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It's been a long while since I have sat in front of my keyboard and did this and all I can say is spell check is wonderful. Enough of that though. It is well documented (by me), that I am not what anyone would call a gamer. For the most part I am satisfied with Mario Kart and the like. Read more...

2014 Top 50 Comics and December Stats

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 14:25
hq leadThis column is going to be just a tad wonky this month. You see I had to make a decision on whether to write two columns about the comic book industry or three. I love to do these columns, but I also (just like you I think) get tired of the same thing time and time again. So what it amounted to was I could do a December Top 20 list or a 2014 Top 20 list. I went with 2014. I decided this mainly on the fact that I could combine the December stats with the column and then just move on to January later on in the week. What all this means is I will still have all that stat goodness and I will have the Top 10 list from December for comics, but the big list this... Read more...

Where Have All the Good Times Gone

Monday, 09 February 2015 11:58
 Way back in the stone age of 1982 a little rock group (hard rock group) called Van Halen put out an album called Diver Down which had a cover of the Kinks song "Where Have All The Good Times Gone". The Kinks put it on a B-side (if you don't know what that is Google it, if you do, then you know it didn't fair well). None the less it ha become an anthem whether by the Kinks or Van Halen and it truly fits the mood I am in as I write this.   Read more...

The Flash | Crazy For You

Thursday, 05 February 2015 11:57
So I'm Faster Than A Speeding Bullet The-Flash-TV-Series-LogoSo Far On The Flash: We have had it all since the return what with Reverse Flash, Captain Cold and what not it seems the second half of the first season is getting ready to rip the roof of the joint. Last week we had Hartley Rathaway as Pied Piper and he was the perfect jerk. Is that too tough on him? Nope he wa the perfect jerk. We had some character scenes which were done very well for a show with just almost a dozen episodes and we had our madatory Barry chases Iris around that is just getting annoying. Harrison Wells lives large, doesn't need the suit to be fast,... Read more...

2015 Cape Movie Preview

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 12:04
avegComic books, their respective TV shows and movies have come a long way since I was a kid. Sure we had George Reeves Superman, the Lone Ranger (he was a Superhero admit it), Batman 66, and cartoons when I was very young, and there have been shows like Hulk, Spider-Man, Superboy, and cartoons when I was still young, but they are nothing compared to what happens today. I still remember people standing up to clap when Christopher Reeve first appeared on screen as Superman, and as much as I didn't like Dolph Lundgren's Punisher I still went and saw it overseas, and then bought it on VHS. I also remember talking to all of my comic book friends at the times over the... Read more...
SHIELD-1-Coulson-Trivia-KingThere are very few secondary characters that have broken the glass ceiling of support to go main stream in comics. It happens all the time on TV where we see spin offs all the time. George Jefferson was nothing more than a supporting character on All in the Family, but became a star of his own show after just one season. Robin had his own book for a while, but Dick Greyson had to become Nightwing to make a title for himself. I say that because it does happen, some comic book support characters do sometimes get their own book. It is usually a sidekick, but hey even Jimmie Olson and Lois Lane had their... Read more...

Small Hero, Big Story | Ant Man #1 Review

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 12:03
ant-man-1_pg6I have always had a thing for the underdog and the little guy. When it comes to heroes Spider-Man has always been mine, but looking down that Top 10 heroes list it doesn't take long to find heroes of a smaller stature. In fact when I was a kid my favorite episodes of Super Friends were always the ones that had the Atom in them, and I spent a pretty penny more times than I care to count to buy older issues of the pint sized hero over the years. It wasn't always just the small hero from DC though. My favorite Avengers were of course Ant-Man and the Wasp. Yellow Jacket and the Wasp, not so much Giant Man but still the Wasp. There... Read more...
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