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Thursday, 22 August 2013 06:51
MARVEL LOGOWe have covered ABC TV and Marvels joint venture for the Once Upon a Time comic book series before, but we never had this many lettered pictures! Not to mention that this series debuts in less than three weeks! Shadow of the Queen is plotted by the series creator and producer Daniel T. Craig and he is going to lengths to make sure it stays true to the material! Check out the press release below and the fantastic pictures! You can't start a really good story without Once Upon a Time! Read more...
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 11:10
MARVEL LOGOWe here at ENR News reported on this a few weeks ago, but with the pictures now coming out of the House of Ideas we couldn't help but do it again! ABC and Marvel whose parent company is Disney are getting ready to release the first graphic novel on the wildly popular TV show. Fans have long expected some form of books coming from the House of Mouse and Marvel, but we're not sure anyone suspected it would come from the ABC side of the house. Take a look at these exclusive first pictures of Once Upon a Time: Queen of the Shadow and tell us what you think! Read more...
Published in Marvel Comics
Monday, 03 June 2013 12:11
marvel now logoWe have all been wondering when a Disney property would be hitting the shelves in a Marvel comic book. Well let the wondering end. Marvel and their parent company Disney are teaming up to gives us Once Upon a Time the graphic novel! If you are a fan of the show this looks to be right up your alley, if not it still looks pretty intriguing. The shows writer/producer Daniel T. Thomsen is doing the plotting with Corrina Bechko with the art provided byNimit Malavia, Vasilis Lolos, Mike Del Mundo, Mike Henderson and Michael Kaluta. Check out the press release and some art and let us know what you think! Read more...
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 15:58
g war leadThis is a special mid week reviewing for me and I will return this program to it's regularly scheduled slot next week. The reason for a "special review"  is two books came out besides the one I reviewed this week and both are number ones. That in itself is no reason to bring out the "special" but the return of one of my favorite series and a new version of another made this review a must do. Before we all go off on the deep end these are just my regular reviews, no gate fold screen shots, no 3D images, or holocards will be given away, I'm just reviewing two more books in one week. So what are the books that brought out my inner reviewer? Guardians of the Galaxy #1 and Star Wars Legacy #1. Light that candle! Warning: This WILL contain Spoilers!   Read more...
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