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With everyone talking about the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer that just hit, we at ENR have decided it would be fun to bring back #ThrowbackThursday! And this time it will be a look at Marvel toys and action figures from the 70's, 80's and 90's! Some of these you maybe didn't even know existed, but your parents or older siblings might! And some of them you might actually wish were still around! Enjoy! Read more...
Spider-Man vs. Batman & Robin: The MMA Fight | FPB Papercut
Ever wonder what would happen if Spider-Man got into a fight with Batman & Robin? Well, your dreams have come true. Sort of. Not really. It seems some MMA fighters overseas decided to put the debate to rest and donned costumes and well, had a match! The results are pretty humorous, if not... Read more...
Red Queen: Episode 1 | Fan Film Friday
Red Queen is a new Harley Quinn fan film series starring  and co-written by model/actress Sheridyn Fisher as a psychotic version of Joker's main squeeze! If you thought Harley was just a harmless fool in love, well, not in this fan film she ain't! And "she can't wait to work on you!" We get... Read more...
Biff's Question Song | FPB Papercut
What's it like to be Biff Tannen? Or rather, the guy that played Biff in the Back To The Future Trilogy? Well, Tom Wilson (who is a stand-up comedian as well) lets us know what his day-to-day life is like with this hilarious song that shows that it ain't easy being Biff! Enjoy! Read more...
Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia

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It's Tax Day in the US.  This is the last day you're able to file your taxes without getting into anymore trouble than you may already be in. How will you celebrate tax day? You could go out and take advantage of several businesses that are offering free food. Arby's is giving away snack... Read more...
Star Wars: Episode VII Fan Trailer | Fan Film Friday
We have it! The Star Wars: Episode VII trailer! Okay, not really. But on #FanFilmFriday, anything is possible! Using lots of great footage from various LucasArts video games, this fan put together a great trailer. We can only hope that the first Disney produced Star Wars film will look... Read more...
Amazing Spider-Baby Evian TV Ad | FPB Papercut
Have you been introduced to Spider-Baby yet? In this surreal TV ad for Evian water, we see the Amazing Spider-Man meet his mirror image, and it appears to be...a break dancing baby? Sure! Why not? We at ENR aren't sure exactly what this ad has to do with the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 or... Read more...
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