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Comedy Legend Gene Wilder Passes Away
ENR is saddened to hear of the passing of one of the funniest men ever in film, Gene Wilder. He was 83. Read more...
CIVIL WAR II #5 Pits Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel in All Out Grudge Match!
The battle lines have been drawn and war erupts! As the devastating fallout from the death of Bruce Banner sends shockwaves across every corner of the world, Iron Man and Captain... Read more...
Law Of The Land – A Talk With Marvel Artist Greg Land
Greg Land was probably one of the first mainstream Marvel/DC comic pros that I’ve ever met. Back in the early 2000’s as I journeyed with my buddy and my brother to Chicago for... Read more...
New Indie Graphic Novel Tackles Bullying
Fred Grandinetti and David Hudon were bullied throughout their school years. Both suffered verbal and physical abuse. Grandinetti was victimized due to his interest in the arts... Read more...
Tom And Jerry: Back To Oz Review - Cat & Mouse, Fire & Scarecrow
I don’t get it. I don’t understand how Tom and Jerry fits so seamlessly into other properties, and yet if you read my review of Spy Quest (a Tom and Jerry meets Jonny Quest... Read more...
Meet MOSAIC With FREE Prelude Story Available Now!
You’ve heard about his new series. You’ve seen his first appearance in the pages of Uncanny Inhumans. Before he explodes onto the scene in his new ongoing series, read the FREE... Read more...

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