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It shouldn’t have taken this long. Wonder Woman, the first full-fledged female superhero, created in 1942 by Charles Moulton Marston (also the creator of the polygraph test, in case you didn’t know) and H.G. Peter and maybe one of the most recognized comic book icons in history should have gotten a live action, full-length, wide released film adaptation DECADES ago. But perhaps the world was not ready. Perhaps female-led superhero movie flops like Catwoman and Elektra held things back. But... Read more...
"Six men...playing a deadly game of cat and mouse...with a machine that wants to kill them. "Yes, it is that famous (infamous?!) 1974 made-for-TV movie (back when that actually MEANT something) KILLDOZER!! I watched "Killdozer" last week for the very first time. I had heard about the film of course, but I had never had both the chance and inclination to watch it before. For the benefit of my readers, I will give you all a short synopsis of the movie. If you have NOT seen the film and maybe... Read more...

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X-Men: Apocalypse Is A Thrilling Miss-terpiece
Every year I run into a film like X-Men: Apocalypse, the latest Fox presentation of Marvel’s beloved mutants. I will explain what I mean in the conclusion, but first I wanted to discuss the film and its highs and lows. The film opened to respectable box office on the Memorial Day holiday weekend... Read more...
Captain America: Civil War Is A Marvelous Masterpiece
Sometimes I think it’s not even right for me to write reviews on Marvel Studios’ movies. What can I say? I’ve never received one paycheck from the company, and I feel something of a “company man”. I’ve grown up adoring the Marvel Universe and its characters. You can’t look in any direction in my... Read more...
Batman v. Superman Scores High With Batman And Wonder Woman...Not Much Else!
A die hard Batman Fangirl reviews the Man of Steel sequel, where there really isn’t much of Man of Steel. Spoilers ahoy! Seriously. Read more...
Deadpool Is Everything We Ever Wanted And More
Holy crap on toast! I think when we collectively laid eyes on the costume and then the trailer for the Deadpool movie we had a pretty good idea we were getting something good. The travesty that was the final 15 minutes of X-Men Origins: Wolverine would be rectified, finally. Read more...
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