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2017 Preview - Exciting Comics, TV And Movies In The Coming Year

Written by  Published January 27, 2017 03:24
A time ago, I took the time to get you readers excited for 2017 by revealing a number of female-led anime coming out in the winter anime season of the year, which already started. Hopefully, you are finding what you anticipated to see. Well, enough of anime. It is time to turn our attention to American science-fiction. No year of entertainment is ever exciting without anything to offer from one of the greatest genres in all media. This year however, the fun begins in February, thus my reason for not starting this a few weeks ago. So without further ado, I reveal in what will be my final column for ENR, 12 things from American sci-fi that are bound to make 2017 super for all you genre fans out there. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. Engage!

1) Justice League of America: Rebirth

1 Justice League of America Rebirth

Every super-hero of the DC Universe saga has his/her share of major developments, and Bruce Wayne/Batman is no exception. Funny thing is every year gives us another major moment in Batman's in-story history, and this year, the world will witness another major moment in the famous dark knight's career of superheroics as this upcoming comic book one-shot will see him put together a roster for the Justice League of America no one thought would be that includes members of the villain group known as the "Suicide Squad".

I didn't think Batman would go that far, but hey, it is the New 52's Earth 0 where things do not need to necessarily mirror the environment of any of the previous mainstream DC Universes. It will be interesting to see the challenges that awaits for this new roster of members.


2) Highlander: American Dream

2 Highlander American Dream

I know have not seen anything of the Highlander franchise except for the animated series, but I think fans of this will be excited to know that there will be a comic book miniseries from IDW Publishing to narrate the origins of the original Highlander, a tale said to be have never been told in any Highlander film.


3) Logan

3 Logan

As much as I enjoyed Hugh Jackman's Logan/Wolverine performances in the past, all good things must come to an end. While this will be his last performance as the famous comic book mutant superhero himself, I have a feeling this will lead in to another grand era of Wolverine on film, especially when his clone Laura Kinney (best known by some of you readers as "X-23") will finally get her first live-action screen production appearance in this film.

Will Logan survive in the end? I don't know, but I have faith that Logan and Laura, who meet for the first time in this X-Men film, will keep the transition to the next phase of X-Men films just fine, especially when the X-Men films are never too short in character development anyway.


4) Ghost in the Shell (U.S. live-action film)

4 Ghost in the Shell U.S. Movie

This year will mark the first time Ghost in the Shell logs into the realm of live-action screen production storytelling, although it the first live-action GITS will be an American-produced film.

The heroine of this film (played by Scarlet Johanssen) may not be synonomous of Motoko Kusanagi despite being called "The Major" (as indicated by the film's producer), the heroine of the various other versions of Ghost in the Shell, but judging the trailers, this looks promising in terms capturing the visual likenesses of the characters fans are familiar with. Here is hoping this is a critically and commercially successful manga-into-live-action movie as Hollywood seems to be in a rough ride with its live-action versions of anime/manga properties for so long.

5) Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider

5 Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider

I have not seen a version of Ben Reilly in comic print since Dan Slott's "Spiderverse", and although I have not read any issues of The Clone Conspiracy, I am happy to hear that Ben Reilly of Earth-616 (the core of official Marvel Multiverse) is getting his own solo comic again, especially when there can never be too much spider-themed super-heroes living in one Marvel Universe; the more, the merrier.

Plus, I see potential for Ben can be a stand-in for Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man to look after New York while Peter's away somewhere in the universe. After all, he's a Peter Parker clone who shares his abilities. It's a shame that Peter Parker clone Kaine Parker's comic book series did not last long.


6) Titan Comics' Robotech

6 Titan Comics Robotech

While Titan Comics has yet to provide a full launch date for its Robotech comic book series, it is good to know that newcomers will have a chance to experience one of the greatest American sci-fi sagas of all time at a cheap price per issue.

Sure the original Robotech televsion series was edited from unrelated giant robot-themed anime series with name alterations and script changes to ensure continuity consistency, but who could resist the complex dramatic narrative kept intact in Robotech along with big transforming robots and gigantic space warships to come along with it?


