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Thursday, 26 March 2015 11:21
In case you missed last time's episode of Arrow, here is a recap for you. Oliver Queen/Arrow and John Diggle managed to bring Malcolm Merlyn back to Starling City from Nanda Parbat alive after Oliver refused Ra's Al Ghul's offer to name him the next head of the League of Assassins. Unfortunately, Oliver started to wonder if his refusing to accept the offer was a bad decision when the League of Assassins leader's prediction of  the Arrow's tragic fate started to come true, especially with the part where Captain Quentin Lance of the Starling City Police Department ended up cutting ties with the Archer super-hero himself out of bitterness over his daughter Laurel's and the Arrow's decision to hide the truth about Laurel's sister Sara Lance's death from him. Read more...
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Thursday, 19 March 2015 11:12
Arrow the Offer Shot 3 In case you missed last time's episode of Arrow, here is a recap. Remember when Oliver and Thea Queen almost got killed by Slade Wilson? Well, Thea's bitterness over her father Malcolm Merlyn's nearly getting her killed as well as his drugging her (which caused her to kill Sara Lance) drove her to get him kidnapped by the League of Assassins. Good news: Team Arrow managed to take League of Assassins leader Ra's Al Ghul's daughter Nyssa as prisoner. Bad news: Thea started to suffer pains of guilt, and although Oliver and Diggle went to Nanda Parbat to rescue Malcolm from assassination by Ra's' army (hoping to save Thea from having to face the pain getting someone of her own family blood killed), Thea's pains got even worse, leading her to free Nyssa from her prison in the hope of the assassin executing her for killing Sara, even though it was not her fault. As for Oliver and Diggle, they got captured by the League of Assassins and placed in captivity. Now, we look at this week's Arrow adventure, "The Offer", but be warned as spoilers are contained in this commentary. Read more...
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Thursday, 26 February 2015 07:22
Nanda ParbatLast time on Arrow was one hell of a time of terror. As Oliver Queen/Arrow and his half-sister Thea were visiting the island Oliver was stranded on during his years before becoming the Hood, they were going through what was meant to be a test to determine if they could overcome their fears in time to be prepared for when they and Malcolm Merlyn face League of Assassins leader Ra' Al Ghul. Unfortunately, things would prove to be more dangerous than expected when they ended up becoming targets of Slade Wilson (also known as "Deathstroke"), whom Oliver had not seen since their fight in Starling City back in the season 2 finale. Read more...
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Thursday, 19 February 2015 09:03
10988537_889531154430388_6501187408506781330_nLast time on Arrow was another major moment in the show's ongoing story plot. As the Black Canary was finally leaving behind the events of the Brick war, the villain Vertigo made a comeback. That time, claiming the black-costumed heroine as a victim of his fear toxin, which caused her to see illusions of her sister Sara Lance (also known as "Canary") attacking her with a bitter and angry attitude, except of course it was Vertigo assaulting her in reality. Fortunately, Black Canary overcame her fear of angering her sister and about an attempt to take over her fighting spirit and learned to build her own fighting spirit in time to defeat the villain himself. Meanwhile, Oliver Queen faced another major moment in his life with family as he invited his half sister Thea to discover his double-life, which fortunately brought them closer together, but unfortunately resulted Thea's bitterness towards Malcolm Merlyn, who thought he did right by keeping Arrow's secret away from her after the Deathstroke terror in Starling City back in season 2. And now, we look at another major moment in Arrow's life in the Arrow episode "The Return". Read more...
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Thursday, 12 February 2015 10:31
Shot 1 for Arrow S3E13In the last three episodes of Arrow (the "Black Canary" trilogy that is), Team Arrow sought out to prove its capability of taking care of Starling City during Oliver Queen's/Arrow's absence from the town after his fight with Ra's Al Ghul. Eventually, a new super-heroine had begun: Black Canary. However, during the war with Brick and his gang, John Diggle, Roy Harper/Arsenal, Felicity Smoak, and Laurel Lance had their obstacles to face with Laurel as Black Canary struggling to prove her worth as a super-heroine as set backs in the battlefield caused the her pain of losing her sister Sara returned. Even Malcolm Merlyn had his obstacles when he tried to be the good guy as his daughter refused to leave town despite Ra's Al Ghul's upcoming arrival and much of Team Arrow voted to reject his offer to join forces with the team. Read more...
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Sunday, 25 January 2015 14:05
tte1001-preview1-df575It has been quite some time since I reviewed a DC comic book...YEARS, as a matter of fact! Possibly not since the New 52 began! So I figured it was time for a IS a new year, after all. And since I heard the wonderful team of Jeff Lemire, Terry Dodson and his wife, Rachel Dodson were on board for a brand new Earth One graphic novel, this time centering around a fresh take on the Teen Titans, was time to review a DC book. Now, I may be a huge Marvel fan, but I sure as heck love me some DC Comics as well (especially of the Bat variety), and it's time to stretch my legs and do a non-Marvel review, just 'cause. And Teen Titans is an interesting book to review as well, because well...I was NOT a big fan of the Titans growing up. Yes, even the Marv Wolfman/George Perez run that is so popular. I was just not exposed to the comic. Read more...
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Monday, 24 November 2014 11:00
arrow-logo-imgLast time on the American superhero television series Arrow was a time of major problems for two DC super-heroes: Arsenal and Wildcat. On Arsenal’s part, he was having trouble pulling himself together as he continued having images in his head of himself killing Canary, causing him to have trouble keeping his head in the crime-fighting game. Fortunately, The Arrow and Felicity Smoak tried to help the troubled super-hero with his issue, but while Felicity’s virtual autopsy on Canary got no full detail on who killed the super-heroine, The Arrow’s attempt to help Arsenal seemed to backfire as he too got no full answer on what exactly happened the night Canary died. As for Wildcat, he was framed for murder in his gym with The Arrow and Laurel Lance arguing over if he could be trusted or not, but the culprit was soon revealed and arrested. Now, we look at the episode “Draw Back Your Bow” in this weekly Arrow feature. Read more...
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Thursday, 09 October 2014 10:29
10517342_457790574358980_2896331422953117_oIn the American live-action superhero television series Arrow (which is based on the Green Arrow comic books published by DC Comics), we have seen Oliver Queen on a quest to perfect himself as a hero. The first season showed him as The Hood struggling to prove his worth as a hero to those who tried to help when the police force at Starling City did not trust him. Then season 2 had Oliver as The Arrow, already welcomed as a hero by the town’s civilians, facing a crisis where evil threatens everything he cared about, but he defeated it eventually. Now, as we enter Season 3 of the series, a new chapter of Oliver Queen’s life is about to begin. Anyway, welcome to the first edition of ENR’s Arrow column, and in this edition, we are looking at the season 3 premier episode, titled “The Calm”.   Read more...
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