and allows you to track and maintain it from anywhere and any device.

You can filter your collection's analytical information either by publisher or title to view its key statistics or to easily look up what issues you may be missing to complete a full run. It's a great way to keep track of your collection's value and maintain control over your inventory.

Free Online Comic Book Inventory Tracking System

02.01 - When do orders ship? (US, Canadian or International)

Orders are shipped within 24-72 hours after being received once three conditions are met:
1. Payment has been received in full and is confirmed
2. All items that have been ordered are available and in stock
3. All new releases have been received from distributors in acceptable condition for shipping.
These apply to all orders made by either Members and Subscribers through the regular shopping cart or My Inbox Cart.

Subscribers checking out from "My Inbox Cart": If you have opted to initiate a self-check-out, meaning that you have selected your new releases and paid for them prior to the product's release date, your order will only be shipped within 24-72 hours after the official release date of the purchased products.

Shipping times vary based on the shipping method and provider selected during the check-out process.

ORDERS SHIPPING OUT OF OUR CANADIAN DEPOT: All shipping services for Canadian orders, including options and prices, are provided directly from Canada Post. Canadian orders can take between 2-5 days, US orders 4-12 days and International orders 7-14 days to arrive once they have shipped. Note that additional delays can occur in receiving US and/or International orders due to potential verification by customs. Customs declarations made by eXpertComics for all international orders shall reflect the true value of items being shipped; we will not write "gift" on any packages. Overseas orders may take over three weeks or more to arrive. All orders that qualify for free domestic shipping shall be shipped using Canada Post Expedited service. Refer to the Shipping Information page for more information on how orders qualify for Free Shipping in Canada.

Insurance costs may be applied to all orders exceeding $300.00CAD; these costs will not be invoiced at check-out, they will be calculated and charged separately. Subscribers will see insurance costs added to their inbox which shall be charged only on the next check-out. Packages that are not insured shall be covered up to a maximum of $100.00CAD should there be a claim. Please contact us if you require any additional shipping information.

02.02 - What are available shipping methods?

ORDERS SHIPPING OUT OF OUR CANADIAN DEPOT: All shipping options and services are provided exclusively by Canada Post. The availble shipping options, prices and shipping times will be displayed during the check-out process. Shipping costs are calculated based on the combined weight of the items being checked out and the destination address (Postal Code, Zip Code or International location). Standard options may include Regular, Expedited, Xpresspost for packages (boxes) and Lettermail for small orders (Envelopes). The usual maximum allowable amount of comic books that qualify for Lettermail service ranges between 3-4 comics, considering that they are all regular sized comic books (Not giant-sized or annuals); the same applies for US orders. We cannot provide actual shipping costs beforehand, they can only be provided once all items are ready for check out and they will be calculated by Canada Post in the shopping cart. Please refer to the Shipping Information page for more information on how orders qualify for Free Shipping in Canada.

02.03 - How do holidays and weekends impact orders?

ORDERS SHIPPING OUT OF LIBRAIRIE Z BOOKSTORE: Purchases made and/or shipments sent during holidays and/or weekends are dependant on Canada Post's operating schedule. Holidays vary from province to province therefore any holiday may potentially delay the arrival of a shipment by the number of business days affecting the closure afecting regular business days of operations. Additionally the eXpertComics Montreal Depot's operations are based on official legal holidays and election days defined within the province of Québec, Canada. Normal shipping and scheduling resume immediately following a holiday to ensure orders arrive at their destination as rapidly as possible. US orders purchased through the website will also be subject to holiday delays should an order be sent during a national American holiday.

02.04 - Are order Tracking Numbers provided & what is the liability?

Orders, excluding Lettermail envelopes, are provided with a tracking number once they have been packaged and sent. An automated email is sent out providing the tracking number with a direct link to the shipping provider's website. It is important to note that if a shipping method is selected that is not considered to be a "parcel" or "package" such as, but not limited to, Lettermail, Standard Mail, First Class Mail in which a shipping tracking number is not provided resulting in the impossibility of tracking the order, eXpertComics waives all or any liability should the order not arrive, be delayed or damaged by the postal or shipping service. We strongly recommend selecting a shipping method with tracking for insurance and delivery guarantees.

02.05 - Can orders be picked up in person?

