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Building a Legacy | Heroes of the North: Legacies review

Written by  Published August 21, 2014 01:09
I am not Canadian, I have visited Canada a lot over the years and love what I have seen on both the west coast and east coast, but I am not Canadian. I mention this because today's review is as Canadian as it gets. It is about Canadians, created by Canadians, acted out by Canadians and produced by Canadians. The reason I bring all of this up is, by the time I am done with the review I don't want anyone saying he was just a Canadian writing about Canadians so what did you expect. What I am is a fan of the Super Hero genre, more exactly Super Hero comic admin-ajax.phpbooks.  For more years than I care to mention I have been as my buddy Dave Michaels would say "bleeding comics". Much like the rest of us who do to, I have been massively disappointed in some of the products that have come out of our favorite medium. Not this time. This Time I have Heroes of the North: Legacies. Many of you know Heroes of the North from their award winning web series. If you haven't seen it there will be links at the bottom of this review for you to access it. If you have you know why it is award winning. The reason is they flat out tell the most compelling Super Hero story on the web, and TV (Canadian). After conquering the net and TV they are now preparing to take over the four colored medium and with Legacies,  they made a good start. Legacies is a collection of over a dozen stories about the Heroes. Some are a few pages long some just one page. I will not be reviewing every story. Hopefully you trust me when I say they are all good, some just struck out more to me than others, and in the case of my favorite you will soon know why. With all of that said, lets get started. WARNING:  This book is not for kids under 16 due to violence and adult situations.  

Oh Canada

legacies_preorderHeroes of the North: Legacies

Writers: Yann Brouillette, Christian Viel, Jean Marquis, Bernie Mireault

Artists: Danica Brine, Zach Fischer, Brenda Hickey, Geof  Isherwood, Hasan Khan, Javier Martinez, Oliveros, Bernie Mireault, Arturo Palacios, Gibson Quarter, Andre St-Amour, David Therrin, Chistopher Yao

Colors:  Zach Fischer, Brenda Hickey, Geof Isherwood, Andre St-Amour, Aljosa Tomic, Christian Viel,

Letters: Yann Brouillette, Brenda Hickey, Andre St-Amour, Christian Viel

Cover: Patrick H'enaff

Produced: Movie Seal

Like I said this book is a collection of stories, the cool thing about it is they all sort of go together. The first story Genius runs right into the second even though they are complete and separate stories. It makes for a great read and keeps the flow of the book smooth from start to finish.

With so many people working on the same book the art doesn't stay consistentHOTN 2 throughout the read. That is not a BAD thing, in fact it made the read better. The different styles complimented the different story styles and gives this book a edge over what we usually get off the shelves. It goes from realistic to a cartoon to a type of manga hybrid and it is all good for me.

My favorite story in the book has on of my favorite people in life in it. Dave "Bleeder King" Michaels makes his four colored debut in Legacies and only the sky will keep him on the planet now as it should be! First Dave made an appearance on the show and now my buddy is in my favorite medium. The story is titled Somebody Call 9-1-1 and it is a masterpiece of writing and artistry. Dave has just come back from the con where he got a Special Edition comic with Masquerade in it and the next thing he knows she is getting in the same elevator. Dave being his usual shy self lets the moment pass, but saves the day later.

I like how they have Dana Adams as the cosplayer from the con, who then gets into trouble as Masquerade breaking down the fourth wall in a unique way. I also love that my boy Dave kicks that butt!

HOTN 6Dropping the Ball with 8 Ball and Black Terror is another great read. It combines all the action you can shake a stick at and leaves you laughing in the end. From 8-Balls dislike of American beer to Black Terrors confession methods it is the best buddy cop story that should be a movie of all time.

I can't seriously write his column without mentioning Hornet, it would be wrong. She makes a couple of appearances with the first being just as evil as she can be and the second is a day in the life of one of her henchmen. The first is gripping and we see just how bad Medusa and company can be. The second is pretty funny and you almost feel bad laughing that this poor guy is getting the stuffing kicked out of him by assorted member of HOTN, almost.

Legacies gives a lot of comic goodness for your money. Like I said earlier between the different narrative styles to artist conception there is something in this book for any kind of comic book lover. With an outstanding 120 pages of pure comic joy, I can't recommend this book enough!

This book and more Heroes of the North comic books are available right here at, NEVER pay cover price!

OK, for you folks who hadn't heard of Heroes of the North and their Transmedia Award Winning Web Series check out this clip! You can thank me later!


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