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Creator Owned Indie

It's not often I get to speak to a comic book legend and someone who has made his/her mark on the comics industry and changed things, but at Montreal ComicCon...well, anything can happen! And I got my chance to meet and interview one of the most innovative comic book writers in recent memory. Brian Pulido is a bit different than most comic book creators. Instead of making his name by writing comics about other people's characters, which was most common in 90's, Pulido created his own... Read more...
 Brings Us

The Road To Ruin

“Setting up our dystopian lemonade stand has been fun...” While science fiction has always been a staple component of comic books but creators are able to explore the full extent of their imaginations due to the success of independent, creator-owned comic books. No longer are writers and artists bound by pre-determined trends, they are free to tell the story they want to tell. Social media makes them able to find an audience and spread the word further than ever before about their latest... Read more...
Heroes of The North IndieGogo Campaign
The Heroes of The North NEED YOU! To gain funding for Season 2 of their critically acclaimed web-series, my buddies over at The Heroes of The North have began an IndieGogo campaign, and now their fans can actually be a part of making the magic happen! Want to be a Medusa goon? Or get skewered by... Read more...
Heroes of The North Episode 20 | FPB Papercut
It's here! Heroes of The North Episode 20 has hit and it has action, intrigue and the live-action introduction of a new character, the invisibility powered heroine known as Acadia! This season finale definitely sets up Season 2 in a big way with Hornet and The Medusa Commander's evil plans... Read more...
Heroes of The North Season 1 DVD Trailer
The Heroes of The North re just about to begin filming Season 2 of the acclaimed web series, but before that we can revisit the origins and first adventures of The Canadian, Fleur-des-Lys, 8-Ball, Black Terror and Nordik as they take on the evil terrorist group, Medusa and other... Read more...
Heroes Of The North Season 2 Teaser
When the threat of the Medusa organization looms, it's the Heroes of the North that answer the call to defend Canada and the world! Heroes of the North Season 2 is about to go into production, and the folks at Movie Seals have just released an awesome new teaser trailer for the new... Read more...
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