ORDERS PURCHASED FROM OUR CANADIAN WEBSITE: All purchases can be picked up at  our Librairie Z Bookstore, Montreal. If you wish to pick up your order you will have to follow the normal online payment cycle; when checking out select the "Local Pick-Up" option with your preferred location. Your package will be ready for pick up once the status of the order has updated from "Pending" to "Awaiting Tracking" in our system. You can track this information on the My Orders page. Additionally an alert email will be sent out letting you that your order has changed status. We ask that you please not attempt to pick up your order if the status is still Pending, our staff will not be able to package your order while you wait. The Store/Local Pick Up option is will only be displayed if the shipping address is within a certain proximity to one of our locations, otherwise only shipping options will be provided. Please consult our contact us page for our store operating hours.

02.06 - When are new releases shipped?

New comic book releases are available weekly on Wednesdays for purchase. Only once shipments containing new release comics are processed, verified and bagged and boarded by our team are any items on subscription pull-lists processed for each Subscriber. If all the items listed on a paid invoice are accounted for (in-stock and in acceptable condition), orders are packaged and prepped for shipping. Orders are then picked up by our shipping service providers. Therefore, orders that are purchased containing upcoming release items (Pre-Orders) prior to the actual release of the product(s) will be shipped out within 24-48 hours of the items' physical arrival in-stock at our distribution centers.

03.01 - In what condition do the books arrive?

The condition of comic books listed in the Comics category are NM (Near Mint) condition: 9.2 - 9.8. We adhere to a strict grading policy, therefore every book is inspected with our quality control guidelines upon arrival. Once inspected EVERY COMIC BOOK IS BAG AND BOARDED and is prepped for shipping at no additional charge as part of our eXpertComics standards. All products on this website in the following categories: Comics, Graphic Novels, Apparel, Statues, Toys, and Supplies (with he exception of certain Back-Issues and some Graded books) are brand new merchandise. Should any product ship in unsatisfactory condition please contact us. Please note that promotional items and Free Comic Book Day titles offered online are not bag and boarded.

03.02 - Are the comic books listed all first prints?

All of the comic book listings on this website, unless otherwise stated as being variants, are 1st prints. We do carry 2nd or higher prints of many titles however they are not counted or considered pull-list comic books, and are marked on the product listing details. If you are a Subscriber with a Pull-List only FIRST PRINTS are pulled for you. Second prints or higher  titles are posted as variants that can be purchased directly from the product listing. All reprinted comic book listings will clearly be identified as variant and/or reprints directly in the product listing details. If there is a comic book you would like in another print other than first and that has not been posted on the website please feel free to contact us. We'll verify its availability and order it for you if possible (Members with activated Subscriptions only).

First Print Comics

03.03 - When are new releases posted on the site?

New comic book releases are posted every Wednesday or Thursday the week BEFORE they are released. Comic book postings are dependant on confirmation of stock arrivals as provided by our distributor Diamond Comic Distributors. If there is a confirmation of delay, comic book postings may be pushed to Friday. For Subscribers: Variant pre-orders and new available upcoming comic book titles are posted within a week of a new Previews Magazine monthly release, allowing ample time to secure copies well in advance of their forecast release dates. We suggest looking at our Subscription page to see the many features included in activating a subscription with us.

Here are the best ways to find out when new products are available for purchase on eXpertComics:
1. Sign up for our Newsletter. Published and distributed weekly, our Newsletter will list every new product listing added to the website. It's easy, you can find the activation in the footer below.
2. Activate a Subscription. This is the best and quickest way of knowing when new products are available. An automated system alert is first sent out exclusively to Subscribers as part of the standard system notifications. This alert can even be sent 24hrs before the Newsletter is distributed. 

03.04 - Can new releases be purchased before their Wednesday?

Indeed you can! New comic book releases are available for purchase as soon as they as posted on the website, which occurs either the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the release date (refer to 03.03). You may pre-order and/or purchase any product once it is posted on the website as a Member or Subscriber. Subscribers will view their respective subscribed titles in the Upcoming Releases table in the My Inbox section of the website. At this time they may add them to their My Inbox Cart or have the system do it automaically. A check-out can be initiated anytime! Note that orders containing pre-order comic books dated for release the following Wednesday will only be shipped once all items have physically arrived in stock and after the official product release date. There are no exceptions, release dates will be adhered to at all times.