7) Wonder Woman (2017 Film)

7 Wonder Woman 2017 Movie

There has been a number of films in the past that feature Wonder Woman as a main character, but this year will be special as this year's live-action Wonder Woman solo film will be the first one for the cinemas.

Also, this will be a break from the current trend of re-interpreting origins of DC super-heroes for the big screen as it will take a time setting from years ago in history and place Diana's early adventures as Wonder Woman there as opposed to grounding her superheroic beginnings in the present.


8) Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken

8 Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken

Once upon a time, the original Star Trek series prsented an episode that introduced the Terran Empire, an evil alternate universe version of the United Federation of Planets as well as that Empire's counterparts to the show's protagonists. Then Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise expanded on the Terran Empire's in-story history further by introducing Terran Empire counterparts of their respective protagonists.

Now, IDW Publishing is on its way to launching a comic book miniseries that will narrate a tale never told in any Star Trek screen production..the tale of the Terran Empire's counterparts to the protagonists of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It may not relate to Star Trek canon, but it should be a fun ride.


9) Spider-Man: Homecoming

9 Spider Man Homecoming

While I hated that Sony Pictures abandoned ship in terms of plans to pick up from where The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), this no doubt has a spot in this list as things are starting to feel more like a comic book/cartoon world visualized by live-action screen production techniques than ever. Did you see the way Spidey's eyes moved in the trailer? Even his trademark colors feel a bit brighter than before. And yes, it will be released not too long after the 55th anniversary of the iconic webslinger's first appearance.

I have a feeling that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios will do great in their part celebrating the anniversary itself. Anyway, make sure you look out for the upcoming 2-issue comic book miniseries prelude tothe film before you watch it.


10) Star Trek: Discovery

10 Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Enterprise told the tale of the crew of a starship Enterprise in service before the establishment of the United Federation of Planets, thus prequelizing the original Star Trek. Now, the franchise is about to unleash a new Prime timeline-set chapter to explore the bridge between Star Trek: Enterprise and the original Star Trek.

This time, telling the story from the executive officer's point-of-view as opposed to the commanding officer's own while introducing new characters, new species, and new starships. Although a full launch has yet to be told, this is something to make 2017 a memorable year for all Star Trek fans (both old and new).


11) War of the Planet of the Apes

11 War for the Planet of the Apes

After a few years, the apes are coming back in the cinematic spotlight with another chapter of the human-versus-apes war tale that began in 2011's Planets of the Apes. Well, humans can't have all the fun in being the focus of an Earth-set sci-fi film. Do I need to say more?


12) Justice League Part 1

12 Justice League Part 1

The live-action DC movie experience DC Universe fans have been waiting for for a long time. While it sucked to see Superman's downfall in Batman v. Superman - Dawn of Justice, the fact that this upcoming film will be a departure from the dark and depressing tone of that infamous DC Extended Universe film according to Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DCEU film series) should cheer us up enough to help us appreciate as much as many appreciate Arrow and others television series that share its continuity.

Finally, we are going to witness Batman and Wonder Woman form an all-star time of major DC Universe heroes on the big screen, and here is hoping it is so big of a critical and commercial success that the team expands further in part 2.


I hope any of what I listed is what you are looking forward to enjoying, and I'm sure you itching for news on merch related to some of the upcoming films and television series I mentioned in this column. I know I am looking forward to hearing news of merch related to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Star Trek: Discovery respectively in the coming months, and if i have to say which will be 2017's biggest moment in American sci-fi , it's Star Trek: Discovery because come on, Star Trek's comeback to the small screen means the return to what started this grand age of genre fandom and optimism for a happy society of diversity in all sorts of ways. I bet without Star Trek, none of us us would be here celebrating what we love enjoy.

I thank the rest of ENR for my time serving you, and of course, I thank you the readers for tuning in to reading the various features i enjoyed doing myself during my time at ENR. So, take care, and may the awesomeness in genre entertainment be with you always. Live long and prosper.

Last modified on Friday, 27 January 2017 18:03
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