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Monday, 23 January 2017 16:41
Over 20 years ago, DC Comics and Marvel Comics did the unthinkable. The two companies teamed up to settle the ultimate debate, with the help of their fans. Who would win in a smackdown of epic proportions between their greatest heroes? Think of it as Wrestlemania, but involving your favorite superheroes! Read more...
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Sunday, 29 May 2016 17:51
Well, fellow comic have failed everyone. Marvel surely hasn’t. Even Nick Spencer hasn’t. But some fans, who likely have not even physically bought a comic book in a decade, have actually ruined everything. A plot twist is just that...a plot twist. It’s fiction, it’s meant to shock, bring out strong feelings in the audience and make their jaws drop, feel dread and try to make them think “well, I need to see what happens next!” But now we have the internet, where everyone that has two fingers to type with has a faceless voice. And some of those people misuse their voice and use it to be totally moronic. Read more...
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Thursday, 25 June 2015 14:50
If any type of comic book was going to be the subject of Game Changers, it was going to be an event series. One of the first notable ‘events’ in comics was Marvels Secret Wars in which many key players within the publishers stable were transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder and were given free reign to take on one another in a fight to death in order to prove who was the greatest. In terms of sales, Secret Wars was undoubtedly a hit – it offered fans many of their favourites together in one place in a way that they’d never imagined – but critically, it floundered slightly due to massive inconsistencies across the board. However, Secret Wars set the benchmark for what event comics were to become – sprawling story arcs, epic in scale and concept, that would cross-pollinate characters from many different titles and bring them together in the battle against an enemy or situation that would require all their skills in order to survive. The format had been laid out and, with some exceptions, has remained that way until today. Read more...
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015 12:39
Van SciverIf there's one guy at the forefront of drawing superhero comic books these days, it's Ethan Van Sciver. Ethan has been working in the industry primarily for DC Comics for years now, and is one of the masterminds that has revolutionized the company the last few years. From Green Lantern to Flash to Batman/Superman, Ethan has been the man when it comes to making the greatest superheroes ever look, well, that much more super! I got a chance to chat with Ethan at Montreal Mini ComicCon and he let me in on what it's like working in the "world's finest" industry! Read more...
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Monday, 20 October 2014 17:05
amazingspider-man0052ibfcoBoth of my picks for this week look at heroes who are struggling to find themselves in worlds that have grown against them. While this is pretty standard fare for superhero comics, it’s usually a situation the character finds themselves in during their initial years or their origin period. These stories are defined by the worlds in which our heroes are placed. The general populace learn to love the vigilantes after a period of inauguration in which the central character – be they Caped Crusader or Scarlet Spider – are faced with hatred and fear. And why not? I think it’s generally accepted that it’s quite odd behavior to put on tights (and underwear on the outside!) and then parade around the city beating up criminals. People have a lack of understanding but eventually the hero shines through by averting a huge disaster or rescuing a kitten from a tree.   Read more...
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 16:23
sinestro4img2Both Marvel and DC continue to look to thrill and excite with their re-launched takes on classic characters, super-teams and events. The status-quo has changed dramatically as allegiances shift and loyalties are questioned. Easily, the biggest changes have been noticed within the Justice League; following the events of Forever Evil, a new player has reluctantly been brought into the fold – Lex Luthor. That’s right. The super-intelligent billionaire scientist found to wrest the world from the grip of Ultraman and his allies and found himself an unlikely savior. For a moment, being a hero – more specifically, acting selflessly – appealed to Luthor and he liked it. Another ‘devil-in-disguise’ is Sinestro. His efforts are much less subtle though. Sinestro has taken control of his corps again and looks to find his place again in the galaxy under the supposed quest of saving the stranded civilization of Korugar. The villains may not be the monsters they once were, for the moment at least… The Devil You Know JUSTL_Cv32_ds_53d673d1c8cdc3.17064567Justice League #32 Written by: Geoff Johns Art by: Doug Mahnke Inks by: Keith Champagne Colours by: Andrew Dalhouse Letters by: Nick J. Napolitano Published by: DC Comics Injustice League chapter 3 hits us initially by reminding us that the Crime Syndicate is still very much alive and well on our own Earth. Firstly, there’s a glimpse of Superwoman singing a sinister and skewed version of Rock-a-bye Baby to her