03.05 - What are your return policies on new releases?

Please review our refund policy on this page for information. If you have any questions regarding the return of any products purchased on out site please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

04.01 - What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept a variety of payments methods which include:
1. Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard) 
2. PayPal 
Credit Card online authorizations are provided by Chase Paymentech Merchant Services payment processing solutions.

1. Credit Cards (CANADA: Visa & Mastercard)
2. Cash
3. Interac (CANADA ONLY)
Accepted for local pick-ups at any one of our comic stores or Depot locations.

04.02 - What should I do if my credit card is declined?

Should a credit card transaction be declined you can revise your profile to ensure your personal information matches those on file with your credit card provider, add another credit card to your credit card book or select an alternative payment option such as PayPal or the PayPal Credit Card check-out option available to non-PayPal account holders (Select the PayPal payment method to use this option even if you do not have a PayPal account). The information in your profile must match those on file with your credit card provider to complete a transaction. Additionally you must provide the CVV2 number on your credit card with every check-out as a security measure. (The CCV2, Card Verification Value, number is the 3-digit, non-embossed number printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately following the Visa or Mastercard card account number) If this still does not resolve the problem please contact us with the error code you are receiving when submitting payment. We can then verify with Chase Paymentech, our online credit card merchant provider, on how we may assist or take corrective measures.

However, if you are a Subscriber and have attempted to check out with a declined credit card you must contact us so that we may resolve the issue or process your transaction manually; otherwise your order will not ship until we have received confirmation of payment. The credit card merchant service provider matches the credit card information to the address provided in your profile to ensure the transaction is not fraudulent.

04.03 - What currency are prices in?

If you are viewing this site within the United Stats prices are listed in USD (US Dollar). If you are shipping to a American address you must purchase in USD. If you are a Canadian or International user purchasing from the U.S. website the conversion rate for the total of your purchase will be processed by either PayPal or your bank's Credit Card provider.
If you are viewing this site within Canada prices are listed in CAD (Canadian Currency), a universal currency on the internet for both Credit Cards and PayPal. If you are shipping to a Canadian address you must purchase in CAD. You may verify the currency on the very top navigation bar of the website. 

The eXpertComics CANADIAN website displays all values in CAD. The US website displays all values in USD.


help image001

04.04 - Are cash payments accepted for online orders?

Cash is not accepted online. Cash payments are accepted only for orders that are local picks-ups at any one of locations however you must be authorized to check out by using the Check/Cheque payment method. Please do not, under any circumstances, mail cash or traveler's cheques as we can not be held liable for missing mail nor can it be tracked. Payments sent to us by mail, if authorized, must be either certified cheque or money order. Please consult our contact page for our mailing address.

04.05 - What are the taxes are charged on purchases?

Taxes are not applicable for orders shipped out to the United States or Internationally from our Canadian Depot. Note that orders may be subject to customs or duties fees at the buyers expense.

All purchases made within Quebec are charged both provincial PST(TVQ) and federal GST(TPS) tax with the exception of products that are exempt from PST(TVQ) tax. Across Canada provincial taxes are absorbed within the HST (Harmonized sales tax) for provinces that have made this agreement with the federal government. As with the PST(TVQ) in Quebec there are products exempt from provincial sales tax; these exempt products shall only be charged GST, not HST. Please refer to the table below for specific product tax charges and percentages:

Tax Brackets
Classification Section   Tax Quebec Ontario PEI NS NFLD NB BC Alberta Sask Man Terr USA Inter.
Periodicals: Comics ec yellowarrow 01 HST (GST)   13.00%   15.00% 13.00% 13.00% 12.00%            
  Back-Issues GST 5.00%   5.00%         5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% N/A N/A
  Graded PST/TVQ 9.975%                        
Books Graphic Novels ec yellowarrow 01 HST(GST)   Exempt   Exempt Exempt Exempt Exempt            
  Books GST 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% N/A N/A
    PST/TVQ  Exempt                        
Apparel Jack of all Trades ec yellowarrow 01 HST(GST)   13.00%   15.00% 13.00% 13.00% 12.00%            
  Apparel GST 5.00%   5.00%         5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% N/A N/A
    QST/TVQ 9.975%                        
Other Toys ec yellowarrow 01 HST(GST)   13.00%   15.00% 13.00% 13.00% 12.00%            
  Statues GST 5.00%   5.00%         5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% N/A N/A
  Supplies PST/TVQ 9.975%                        
Shipping Charges   ec yellowarrow 01 HST(GST)   13.00%   15.00% 13.0% 13.00% 12.00%            
    GST 5.00%   5.00%         5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% N/A N/A
    QST 9.975%                        
General Rates   ec yellowarrow 01 HST(GST)   13.00%   15.00% 13.00% 13.00% 12.00%         N/A N/A
    GST 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% N/A N/A
    PST/TVQ 9.975%                     N/A N/A
If you have any further questions on tax rates please contact us

