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Conceptual Heist Is The Jazzpunk/Sci-Fi Webcomic Of Your Dreams

Written by  Published April 4, 2017 05:46
it's not often we cover Kickstarter campaigns that have already met their initial goals, but this is one we couldn't pass up and help spread the word! Sometimes a comic project is too original and has such a unique look that we need to get it out there.

367b4ac4419794483ec7c01d2f3ed50a originalConceptual Heist is exactly that type of indie webcomic. Created by two buddies who began to come up with this idea while working together in the video game industry, Jay D'ici and Matt G. Gagnon, the comic is described as: a science fiction heist story using the aesthetics of the jazz age. With a 1920’s style, the look this world has we have called Jazzpunk, flapper girls with computer contact lenses, and dapper men with cyborg arms, creating a new style and look for our comic that we haven't seen anywhere else.Taking place in the year 2090, our protagonist Jemma Heiss walks among the elite society of the 1%, a group she has never had any compassion or love for, and stealing their art for her own financial gain is her way to get back at them.

Conceptual Heist will be free to read online, but Jay and Matt plan on releasing the first chapter in print as well! Here's a bit more on the series' creators:

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Jay D'Ici, writer and co-creator, he has worked in film and video games, but his first love is comics. His first comic series "The Unfinding of Erasmus Civitatum" was a love letter to the stories and creators of 2000AD and Metal Hurlant. With Conceptual Heist he is paying tribute to the heist films he loves, while trying to mix some new styles and genres together.

Matt G. Gagnon, is the artist and other co-creator, trained in 3d art and illustration he decided while attempting to find work in the game industry that comics were his true calling. After launching his first webcomic series Yonaoshi, he decided to work with Jay to see what it was like to have a collaborator and has never looked back. (Mostly because he doesn't have the time to look back.) He has studied comic illustration and storyboarding for film in both Los Angeles and Montreal.

Kris Rix, is the latest addition to the team as colourist. A member of the atelierMUSE studio studying under Simon Gannon, Kris has several comics and doujinshi projects available through their website.


As of this writing, the Kickstarter goal has been met, but you can possibly still get in on some sweet stretch goals! ACT NOW! Help make Conceptual Heist even more awesome! Find out more at THIS LINK! #JoinTheHeist

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Dave Michaels

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