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Pop Culture

For a lot of people picking up a book from a new author, or just new to the reader, can be intimidating. It can be like going on a blind date. What will they talk about? What will they look like, what if we have nothing in common? Lucky for readers books are better than blind dates. You can take your time to get to know them slowly, if needed, or dive right in and get to know everything about them in hopes of a second date. Either way taking a chance on a new book is far less painless and you... Read more...
As always, yours truly was on the scene at Montreal City Hall today as the city's Mayor, Denis Coderre led the first round of guest announcements for the big Montreal Comiccon this year! And they did not dissapoint!  Read more...
Remembering The Gifts Of Christmas Past
Merry Christmas to my readers, friends and fellow co-workers for ENR! Last year, I talked of favorite Christmas presents of my happy childhood and the article seemed to go over well. So well, in fact, that I have decided to remember even more of those cherished gifts from my childhood! So without... Read more...
Mr. Bronze Age's Great Finds On Ebay
Every so often, collectors get lucky enough to stumble upon a great deal or a special item that they never thought that they would possess. Or an item that they did not even know existed! That is the fantastic feeling of discovering a great find! I have managed to have this experience several... Read more...
A Mr. Bronze Age Thanksgiving Adventure
 It is the day before Thanksgiving as I write this column. Thanksgiving "Eve", if you will. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! What I relate here is of a very memorable Thanksgiving Eve. It also just happens to have been thirty years ago today! Read more...
Mr. Bronze Age's Adventures In Collecting - Issue #5
The last few times that I have written about my experiences in collecting, I wrote about the dark side of collecting. I wrote about bad times, missed opportunities and bad deals. This time around, I want to tell of two GREAT finds to take away the negativity of those stories somewhat. Read more...
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