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Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment focus primarily on comic book adaptations of existing properties, with most of their original properties being new interpretations of the public domain classic monsters Dracula, Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolf Man. Currently they hold the rights to publish titles based on films (Army of Darkness, Darkman and Highlander), television series (both original and modern Battlestar Galactica and Xena: Warrior Princess) and literature (Re-Animator). They also have a license based on Terminator 2 and writer Simon Furman produced Terminator 2: Infinity and the sequel Terminator: Revolution. Other properties include Buck Rogers, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and The Green Hornet.

Two additional crossovers have been released through other companies, one through Image Comics in 2005 pitting their monsters against Top Cow published characters Witchblade, the Darkness, the Magdalena and Tomb Raider entitled Monster War; and a 2006 crossover between DC Comics'' Claw the Unconquered and Red Sonja via Wildstorm.

Dynamite Entertainment Graphic Novels Listings:

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