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Mr. Bronze Age's Adventures In Collecting - Issue #5

Written by  Published October 23, 2016 02:47
The last few times that I have written about my experiences in collecting, I wrote about the dark side of collecting. I wrote about bad times, missed opportunities and bad deals. This time around, I want to tell of two GREAT finds to take away the negativity of those stories somewhat.

X Sold for SlaughterTo begin with, I must point out that I am a huge collector of (amongst MANY other things) vintage TV tie-in books, both comics and novels from up to 1989. As such, I belong to many groups on Facebook that cover the things that I like. One is about Men's Adventure Novels of the 70's and 80's. These are mostly tough guy books and characters such as Mack Bolan and the Penetrator. As it turns out, one of the other group members lives only a few miles from me. And he had several books that I needed for my collection! AND he was willing to work a trade deal! So, we made arrangements to meet and swap books in the parking lot of a bookshop that we both frequent.

He was already there when I arrived. I quickly got out and (making sure that it was indeed him) I showed him the books that I had for trade. He opened the trunk of his car and showed me several stacks of vintage books. I went through them all and quickly pulled out and stacked several books that I wanted (it was with great reluctance that I forced myself to leave behind a stack of books that I already had in my collection). Ric was still going through my collection when I brought the stacks of books over to see if we could make an even swap. As it turned out, I had more books from his collection than he had chosen from mine. When I asked Ric about the disparity of the two stacks, he suggested that I could just "owe me the extra six books". That worked for me, so we shook hands and went our separate ways.

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Once I got home, I quickly reexamined the books that I now had added to my collection. There were great copies of awesome vintage shows! There were TWO Kojak novels (one of which, "Kojak #2 - Requiem For A Cop" became the first book from the collection that I read. It was a fantastic read). I also had two "The Young Rebels" novels, a "McCloud" novel, a couple of Carter Brown books "Space: 1999" an "I Spy" novel and MANY others! It was a big haul!! And while I have not found ALL of the books that I still owe Ric, I have found several that he has said via messages that he will accept on the tally. I should have him "paid off" before much longer!

And just last week, I was in a neighboring town and went to this nice family owned bookstore. The books were both vintage and very reasonably priced. I managed o grab a large stack in just a few minutes!! These books included a couple of Man From U.N.C.L.E books, a Gunsmoke novel, a Bonanza novel, two Avengers novels (of the John Steed/Emma Peel version) and even a great condition hardback Leave It To Beaver novel (I even found some books with which to pay Ric back)! 


My fellow book collectors know how rare it is to find even a few great books for their collection! Therefore, when you can get a good sized stack "In the wild" so to speak, it is a good feeling! I even put my books in plastic bags, just as I do my comic books and magazines!! I am reading a Doc Savage novel that I bought there now (It is Doc Savage #38 - Red Snow! It is excellent thus far)!

As always, I wish all of my readers many great finds!! 

Bryan Frazier

Bryan W. Frazier has been reading and collecting comic books for the past forty years! He has a love and fondness for the Vintage Comic Books, Comic Strips, Magazines, Books, Toys, TV Shows and Movies, and even radio shows  of the past (paying particular loving attention to the Pop Culture of the 70’s and 80’s! His personal “glory days”). He has two little poochies named Leyna and Layla, and an as yet unfinished novel  that he hope to turn into a series someday. His column is "Old School" and so is he!! He is Bryan W. Frazier -- Mr. Bronze Age!

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