05.01 - Can I add books to my order after it has been placed?

You will not be able to add more any other item(s) to a transaction after it has been completed. The same applies for Subscribers that have a processed My Inbox Cart awaiting payment. Invoices cannot be updated and/or editted online nor shall any eXpertComics staff be able to do so for you. You can contact us regarding the swapping of an item at which point eXpertComics shall determine if it is at all possible. If there is an error and/or an incorrect product was selected please contact us to either amend the order or swap the product out with the correct one you wished to purchase (it must be of equal or lower value and be available in-stock).

05.02 - What happens when an item is "Sold Out/Out of Stock" or on "Back-Order"?

All products listed on the website are available for purchase unless they are indicated as being Sold Out/Out of Stock. If a product is listed as such we welcome you to contact us to inquire about the possibility of acquiring additional copies or to see if it is still available in-store at one of our locations. For more information on products that are Sold Out please send us a request via our contact page and we’ll do our very best in re-ordering it for you or checking our supplemental inventory. The best way to secure an item is to activate a Pull-List Subscription.

Subscribers, the inventory listed on the website is separate from books reserved for all Subscribers; this way inventory for all Subscribers is a secured, separate allocation. (Note that if you are a Subscriber and have added a title to your pull-list you will only be guaranteed a copy on the book’s next release cycle, you must refer to the Activation Date in the Edit My Titles tab) 

help image001 help image002

05.03 - How can the status of an order be verified?

Once logged in, the status of every order can be verified by clicking on the My Orders link from the My Account menu. All purchases will be listed there including purchases that have already been shipped. You can verify the status all pending orders/current invoices to see if it is being processed, completed, or shipped/ready for store pick-up. It will also indicate whether or not an order has been delayed; if so and if we have not yet contacted you please contact us for a status update. These status and tracking features are available for both Members and Members that are Subscribers.

Note that there is key Subscription information throughout this Help and FAQ page and is not exclusive to this section. Please consult the other main subjects for more information or always feel free to contact us.

06.01 - What is the deadline for modifying a Subscription?

The cut-off deadline to modify a subscription is the Tuesday of the same week in which comics are due for release. New release comic books, graphic novels and other products are posted for Subscribers and for regular Member purchases weekly every Wednesday and/or Thursday for the following/upcoming week. That provides up until Tuesday 18:00 EST to review your subscription before the comic books are automatically inserted into My Inbox Cart. If you do not process your subscription list manually from the Upcoming Releases listings by Tuesday evening (May occur Saturday to Monday at the end of the month cycle) subscribed items will be automatically processed for you by the system. There is really no need to do anything at all really, the system is designed to take care of your Pull-List for you! 

Please do not email us to adjust your quantities as this can only be done online. This is to ensure the accuracy of our weekly orders on available products and to ensure we have the proper quantities to supply all customers.

help image001

06.02 - What is the shipping cost for Subscribers?

Shipping costs for Subscribers, or any Member for that matter, are based on the total amount of comic books/products being checked out, each of which carry a specific weight. This information is transmitted to shipping service providers which in-turn returns all available shipping options and costs. These shipping options will clearly be made available for selection upon check out. This cost is automatically tied to and provided by each shipping service provider's online servers, we do not provide nor generate these costs. Please do not contact us to estimate shipping costs, we will be unable to provide an accurate estimate for an order.

There are shipping incentives though. For more information on what these incentives and offers are both in the US and Canada please consult our Shipping Information page. It is important to note that if an order qualifies for free shipping, however it contains one or more items that do not qualify for free shipping, only the cost of the exempt item(s) shall be charged at the time of check-out.

06.03 - How can additional items be shipped with subscription titles?

