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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review – Holding Onto Darkness

Written by  Published September 28, 2016 04:15
So, in case you missed Agents last week, well, it was probably the coolest season premiere for the show yet! We got introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Daisy Johnson has distanced herself from S.H.I.E.L.D. to hunt down the remaining Watchdogs, May possibly got possessed by some apparition, and there is now a mysterious new director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Check out last week’s review HERE, if you missed it.


Agents of SHIELD 4x02 Meet the New Boss 4 900x500

So this week answered a lot of questions I had from last week! The biggest one is the big reveal of the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Turns out after all of my possible suspects from last week, it was the final one that was reality. A totally new character is introduced to the MCU! And likely he is one with some serious ties to Captain America.

We are introduced to a very happy, smiling, perfect...almost TOO nice man simply referred to as “Jeffrey”. May and Coulson meet him to discuss current events, including not apprehending Daisy just yet. Jeffrey seems too cool for school, and after being betrayed by everyone from Grant Ward to John Garrett to Jasper Sitwell to even Daisy herself...we have learned not to trust anyone at this point. Jeffrey reminded me immediately of Mitt Romney to be honest. Too handsome, too fit, too nice, too perfect to have actual good intentions. And perhaps far too much of a naive “Pollyanna” type to be put in such an important job as running an international spy agency. That was my first impression of him.

Because see, remember that ghostly mist that May inhaled and made her see Coulson as a skull-faced ghoul last week? Well, whatever it was seriously got to her brain and she ended up attacking her students as well as Coulson who tried to calm her down. “The Cavalry” in this manic state literally took out an entire room of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Who finally put her down for the count? JEFFREY. Turns out he is an Inhuman! With seemingly super strength and invulnerability. All of the sudden, everything is beginning to make sense.


Turns out this was all Coulson’s idea. With Steve Rogers gone AWOL and seemingly retired as Captain America (for now), Phil decided a new “patriotic” figurehead was needed to replace him. S.H.I.E.L.D. is about to go public once again and someone with a warm smile, muscles and a jaw that would make Buzz Lightyear blush should be in charge. Fans are speculating that "Jeffrey” is actually Jeff Mace, a character from the comics created by Ray Gill and George Mandell back in the Timely Comics days. He was the original Patriot and was part of the Liberty Legion and the All-Winners Squad. He had no real superpowers and was not an Inhuman, but he did shortly take over the role of Captain America for a short time, so I get what they are doing here. His comic back story gave me a bit of ease in Jeffrey’s allegiance, but hey...if Ward can go bad, anyone can. The most disturbing thing is that even though his position was Coulson’s idea, Jeff is keeping him out of the loop of certain things.

We got a lot more info on the apparition as well. Turns out I was wrong, she was not “possessing” people, but instead this mist she emits seems to make humans see people with creepy ghoulish faces...making them lose their minds in the process.

It seems that there is not only one either. The containers that the gangs last week were transporting were each containing a different “ghost”, if that’s what they really are. They seem to have been MADE this way by someone. And this is where it gets VERY good. The ghosts are searching for THE DARKHOLD to reverse the process.

3456501 darkhold2

Now, for those that don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, The Darkhold is one of the most important mystical items in all of the Marvel Universe. Normally it is in the possession of Doctor Strange and kept safe in the Sanctum Santorum, this book is also known as “The Book of Sins” and is responsible for creating most of the common monsters and curses in human existence, including vampires, zombies and werewolves! You have no idea how awesome it is that they have introduced this supernatural element to the show!!!

This really has me guessing as to who is turning people into apparitions. It could be Modred The Mystic, Baron Blood, could be Dracula! What if it was Dracula?! I would have to quit doing AoS reviews because I would be too overcome with emotion at that point. It can’t be Dracula. Shut up, Dave. At any rate, this was all a great way to tie in with Marvel’s next big studio release!

After finding out the identity of Ghost Rider, Daisy once again confronts Robbie and tries to reason with him, Inhuman to Inhuman...only...he’s not an Inhuman at all. When he tells her he is transformed into a supernatural vengeance demon whenever innocent blood is spilled and was turned that way when he sold his soul to “the devil”...well, she thinks he’s crazy. Obviously. Because being half alien and having earthquake powers is much more logical. Nonetheless, the two heroes realize they are on the same side, and decide to team-up to stop The Watchdogs and the gangs they have allied themselves with (which is apparently all of them, from the Chinese Triads to Neo-Nazis). I actually think there could be a pending romantic relationship between Daisy and Robbie. Time will tell.


At the same time, Mack and Fitz are investigating the same case, and end up taking on the ghosts (named Lucy and Hugo). Mack is using his “axe-gun” all the time now. Which is fine because it certainly looks like it could do damage...but is absolutely ineffective against incorporeal foes. They are getting their butts whooped until Daisy and Robbie show up. It seems Ghost Rider can easily defeat ghosts, but seemingly kills them in the process. Will we ever know who did this to them now? Will we even SEE the Darkhold?! I really hope so.

Mack, Fitz and Daisy are reunited, but it’s not that happy of a reunion. Trying to figure out WHY Daisy left and won’t come back is infuriating to Leo, because they are more than teammates, they are family. And Daisy turned her back on them. Mack tries to be a voice of reason, but it seems the loss of Lincoln Campbell was far too much for Daisy, so she chose to “hold onto the darkness” (see what I did there?!). She goes off with Robbie so they can continue their mission of vengeance.

144325 7859

I must say this could be the most edgy and exciting season of AoS yet! And with those rumours of a certain skull chested vigilante possibly appearing on the show...things just may get even better. Don’t get too excited, it’s just speculation at this point. We may know more after New York Comic Con. Still, with the tone of the season so far, it would be an excellent opportunity to tie in this show with the more street-level based Netflix stuff!

We didn’t see any more of Holden Radcliffe or his gorgeous robot AIDA or Yo-Yo Rodriguez (although Mack now knows that she and Daisy have been in contact and she’s been lying to S.H.I.E.L.D.). But I think next week we will definitely catch up with them!

Things are getting hotter and hotter on this show! Don’t miss next week’s review! Bleed out!

Dave Michaels

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