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Weighing The Offer | Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Review

Written by  Published March 19, 2015 11:12
In case you missed last time's episode of Arrow, here is a recap. Remember when Oliver and Thea Queen almost got killed by Slade Wilson? Well, Thea's bitterness over her father Malcolm Merlyn's nearly getting her killed as well as his drugging her (which caused her to kill Sara Lance) drove her to get him kidnapped by the League of Assassins. Good news: Team Arrow managed to take League of Assassins leader Ra's Al Ghul's daughter Nyssa as prisoner. Bad news: Thea started to suffer pains of guilt, and although Oliver and Diggle went to Nanda Parbat to rescue Malcolm from assassination by Ra's' army (hoping to save Thea from having to face the pain getting someone of her own family blood killed), Thea's pains got even worse, leading her to free Nyssa from her prison in the hope of the assassin executing her for killing Sara, even though it was not her fault. As for Oliver and Diggle, they got captured by the League of Assassins and placed in captivity. Now, we look at this week's Arrow adventure, "The Offer", but be warned as spoilers are contained in this commentary.


Picking up from last time's episode, Oliver learns that Ra's Al Ghul wants to name him his successor in commanding the League of Assassins after Ra's abandons his intent on killing him, Diggle, and Malcolm. Funny case scenario, he let them go home despite Oliver's refusal to take over his command of the league. Unfortunately, Oliver, as the Arrow, gets an unwelcome surprise when he returns to Starling City despite his plan to continue cleaning up the town to eliminate crime and corruption. Meanwhile, Thea struggles to overcome her depression about how her life changed since learning the truth about Malcolm Merlyn.


When watching the opening of this episode, I was first annoyed by Ra's Al Ghul's decision to free Oliver, Diggle, and Malcolm once Oliver rejected his offer to make him the new head of the League of Assassins, but as the episode's story plot continued on, I had a change of thoughts as this episode portrayed the villain as choosing to allow Oliver suffer his unexpected tragedy at home, believing that fate will drive him to give in to the "prophecy" that who ever survived his attack on him (that's Oliver back in the episode "The Climb" of course) will be the next in line to command his league.

Ra's Al Ghul maybe an evil and dangerous man, but this episode showed how smart he is for a villain when it comes to fulfilling his goal of getting the last laugh.


As for Oliver Queen, this episode presented another trial in his life as a hero. This time, he found himself forced to debate with himself on which system of justice works best: his system as the Arrow or Ra's Al Ghul's own. It was an interesting concept as Ra's was the one who tried to convince hero that leading his army of killers would let him do more for justice than just what he was already doing as the Arrow.

Yes, Oliver and Ra's had conflicting ideas on how to save the world, and this mirrored the Batman Vs. Ra's Al Ghul scenarios from both DC Universe comics and animated Batman shows very well except with Batman, Ra's would want him to face death for refusing to join with him.

I was disappointed by the part where Quentin Lance cut ties with the Arrow as if to punish him for keeping him in the dark about Sara's death, but nevertheless, it was relevant to the theme of Oliver's pondering on Ra's' offer since the Archer hero's system already failed to save a number of loved ones from getting killed. Somehow, I predict the next episode will have Quentin turning the rest of the Starling City police force against the


Arrow in attempt at revenge for Sara's demise with an Arrow-impersonating Ra's committing crimes, considering Ra's Al Ghul's prediction of the town being against him and Oliver dying a lonely man.

Arrow the Offer Shot 2

As for Thea Queen's part in this episode, there was indeed a case of irony going on. When Oliver, Diggle, and Malcolm returned from Nanda Parbat, at first I thought Thea would have gotten over her depression since Nyssa refused to kill her despite still being sad over Sara's demise, but as it turned out, this entire episode ended up having the troubled half sister of the archer super-hero suffering the loss of desire to live with herself as she felt that her own father brought her on an inescapable tragedy she could have avoided if she never knew Malcolm was her father.

Too bad no one in Starling City knows about time travel yet (think back to 2014's Arrow spinoff The Flash, readers) as it would have given her a chance to save herself from being drugged at the time before Sara Lance's demise, rather than face the incapability to bury the past of terror to move on.



This episode of Arrow features another moments of ironies. Ra's Al Ghul turns down the chance to kill the Arrow when it becomes possible again, but at least this irony adds to his development as a villain in his mission to get him on his side.

It's sad to watch the Arrow lose an ally over something that isn't his fault, but at least we can be glad that Team Arrow is still in business, though I personally think Oliver should accept Ra's offer to escape the downside of his super-hero life, which could have allowed this show to take creative opportunities most superhero television programs from the west often avoid doing.

And it sucks that Thea is still struggling to live with herself despite not being killed by Nyssa for her unintended deed as well as Malcolm not being killed, but let's hope she recovers soon.

The next episode of Arrow will air on Wednesday at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT on Canada's CTV and America's The CW, and for those of you excited about the upcoming DC Entertainment movie Suicide Squad, I have a feeling you will love this upcoming episode as it will feature another appearance of the famed DC Universe super-villain team Suicide Squad, which should give you something to chew on as you wait for the film itself to get released.

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