unborn child before we switch to the Doom Patrol battling the reluctant bearer of the Power Ring, Jessica Cruz. Caulder’s Doom Patrol seems more like the Chief’s slaves in this iteration, almost beholden to him for bringing them together. He Justice-League-32-Spoilers-Preview-Forever-Evil-4belittles them to keep them in tow in an effort to retrieve the Power Ring before the Justice League intervenes. It’s here get a glimpse into oncoming events, as Power Ring suggests that something powerful is coming, something that wants Superwoman’s child… The addition of Element Woman to the Doom Patrol makes perfect sense; she’s a little off-beat, kooky but ultimately has a good heart – something she shares with the rest of the team. John’s writing of Caulder made him far too unlikable. He’s a control freak and a bully who seems to have no redeeming characteristics at all. I struggled accepting that any of these powerful meta-humans would even rally to his cause at all and not just bolt the moment they were free, regardless of any Justice-League-32-Spoilers-Doom-Patrol-Forever-Evil-7misplaced sense of loyalty they had to him. That’s not the only thing that seemed off. The Justice League stories now seem to be jumping from event to event rather than having any downtime or focusing on a smaller arc. This constant sense of set-up seems tired now. Rather than hanging on every cliff hanger and tease, I found myself just longing for a pay-off so I could move on. Mahnke’s art is consistently brilliant. The attention to detail is superior to most and I am always drawn to how he draws metal, making the surfaces dazzle and shine (supplemented by Champagne and Dalhouse’s colours and inks). The issue, like many titles of late, is saved by its art. A series of teases does not make a story; neither does it seem to speed it on any. The pay-offs offer very little in a way of a resolution of late and I’m craving the old four-issue story format. 6 out of 10 A Devil By Another Name Sinestro_Vol_1-4_Cover-1_TeaserSinestro #4 Written by: Cullen Bunn Art by: Rags Morales Colours by: Jason Wright Letters by: Taylor Esposito Published by: DC Comics No one ever is really prepared for the Inquisition, are they? The creatures – who have lost all sense of emotion – weaponize the residual emotions of those they face and use them against their foes. Unfortunately, they’ve tried to take on Sinestro and no Lantern has ever been more equipped to channel his emotional strength. They try to make Sinestro insignificant by haranguing him with images of Hal Jordan – as expected, this pushes the Korugarian despot over the edge and they feel his full fury. With the Inquisition defeated, Sinestro sets off on his questSinestro-004-2014-Digital-Nahga-Empire-020 again only to be confronted by the real-life nemesis that has been haunting him… Bunn’s handling of Sinestro is solid, playing to the fact that his own ego is the most important thing to him. In all honesty, I expect that he never intends to save his people from any sense of honour; it’s more to re-establish himself as a hero and gain some sense of influence over others. You get the feeling that having a yellow ring or leading his own corps is enough for Sinestro – he’ll always be after another trophy. Morales has brought back the lithe and toned Sinestro of old but the art really jars against Eaglesham’s from the previous issues. I expected more and it does detract from the epic sense of what has gone before. This smaller, more contained issue is hampered rather than bolstered by the return of Hal Jordan at its close – are we in for another Sinestro/Jordan face-off? More importantly, will it be more of the same? 6 out of 10 Read more...
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Monday, 25 August 2014 10:44
glc_eartWhen Super Heroes get drunk!! It happened in Green Lantern Corps #211: "Pink Elephants!" It is New Years Eve at the Green Lantern Corps Citadel. An irate Guy Gardner is chiding the rest of the Green Lantern's for choosing duty over going out and partying. After he has managed to antagonize all seven of the other Green Lantern's, Guy leaves. But he does not go very far!! Meanwhile, at a Hollywood party, (with Sting...or is it John Constantine?? And Elvira in attendance) Guy's ex-girlfriend, the psychic Kari Limbo, has a sudden premonition about Guy, and races out of the party. Outside the Citadel, Guy asks his ring for a drink --one that will mix with water and come out tasteless-- to get everybody in that Citadel drunk on their butts!! Read more...
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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 13:00
rob glWelcome back to Part 3 of Getting to Know Your ENR Crew. This week Rob Richardson got the nod and ran with it. Rob is one of my best friends, we are mates. Our sons were born on the same day, we are both big fans of  SCI-FI when in doubt I give Rob a jingle. Rob is a writer even when he is not doing it for ENR and is on his way to becoming the next rising star in the medium. He is always looking forward to what comes next, he never looks back unless it is to make a comparison and deals with a debilitating problem every hour of his life. He also is one of my heroes and as funny as it seems I cannot wait until the day I actually meet my brother from across the pond. Here is his interview.   Read more...
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