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Sunday, 29 November -0001 19:00
From X to Z! Barely a year since its opening, Z Bookstore acquires and all its social media platforms effective August 1st, 2017. Launched seven years ago, the Expert Comics website has become one of the premium online shopping destinations in Canada for comic books enthusiasts. With an easy to use interface and a wide selection of products, geeks from coast to coast can fulfill all their hearts desires when it comes to entertainment. In a spirit of continuity, Z Bookstore will keep offering the same service to the clients of the site, old and new. The same juicy rebates and privileges will apply, both online and in-store. Additionally, a French section will be online soon as well, adding a variety of graphics novels in the language of the other solitude. Read more...
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Monday, 30 November 2015 20:49
Ventura, California, November 2015 - A new era begins in the online comic book store experience as eXpertComics unveils its completely purpose-designed, eCommerce website for all your devices with no app needed! eXpertComics offers the most advanced comic book purchasing and automated subscription pull-list service available online. Read more...
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 09:17
Yellow KnifeI've done so many of these "papercuts" over the past few years, but I gotta say it's strange to have to put one together for a project that I actually took a part in making! This is very surreal, but here we go! Yep, here's the first trailer for Yellow Knife: On The Edge, an upcoming minisode of Heroes of the North written by myself! Starring Mike Donis as Jason Blade/Yellow Knife, Devon "Hannibal" Nicholson, Saskia Klunder and a special cameo by Crimson herself, Bianca Beauchamp, this tale is about the newest member of Canada's premier superhero team dealing his own past while on a mission to save a kidnapped heiress! Check out this exclusive teaser, folks! Hope you enjoy! Read more...
Published in Movies & TV
Thursday, 21 August 2014 13:09
hotn 7 I am not Canadian, I have visited Canada a lot over the years and love what I have seen on both the west coast and east coast, but I am not Canadian. I mention this because today's review is as Canadian as it gets. It is about Canadians, created by Canadians, acted out by Canadians and produced by Canadians. The reason I bring all of this up is, by the time I am done with the review I don't want anyone saying he was just a Canadian writing about Canadians so what did you expect. What I am is a fan of the Super Hero genre, more exactly Super Hero comic admin-ajax.phpbooks.  For more years than I care to mention I have been as my buddy Dave Michaels would say "bleeding comics". Much like the rest of us who do to, I have been massively disappointed in some of the products that have come out of our favorite medium. Not this time. This Time I have Heroes of the North: Legacies. Many of you know Heroes of the North from their award winning web series. If you haven't seen it there will be links at the bottom of this review for you to access it. If you have you know why it is award winning. The reason is they flat out tell the most compelling Super Hero story on the web, and TV (Canadian). After conquering the net and TV they are now preparing to take over the four colored medium and with Legacies,  they made a good start. Legacies is a collection of over a dozen stories about the Heroes. Some are a few pages long some just one page. I will not be reviewing every story. Hopefully you trust me when I say they are all good, some just struck out more to me than others, and in the case of my favorite you will soon know why. With all of that said, lets get started. WARNING:  This book is not for kids under 16 due to violence and adult situations.   Read more...
Published in Comic Book Reviews
Sunday, 27 July 2014 09:08
DecepticonsRobotix Has A Dark Spark We never need much of a reason to celebrate here at eXpertComics but this year marks a very special birthday for Optimus Prime, Megatron and the rest of the Transformers – in 2014 the reach the big 3-0! Last week we gave you a list of our top ten Autobots, with Optimus Prime proving that you can’t keep a Big Rig down and being crowned our favourite good guy of time. This week, it’s the turn of the Decepticons. They’re all about guns, jets and being ruthless so let’s get started before Megatron offers me up to the gladiatorial pits of Kaon! Please let us know if we featured your favourites and offer up ideas of your own in the comments section below! Read more...
Published in Pop Culture
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 13:04
dave 3This is part one of Getting to Know the ENR Crew. Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing each member of our awesome staff, giving you folks an inside view of what makes them tick, how they get their ideas and what makes them passionate about the four colored medium. First up is the original ENR columnist Dave "Bleeder King" Michaels. He is one of the most inventive guys around and a true pleasure to hang with. If you think his columns are funny you need to talk to him in person. He is part of the core that makes ENR run and without him we would all be lost. But Dave is so much more! The guy is his own comic book character! Is in Heroes of the North! Is disabled, but you would never know talking to him, and is one of my heroes in life!  This is my interview with him.   Read more...
Published in Interviews
Friday, 13 September 2013 09:04
expert 2You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know where to go this weekend for the biggest Geek party on the planet ! Montreal Comic Con! ENR News will be there, our parent company will be there, and Dave "The Bleeder King" Michaels will be in the HOUSE! Come see all the cosplay, new toys, new books, and all the discounts you would ever want right out our booth! Don't walk, run to the Montreal Comic Con! Read more...
Sunday, 04 August 2013 09:45
MARVEL LOGOAs we here at ENR News have been saying for awhile, Infinity is coming! Well now it's here and once again Marvel has given us some really great pictures to show you what Infinity is going to be about. Billed as all the Avengers of the Universe teaming with some of their greatest foes to take on an unstoppable evil, this looks to be the crossover to end all crossovers. We have shown you all the sneak peeks, so you tell us what you think. Is this the crossover that can't be ignored or are you waiting on the TPB? Read more...
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