At any time a Subscriber can browse the every product on the website and add them to My Inbox Cart by using the Add to Inbox button. Items added directly from the website via the Add to Inbox button will ship once the inbox is processed or if a self check-out is initiated. Once check-out is completed all items appearing on that invoice will ship together. If additional titles are subscribed to, these will not be inserted into My Inbox Cart until the title's activation date.  The "Subscribe to..." button that can be found on products adds a title to your pull-list, it does not add it to My Inbox Cart. Refer to the example below to distinguish between the "Subscribe to:..." button and the "Add to Inbox" button.

help image001

06.04 - What is the purchase procedure for Subscriptions?

New title listings will appear in your subscription inbox weekly only if you are subscribed to title being released the upcoming week. If, as a Subscriber, you are logged in during the course of the week you can manually insert these titles from Upcoming Releases into My Inbox Cart. If you do not log in during the course of the week all subscribed titles will be automatically inserted into My Inbox Cart by the system on Tuesday evenings (EST). Your subscription inbox is the equivalent to a parked shopping cart. You may opt to manually self check out at any time, however, should any items remain within an inbox at the end of any month (End of month defined as the synchronized release of Previews Magazine) you shall be prompted to check out all items before having access to your inbox for next month's releases. If self-check-outs occur with regularity, at least within two week intervals, your inbox may be exempt from the mandatory monthly check-out.

07.01 - What in the world do all these abbreviations mean? Help!

It seems this is one of the most common questions we seem to get, so here are the explanations. If there are some that we may missed please contact us and we'll update this table.

Abbreviation Definition
99P Ms Part Mini-series
MR Mature Readers
MA Mature Audience
AA All Ages
OS One-Shot
RI Variant Retailer Incentive Variant
FCBD Free Comic Book Day
N52 DC New 52

If you have any more questions on the eXpertComics online webstore, our automated subscription service, pre-orders, special orders or anything else related to the website please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be more than happy in providing any additional assistance.

07.02 - Where do the images used to display products come from?

Unless otherwise stated images that appear in product listings are provided directly from our distributors. In the case of Diamond Comic Distributors, these images are provided to DCD by their respective publishers and/or companies. The images, in many cases, are covers that have not yet been branded with titles or logos and therefore are not final versions of the products that will be shipped once purchased. Additionally variant covers, incentive covers, multiple available covers (A, B, C,...), sketch covers and blank covers are oftentimes unavailable in their final versions at the time of posting; the versions posted on the website are those made available by the distributor at the time in which distribution has been confirmed. Under no circumstances is eXpertComics responsible or liable for the accuracy of the images presented in a product posting. eXpertComics shall ship the specific product that was purchased based solely on the product's description which may or may not match the image that was provided by the distributor for posting purposes.

07.03 - Variants are listed all over the place, what exactly are these things?

So, the question is: what in the world is a comic book variant? We’ll do our best to answer that with some clarity so here’s how we’ll do it: we’ll break the response into three parts: New Printing Variants, Ratio Variants and Retailer Incentive Variants (RI Variants).

First, though, let's define what a regular cover or comic book is. When a comic book is originally released, meaning it is the very first time that the contents have gone to press and are printed under a certain title (yes, there are exceptions here too!*), that is what is considered to be the 1st Printing. Based on pre-sales collected from global vendors publishers will determine how many copies of the 1st Print will be printed with an overrun margin.

These first prints are listed on this site as "Retail" in most cases which can also be referred to in the industry as Direct Market (DM) which are distributed only to specialty comic book retailers that may vary slightly from newsstand versions. In regards to listings on eXpertComics "Retail" applies if a 1st Print book is offered with just a single cover.

*The exception eXplanation: In the paragraph above we state, "…it is the very first time that the contents have gone to press and are printed under a certain title…." This is true, however, reprints can appear in first print editions of books so long at the title or volume of the book is different. For example, if some or all of contents of Fantastic Four #1000 reappear in Fantastic Team-Up #50 then both issues are considered 1st Print books. Fantastic Four #1000 contains content that has gone to press for the very first time and Fantastic Team-Up #50, even though it is a first print, contains reprinted material. Had the reprinted material shown up in a new printing of Fantastic Four #1000 then that book would be considered a 2nd Print Variant. Confused? Refer to "Print Variants" below.

