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Monday, 09 April 2012 13:00
Here a Quote There a Quote Have you ever been sitting around with the guys and it becomes that time? You know when old movies, new movies, whatever movie quotes start spilling out? Heck there are movie quotes in movies, for example in You've Got mail, Tom Hanks quotes The Godfather with "Go to the mattresses." Some other writer that makes the current writer sound smart. Somebody asks; "what kind of roses did you plant?" I answer "yellow ones" but my well read friend says, "A rose by any other name is still a rose." You get the idea right? So I'm sitting here thinking about what to write about and rereading Scarlet Spider #1 and Kaine says "Yeah, that's how Spider-Man would have handled it" and I'm thinking  what a classic line that is. Then I think that there are a ton of great comic lines out there, and they need to be used, they need to become common lingo, (I need an idea) they need me to bring them to the light. So this DXXL is all about the lines and just how great, funny, or serious they are. Read more...
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