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Casting An All-Canadian Star Trek

Written by  Published July 16, 2016 12:51
2016 is sure looking to be a big year year for one of America's most famous sci-fi media properties. First, IDW Publishing ran a four-part storyline in its ongoing Star Trek comic book series, exapanding on the history of Spock's prime reality version after the events in 2009's Star Trek movie. Then it started a two-parter in the same series featuring an encounter between the two alternate reality versions of the NCC-1701 crew. Meanwhile, IDW is getting ready to release comic book series Star Trek: New Visions' adaptation of the first Star trek television episode ever filmed (Star Trek - The Original Series' first pilot episode "The Cage" that is) as well as having already announced the coming of Star Trek: Waypoint, a comic book miniseries celebrating the various eras of the Star Trek universe. And let's not forget about Star Trek Beyond, the 3rd installment of the Nu Star Trek film series (and the 13th canonical Star Trek movie produced so far), coming to movie theaters this month with CBS Studios (co-owner of the Star Trek franchise) currently in the process of making the upcoming 2017 CBS All Access Star Trek webseries.

It seems like Star Trek, like some media franchises, has not yet gotten an authorized screen production version produced anywhere outside of its country of origin. But suppose CBS Studios decides to look for a non-American film studio interested in producing its own screen version of Star Trek in the future? I for one would like to see other countries get their shot in producing alternate authorized television series takes on the five-year of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, the premise of the original Star Trek series (not counting the pilots). So here at ENR, I celebrate the countdown to the 50th birthday of the Star Trek franchise (to happen on September 8) by presenting a fun treat for you Star Trek fans: my ideal cast to play the crew of the starship Enterprise for a Canadian sitcom remake of the original Star Trek. For those of you thinking, "Star Trek needs to stay American at all times", you are welcome to beam out of this page, but if any of you readers are curious about what I am about to reveal to you and can tolerate the foreign remake/adaptation trend, then strap on your belts for a ride you are about enter. Warp speed ahead!

Jim Carrey as James T. Kirk

1 Jim Carrey as Kirk

We have not seen much of this funny man on since the release of the Marvel hero-based film Kick-Ass 2, but he is no stranger to Star Trek. After all, he did play this iconic fictional starship commander in a sketch for the American sketch comedy show In Living Color.

The sketch may not be part of Star Trek canon, but Jim did a fine job at it. If you ask me, I think he could deliver more to this iconic role if he was cast in it for a Canadian Star Trek show, both in terms of light-hearted fun and in terms of dark-and-edgy drama (even to turn Kirk into a vengeful murderous anti-hero), and yes Kirk is a cowboy-like rebel not afraid to sometimes cross certain lines in times of extreme crisis as proven in Star Trek into Darkness (at least, that's the case of the character's Kelvin reality version anyway).


Brett Butt as Spock

2 Brett Butt as Spock

in case some of you do not know Brett Butt, he starred as gas station proprietor Brett Leroy sitcom Corner Gas, the sitcom about townspeople living in dog River, Sakatchewan. Thinking back, Brett is one of those actors who hardly ever smiles when playing a role on the small screen, and when he does, it comes off looking creepy.

Heck, the almost-always emotionless Spock looks creepy when he smiles. Anyway this Canadian screen actor may not resemble Zachary Quinto or even the original Spock actor Leonard Nimoy himself (may he rest in peace), but the way he handles facial expressions on the screen would make him a good Spock should he be included in the cast of Canadian Star Trek.


Laura Vandervoort as Janice Rand

3 Laura Vandervoort as Rand

Yeoman Janice Rand might not gotten much to do during the course of the original Star Trek series' run (she only appeared in eight season 1 episodes), but it would be a no brainer to leave out this fictional yeoman of the story if the starship Enterprise's five-year mission if the show got remade in any way; she's as much of a major role in any episode as Uhura (the original Star Trek's "The Enemy Within" anyone?).

Laura Vandervoort of Smallville fame ampd her charm as an actress when she went from playing a supporting role on Smallville to playing the heroine on the horror drama T.V. series Bitten. I would like to see more exposure of this fictional starship yeoman in future Star Trek screen productions, and if Laura Vandervoort could handle a lot of scenes of action and drama as lead actress in Bitten, I think this natural long-haired blonde could do the same in the role of Janice Rand.


Seth Rogen as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott

4 Seth Rogen as Scotty

Believe it or not, Scotty was played by a Canadian actor for production of the original Star Trek series despite being a fictional Scott, no controversy there. Why Seth Rogen you may ask?

This Canadian comedy actor never shies from playing someone with a penchant for geting high on drugs and/or alcohol (think to the Christmas-themed comedy film The Night Before for instance), and Scotty has a thing for drinking an alcoholic beverage as shown in the original star Trek's "By Any Other Name". Having Seth Rogen could bring a bigger edge to the comedic drunkiness of this fictional chief engineer, hypening up the comedic side of Star Trek itself.


