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New Indie Graphic Novel Tackles Bullying
Fred Grandinetti and David Hudon were bullied throughout their school years. Both suffered verbal and physical abuse. Grandinetti was victimized due to his interest in the arts... Read more...
Tom And Jerry: Back To Oz Review - Cat & Mouse, Fire & Scarecrow
I don’t get it. I don’t understand how Tom and Jerry fits so seamlessly into other properties, and yet if you read my review of Spy Quest (a Tom and Jerry meets Jonny Quest... Read more...
Meet MOSAIC With FREE Prelude Story Available Now!
You’ve heard about his new series. You’ve seen his first appearance in the pages of Uncanny Inhumans. Before he explodes onto the scene in his new ongoing series, read the FREE... Read more...
ENR Chooses Our Ultimate Fantasy Con Buddies!
This year's editions of San-Diego Comic-Con, Montreal Comiccon, and Otakuthon respectively maybe over a while ago, but this year's summer season of genre conventions still goes... Read more...
Marvel is Proud to Introduce STEAM Variants this Fall
Marvel’s best and brightest heroes are stepping to the head of the class for a series of special variant covers! Marvel is pleased to announce 5 special STEAM Variants coming to... Read more...
Celebrating Byrne's Man of Steel - Issue #3
"No, no, boss - not -- not Happy Birthday!" Man of Steel # 3 starts off with Superman going to a neighboring city to apprehend a dangerous criminal -- The BATMAN! Superman sees... Read more...

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