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7 Binge-Worthy Anime For Halloween Weekend

Written by  Published October 28, 2016 04:41
We genre fans are getting closer towards Halloween, and I am sure some of us have already worked out our lists on what to do in celebrating this year's Halloween. Plus, there is Halloween Comicfest happening on the last Saturday of this month, making the coming weekend officially Halloween weekend as it is the weekend right before Halloween itself. Not only are there a few horror movies to choose from to see in movie theaters this month, but there is also a line-up of free-to-access comic book items we can look forward to choosing from during this year's Halloween Comicfest, and I bet some of you are already enjoying the Halloween-themed episodes just released, including this year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode of The Simpsons.

Now, for those of you anime viewers out there as well as those new to anime, you are probably wondering about what anime series you should binge-watch in celebration of Halloween weekend. Looking at the list of what anime television series are currently running (including those available on legal-and-free-to-access streaming video websites), there does not seem to be much that center around horror/supernatural subjects, but if you are in the mood to binge-watch an anime series (on DVD/Blu-Ray or on whatever streaming video website it is legally available) this Halloween weekend, let your pal SHX provide you some suggestions as we at ENR continue celebrating the countdown to Halloween.

Devilman (1972)

 1 Devilman 1972By now, some of you should know of Go Nagai's famous supernatural superhero creation from seeing the crossover miniseries Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman. Whether or not you have seen it, maybe you are in the mood for a landmark superhero-meets-horror show of the 1970s where it is a human-possessing fights to save the world from...demonic forces.

Also, seeing that horror shows from decades do not appear to look as scary as today's own, maybe you want give this show a shot if you want a break from the very intense stuff of much of today's horror screen productions.


2 Hellsing

I remember seeing a few episodes of this animated series in an anime club room during my college years. Plus, the character designs for the monsters were as edgy as hell with so many settings depicted in dark shades and yes, gory moments were bound to turn up. Even Alucard, the protagonist of the show, had a very scary face himself. 

If you are a fan of Blade the Vampire Hunter (the famous protagonal vampire of Marvel Universe lore), Hellsing maybe the anime for you as it has vampires-versus-vampires scenario.


3 Bleach

Remember the 1980s movie Poltergeist? Well, thinking back to watching this this animated series based on the Shonen Jump manga serial of the same name, it was kinda' like fusion of that 1980s film itself and the currently running horror action television series Supernatural except that although the hero of the show (that is Ichigo Kurosaki) was a travelling bounty hunter with the ability to see the unsen spirits, it was actually more light-hearted in narrative tone than the two American productions combined with comic relief characters added to the fun of the animated series' adventure tale.

Sure Supernatural has its funny moments from time to time, but if you want an equal balance between drama and comedy within the horror action storyplot, Bleach is a must-watch except it is a very long animated series in terms of episode count, so to be on the sensible side during Halloween weekend, just choose any multipart storyline and binge-watch it.

Death Note

4 Death Note

This is practically the definitive horror-meets-physcholigical warfare anime production of this time. While it dealt with the horrying circumstances of its protogonist going too far in his crusade against crime and evil, it never shied away from functioning as a cautiionary tale about the tragedies of losing one's morale while featuring victims unexpectedly finding themselves brought to death's door by a magic notebook, and yes it involved demonic dieties.

Death Note is a kind of anime that should get you watching all the way to the end thanks to the anime series' protagonist Light Yagami's series of attempts to avoid capture by legal authority officials on a mission to gather information about the supernatural-caused killings.


When They Cry

5 When They Cry

While I have never seen this supernatural-themed murder-myster animated series, it is obvious that the trend of children as main characters in a horror story has been around since before this anime began.

Some of you may want a break from adult-aged hero-centric horror shows while craving for something co-starring cute little girls. If you're that kind of animation viewer and are feeling game for a murder-mystery story, When They Cry should be your cup of tea as it is famous for its combo of cute girls with horror scenarios.


Highschool of the Dead

6 Highschool of the Dead

This is another horror anime series I have never seen but heard of. But hey, some of you are in the mood for a zombie story during Halloween weekend. Right? Basically, it is about high school kids in a war with zombies. Therefore, you can think of it as like an animated version of the famous American horror comic book series The Walking Dead set in a high school setting. I recommend you watch this if you like zombie thrillers, high school drama, and strong-and-powerful female characters (and yes, one of the main characters is a kendo expert), and if you are living in a nation where access is not prohibited by law of course (those living in China won't be lucky).

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

7 Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I mentioned of this anime series multiple times here at ENR (and no, I never get tired of doing so). This series is worthy of a place in this list of binge-watching suggestions as it expanded on the trope of the burden of superhero life in ways that built a well-crafted superheroine-meets-horror tale of unwanted consequences of getting involved in a fight against supernatural evil from the cosmos.

Thinking back, it was not afraid to combine cute with terrifying, something you don't see in American horror shows often, and you can say that the anime's superheroines' mascot Kyubey brought entertainment value to the show with a combination of cute looks and twisted unthordox intentions.



While I may not know a huge amount of horror/supernatural anime titles, I hope this list of suggestions is of help for those of you wanting to do some anime-binge watching this Halloween weekend but do not know exactly what to watch, and if any of you have anime series titles in mind other than what I listed that you feel animation viewers should binge-watch when celebrating halloween weekend, feel free to mention them in comment box attached to this column post. Thanks for reading, see you next time, and enjoy Halloween.

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