Just to throw a wrench into things there are more exceptions: multiple covers! We’ll begin with the common 50/50 split:

Cover A & Cover B: This occurs frequently among several publishers. In this case a publisher will divide the 1st Print run into an equal split in which half the print-run is released with one cover and the balance in another. Both covers are considered to be 1st Print originals and retail at release at the same value on the date they are released. Covers A, B, C, D, etc…: In a case like this there are various 1st Print covers released in equal ratios of an issue. All covers are considered to be 1st Print originals and retail at the same value on the date they are released.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS: If there are postings for Cover A and Cover B in our listings ONLY Cover A will be offered within the Subscription service. If you wish to obtain Cover B then it will have to be added to your inbox directly from the product’s listing. If there are two or more equal split covers available and the item posting shows "Retail" as opposed to multiple covers (Cover A, Cover B, etc…) the cover that will ship with Subscriptions will be randomly selected from those received.

So now that we’ve gotten all that noise out of the way we can hopefully help in defining variants for you.

New Printing Variants: A New Printing Variant occurs when a title sells out rapidly either before or immediately after its forecast release date. (A book can sell out before it is released when retailers significantly increase their initial orders before distribution beyond the print run that was originally anticipated). When this situation occurs a publisher desires two things: 1. To compensate for readers interested in acquiring the books the opportunity to do so and 2. To make as much profit as they can from a single publication.

The remedy for this is sending the book back to print. In most cases publishers may alter the original cover of the book with a new distinguishing feature to differentiate it from the previous printing(s). These new printings occur shortly after a book’s original release to reach the readers while the publication is still highly popular. These New Printing Variants are referred to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc… print variants.

Ratio Variants: These variants have become a common strategy adopted by most major publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics within the last decade which now seem to make up part of the regular comic business. Understanding these variants is a simple concept based on the volume of books retailers purchase of the regular retail edition. For example a one in ten ratio variant (1:10 Variant) means that if a retailer orders ten copies of the regular retail edition they now have the option to order one exclusive edition of the book. That means that 10% or less of this books print run would feature an alternative edition of the book.

The inner contents of the book (story, pages, ads, etc.) with these variants are always identical to the regular retail edition so there is nothing different offered. They are all also first prints of the book. The distinguishing feature of Ratio Variants is their covers. In many cased different artists will provide covers to the same book increasing the appeal of acquiring the book. So, not only are you acquiring a book that is more rare than the regular retail edition, you may be acquiring the book with a cover drawn by a favorite creator.

Only the test of time will determine the overall appeal and value of these variants, but to collectors that are true completists, these variants are must-haves even at the highest of ratios! Ratio Variants are frequently offered in the following ratios: 1:10, 1:15, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100 and 1:200. That’s not to say that there can’t be 1:44 or 1:52 variant editions, both of which exist, however they are far less common. So if you see a 1:100 Variant posting, it means that the book listed has a print run that consists of less than 1% of the book’s regular retail edition.

RI Variants (Retailer Incentive): These variants can go either way; they can either be really simple or have retailers jump through hoops like well trained circus acts. Let's get the simple one out of the way and save the brain-twister for last. An RI Variant is simple when a publisher provides the distribution constraints up front without complications. Here are some examples of what an RI Variant can be: - Every retailer that participates in "Named Event" will receive one exclusive variant of "Book Series No. XX" - Every retailer can order a maximum of three copies of "Book Series No. XX" These variants can go either way; they can either be really simple or have retailers jump through hoops like well trained circus acts. Let’s get the simple one out of the way and save the brain-twister for last. Here are some examples of what an RI Variant can be:
- Every retailer that participates in "Named Event" will receive one exclusive variant of "Book Series No. XX"
- Every retailer can order a maximum of three copies of "Book Series No. XX"

08.01 - What is the refund policy on orders?

At eXpertComics.com we’re firmly committed to your full satisfaction. Every effort is made to ensure that the finest products are shipped and that they are well secured when packaged so that they arrive at their destination in the exact condition they left. That is our guarantee to you and the level of service we treat every order with.

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Should you be displeased with the content of any product sold on the site, we will not accept returns or qualify any such item as being unsatisfactory. We are not responsible for the quality of stories, artwork, etc. in part or in whole of any product selected and purchased. Liability is limited exclusively to the condition in which a product is shipped; we take no responsibility whatsoever on the quality of its contents.

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