Russell Peters as Nyota Uhura

5 Russell Peters as Uhura

You are probably wondering, "Why this Indian-Canadian comedian playing Uhura"? Well, to be fair, black people shares a visual appearance commonality with Island Pacificers according to science. Also, this Grumpy Cat film actor, being an actor who can entertain without action part experience, could play this iconic communications officer who normally spends her time on screen just delivering lines, thus performing a gender-bender that could no in way affect the character's essence, and it could not hurt having a person of Indian descent play this character of African origin. Could it? I mean, Peters could always practice African music dreams for the character's singing shots.

Besides, I think a gender-bender Uhura would erase the whole allegation about Kirk not wanting any man but he getting it on with her. it just would need a change of given for the gender-bender to work.

Kristen Kreuk as Hikaru W. Sulu

6 Kristen Kreuk as Sulu

Some of you Superman fans by now should remember this Chinese-Canadian for her performace as Clark Kent love interest Lana Lang in the american sci-fi television series Smallville. This actress may not share the same national descent as this fictional chief helmsman, who is of Japanese decent, but since this originated to represent Asian ethnicity (the actresses's ethicity) aboard the Enterprise with Hikaru being a unisex Japanese given name, having Kreuk in the role would constitute a perfect balance between gender-bender and honoring the character's essence.

Plus, if she could pull it off in delivering a bikini-clad eye-candy shot on Smallville, I think she could pull it off in delivering a comedic bikini-clad fencing scene paying homage to George Takei's shirtless Sulu performance in the original Star Trek series' "The Naked Time".


Tricia Helfer as Christine Chapel

7 Tricia Helfer as Chapel

it is a bummer that no version of this fictional nurse was shown on screen in any of the installments of nu Star Trek, although she was briefly mentioned in the first one.

Anyway, those of you who are fans of Battlestar Galactica would already have known Canadian actress Tricia Helfer for her performance as the sexy evil lady Number Six in the 2003 T.V. miniseries reboot and its 2004 television series sequel, and while fans of Star trek would know nurse Chapel in part for her romantic interest in Spock, I think Helfer, being a fashion model herself, could add something sexy to this role, even in terms of amping the character's game in seducing Spock (example: trying to excite Spock with her bikini modeling talents in attempt to spice up his birthday) while still honoring the character's positive personality as a starship officer.

Justin Bieber as Pavel. A Chekov

8 Justin Bieber as Chekov

No disrespect to Walter Koenig (the original Star Trek) or even the late Anton Yelchin, but I have to admit that this "bad boy" Canadian singer not only has the skinny guy physique of this fictional odd-man-out starship navigator, but he also has his natural hair color. Heck, Bieber's hairdo used to look Beatles-esque in the earlier years of his singing career.

And yes, Chekov is a delinquent as implied by Kirk in the original Star trek's "The Trouble With Tribbles". Therefore, it could not be hard for Justin Bieber to play out the delinquency of Chekov on the screen, even to goes as far as to model this navigator after Bieber in terms of mannerisms. Whoever says a white Canadian actor is incapable of using any non-American English-speaking accents while acting? Well, no one, so we can all take it into good humor.

Erica Durance as M'Ress

9 Erica Durance as MRess

Erica Durance may not have appeared in any sci-fi or fantasy screen production since Smallville ended its run, but she still has the acting magic.

While her acting voice could well be a fit for the cartoons even for comedic-type gals, this sexy long-haired actress sports the natural color of the feline communications officer seen in Star Trek: The Animated Series (the animated sequel of the original Star Trek). Durance would just need bodypaint makeup, fake cat ears, and a fake tail, and she'd be all good. Erica Durance would be a purr-fect fit for the role of M'Ress.


John Dunsworth as Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy

10 John Dunsworth as McCoy

You think I'd leave out Dr. McCoy? No way. If you are a fan of the hit Canadian sitcom Trailer Park Boys (which is about to a new season coming to Netflix), chances are you know the antagonal trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey, who is a total stern and drunk moron with an in-your-face attitude.

McCoy, for one, is a country doctor (and a bartender too), and ain't afraid to show his in-your-face attitude towards Spock. Both McCoy and Jim Lahey have an alcohol element, and having Dunsworth play this fictional starship chief surgeon would not only make the character's middle-age state believable, but also hypen up the character's sternerness even to the point of performing intense scenes of both argument, comical violence, and profanity involving both McCoy and Spock with the possibility McCoy getting more waisted on drugs than he was in the original Star Trek's "The City of the Edge of Forver" for the sake of laughs even in attempt at a throwback to the Jim Lahey. John Dunsworth knows how to play a man getting high on screen, thus could do no injustice to this.


Do you think these actors and actresses have what it takes to play the crew of one most famous starships ever featured in science-fictiion or do you think their performances might spell total disaster? Also, if a Canadian sitcom version of Star Trek - The Original Series came to fruit with authorization from CBS Studios, do you think would the surviving cast of the legendary 1960s T.V. series (william "Bil" shatner for example) take it to good humor or be turned off even to the point of boycotting it after watching a few eisodes? Anyway, If you like the suggestions discussed, that is awesome, but if you feel you have better Canadian actor/actress suggestions for the Enterprise crewmember roles, feel free to mention them in the comment box.

Thanks for reading, see you next time, and look out for Star Trek Beyond when it arrives at your nearby movie theater. Live long and prosper, everybody!

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