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Another WolfCop Is Bigger, Funnier And Gorier Than The Original | SPOILER FREE REVIEW

Written by  Published November 29, -0001 07:00
The original WolfCop sort of came out of nowhere. Nobody would have thought that a small film directed and written by a virtually unknown filmmaker from Saskatchewan starring an all-Canadian cast would become the most significant werewolf/comedy/horror movie since Teen Wolf and a cult phenomenon. But Lowell Dean and his group pulled it all off brilliantly, and WolfCop now has a sequel! Another WolfCop got its Canadian premiere at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival and yours truly got the chance to see it with his very own eyeballs with his fellow rabid Montreal fans. And we came out in force! Heck, there was even a guy in full-on WolfCop cosplay in the house! We don’t play around!

Lowell Dean was in the building and he brought along a big chunk of the cast too. The man in fur himself, Wolf Cop/ Lou Garou, Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio who is back as Lou’s former partner now sheriff Tina Walsh and Serena Miller who plays Cat, the sister of Lou’s buddy/sidekick Willie were all in the house for the premiere!

AnotherWolfCop PartnersThe film takes place sometime after the first film and the legend of WolfCop has grown in the small town of Woodhaven. The movie actually starts out similar to a superhero film,  with WolfCop in mid-car chase, hunting down a crew of bad guys. WolfCop is now an urban myth similar to Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, with the locals sharing true or not-so-much outlandish stories about the creature and stores selling goofy knockoff WC merchandise, including “WolfCop-A-Feel” fake breasts! Lou Garou has decided at least to use his powers for good...and massacres the s#!t out of the criminal element. And his former partner and “sort of” love interest Sheriff Walsh turns a blind eye and dispels the WC sightings and rumours stirred by the public and police rookies. The question is, how long can she keep Lou’s secret?!

AnotherWolfCop Sydney Swallows Yannick Bisson

In the meantime, this movie would be nothing without a viable villain. And Another WolfCop has one in Sydney Swallows, played by Yannick Bisson, star of the popular Canadian TV show Murdoch Mysteries. Swallows is a spokesperson for a strange and addictive new malt liquor called Chicken Milk. Is it made from the milk of chickens? Is it made from chicken? Do chickens even make milk? So many questions. Bisson himself is all cheesy, but a good villain.

And what of the evil reptilian shapeshifters from the last film? Well, WolfCop’s former buddy, Willie Higgins, who turned out to be a shapeshifter in the last movie DOES return, and it seems his captors didn’t kill him when he was replaced...but they did violate him! Poor bastard. Willie is played by Jonathan Cherry once again and he is even more hilarious in this movie. In a movie that is non-stop silly as all hell, this guy still manages to be the comedy relief.

AnotherWolfCop Sara Miller and Leo Fafard

We also meet Willie’s sister Cat. Cat helps when Lou is injured and Willie takes him to her because she would know how to heal a “were-person”. At first, we are not sure how Cat would know what to do, but it all becomes clear soon enough. She is indeed an awesome character and Serena Miller is an awesome addition to the cast. If a sequel is made, she must return!

Another Wolf Cop is not to be taken seriously at all. It’s a straight-up gorefest comedy and is silly from beginning-to-end. Lowell Dean and make-up SFX artist Emmersen Ziffle (who also was at Fantasia for the premiere) come from the practical creature effects world and this movie, like its predecessor, utilizes that. There is blood and guts and skin shredding and puss and slime, and yes, even a puppet or two, and the actors don’t even have to pretend that it’s all there. And that is all in the fun of the movie.


There are very little CGI effects, if any at all, and like Lowell mentioned in my interview with him last year at Montreal Comiccon, that style of filmmaking just simply fits this sort of movie. It wouldn’t be the same if everything was CGI and in front of a green screen. It would feel less genuine. So this movie definitely follows that vein, right to Lou’s transformation into WolfCop, where he literally pulls his skin off, revealing fur and mange underneath. It’s awesome stuff.

And yes, if you’re wondering if they somehow topped that freakish interspecies sex scene from the first film....they did. They so did. And they even used another classical Canadian Gowan song to go along with it...this time the even more appropriate Strange Animal! The song was stuck in my head for hours afterwards and the imagery of this scene will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life! But it was so worth it.

The score for this film was great too, I noticed they really went for a very 80’s creepy sci-fi/horror John Carpenter-esque sound. I don’t know if a lot of people even notice music in films, but this really stuck out for me. Growing up as an 80’s kid, I know a good 80’s throwback score when I hear one. If you liked the music similar to the Stranger Things theme song, you’ll love the music in this movie.

There are even a couple of great cameos in the movie. I cannot spoil these for anyone at all, since they are such pleasant surprises!

In total, Another WolfCop was a real fun and hilarious movie. It’s certainly not for everyone, though. If you are looking for some unquenchable helping of epic high art every time you watch a film, well, this probably isn’t your kind of movie. But if you just want to turn your brain off and watch a silly, weird, monster movie, Another WolfCop is a great choice!

Be sure to check this one out when it officially hits theaters this fall!

Dave Michaels

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