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Deceitfully Deceptive | Top Ten Decepticons

Written by  Published July 27, 2014 09:08
Robotix Has A Dark Spark We never need much of a reason to celebrate here at eXpertComics but this year marks a very special birthday for Optimus Prime, Megatron and the rest of the Transformers – in 2014 the reach the big 3-0! Last week we gave you a list of our top ten Autobots, with Optimus Prime proving that you can’t keep a Big Rig down and being crowned our favourite good guy of time. This week, it’s the turn of the Decepticons. They’re all about guns, jets and being ruthless so let’s get started before Megatron offers me up to the gladiatorial pits of Kaon! Please let us know if we featured your favourites and offer up ideas of your own in the comments section below!

#10: Galvatron

“It is a pity you Autobots die so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction.”

Galvatron appeared in Transformers The Animated Movie as Unicron Galvatronreformatted the remains of Megatron in an attempt to make himself a loyal servant who would capture the Matrix of Leadership for him. In his most recent incarnation (IDW Comics), he is an ancient Cybertronian who escaped from the Dead Universe.

Regardless of his origin, Galvatron may be considered more powerful than Megatron but he is much less sane and has no scruples over sacrificing his fellow Deceptiocns in the name of conquest. Nice guy!


#9: Laserbeak

“Autobots have taken the bait!”

Suggested by DAMM

LaserbeakLaserbeak is one of the robots who work alongside Soundwave as part of his specialist espionage team. Transforming into a microcassette and landing in his master’s chest, Laserbeak’s natural form resembles a mechanical bird, sometimes likened to a condor or vulture.

Laserbeak is a lethal pet, one who also shows affection for the Decepticon leader, Megatron. He is utilised on many missions to locate Autobots and gather intelligence on their movements to gain the upper hand in the civil war.

#8 Astrotrain

”Jettison the weight or I’ll never make it to Cybertron.”

Suggested by Jason

Astrotrain is actually a triple-changer – a Transformer who has three different Astrotrainforms rather than two. He has a robot mode, a steam train mode and a space shuttle (which, at times, looks incredibly like a steam train with wings...).

He often acts as Decepticon transport and, indirectly, was responsible for the creation of Galvatron, Scourge and Cyclonus. After the Battle of Autobot City, Astrotrain fled with his comrades back to Cybertron and the “weight” - spoken of in the quote above – was actually the bodies of injured Decepticons who were later reformatted by Unicron.


#7: Devastator

“Nothing can withstand the might of Devastator!”

Devastator is a Combiner – a Decepticon who is made up of several other, smaller villains to create a gargantuan robot capable of massive amounts of destruction. Combiners are not as large as the Titans but are incredibly strong and powerful.

Devastator is comprised of Scrapper (a front end loader), Hook (a crane), Bonecrusher (a bulldozer), Scavenger (an excavator), Long Haul (a dump truck) and Mixmaster (a concrete mixer). He is much dumber when he comes together but he’s not called Devastator for no reason – so get out of the way!


#6: Rumble

“First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside.”

RumbleHere’s the second character that exists as one of Soundwave’s shock team. Rumble is a small Decepticon whose speciality is demolitions and destruction. Hardly the most subtle of characters, Rumble is a wise-cracking, pint-sized weapon of mass destruction.

Rumble can transform his arms into huge jack hammers that he uses to pound the ground and cause earthquakes and tidal waves. He is an expert fighter and is one of Megatron’s more dutiful recruits.


#5: Shockwave

“Clarity of thought before rashness of action.”

Suggested by Jason & Rob

Shockwave is probably one of my favourite Decepticons. He is ultimately more Shockwavesinister than most – including even the megalomaniacal Megatron. Shockwave is a scientist whose quest for knowledge knows no bounds or mercy. He is dedicated to the pursuit of logic and has a methodical way of thinking. Shockwave will meet his goals through torture, dissection and experimentation on his fellow Transformer.

He was left by Megatron to hold Cybertron when the Decepticons set off in pursuit of the fleeing Autobots. He used fear and terror tactics in order to manipulate the survivors of the war to his will. Malevolence and control in the name of scienc e is his modus operandi.


#4: Trypticon


TrypticonTrypticon is one of the largest Transformers. He doubles as the Decepticon command base and a gigantic, Tyrannosaurus Rex form. And he is amazingly powerful. So much so, he became the main target in the Autobot retaliation against their foes.

This left Trypticon damaged beyond repair but that was not the end of his story – the magnificent Deceptiocn was repurposed to be used as yet another valuable asset in Megatron’s army. He became the battleship Nemesis, the ship that would take the Decepticons on their voyage across the stars to Earth.

#3: Starscream

“I will rule the universe, even if i am the only one left in the universe.”

Suggested by Christopher & DAMM

Ambitious and cruel, Starscream makes no secret of his plans to usurp StarscreamMegatron and take over as the leader of the Decepticons. And, yet, he has somehow remained as Megatron’s second-in- command. Megatron cannot deny the effectiveness of Starscream and his air attack squadron, known as Seekers, who rule the skies with a deadly authority.

It is perhaps Starscream’s arrogance, intelligence and over-confidence that leave many Decepticons uninspired by him but the reason Megatron has him in such a high-ranking position is obvious – by keeping him close, he can despatch him on a whim.


#2: Megatron

“I would have waited an eternity for this. It’s over, Prime.”

Suggested by Christopher & Rob

MegatronMegatron is the leader of the Decepticons and one of the most dangerous creatures to have ever have been forged. Once a member of the lowest caste

system on Cybertron, he rose from oppression to fight in the illegal gladiatorial pits in Kaon. He became a hero to the downtrodden and used their support to call for political and social change among the Transformers. He caught the attention of a data clerk, Orion Pax, and the two came to be good friends.

That was until Orion discovered Megatron’s true motive – total control of Cybertron and domination over all its inhabitants.

The two became enemies and Orion Pax became Optimus Prime. Megatron’s quest for conquest was overtaken by his lust for revenge and he vowed never to rest until Optimus Prime had been wiped from the face of the universe for eternity.


#1: Soundwave

“As you command, Lord Megatron.”

Suggested by Dave, Christopher, Jason & Rob

And you thought it would be the big guy with the gun arm didn’t you? SoundwaveUndoubtedly favourite among the eXPressNewsTeam was Soundwave, the monotone-voiced, diligent, subservient, cassette recorder..

Acting officially as the Decepticons Chief Communications Officer, Soundwave’s speciality is subterfuge and deception. He is a master spy with a photographic memory and a true allegiance to the Decepticon cause.

He is supported by a team who transform in micro cassettes and slot inside his chest. Each has a different purpose and are as deadly as each other. They are Laserbeak, Rumble, Ravage, Ratbat, Buzzsaw, Frenzy, Slugfest and Overkill. He maintains a constant link with his allies and are the only Decepticons he ever truly trusts.


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