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Getting to Know Your ENR Crew: eXpertComics Edition | Mark Tomlin

Written by  Published July 17, 2014 01:16
 This is the 7th installment of Getting to Know Your ENR Crew. As the title suggests this is a special edition dealing with my buddy Mark Tomlin. Mark is the glue that holds the whole shooting match together. It's Mark that gets all the books, statues, shirts and you name it out on time, and keeps the writers in books to review.  He also is one of the few rare people who has an answer for every question I throw at him, and believe me I throw a lot of questions. He is a massive toy collector, a bigger Power Ranger fan, and one of the nicest people you are likely to meet. So sit back and Get to Know Mark Tomlin!

What is it like running eXpertComics the store?

I have to say it takes a lot of work to run a comic shop. People underestimate the amount of time and effort is required to make things roll. From receiving our weekly order, to getting the orders out to our online customers and store pick-ups, and everything in between, it takes a lot out of you. However, it is all worth it. I have been in Customer Service for about 7 years now, and I love to help people out. So to get the "You're Awesome" or "Thank you so much" at the end of one of those emails, makes my day!

Do you leave your wallet at home so you don't buy everything?

No, the wallet stays with me. I just keep everything maxed out so I can't spend mark 5more. All joking aside, I have self control over what I buy. I stick to series that I love and try not expand.

You have one of THE most impressive toy collections, why the love of toys?

I have always been into action figures (or how my father used to call them "dolls"). I used to spend hours on the floor with my figures in the living room deciding what evil plot I would come up with next. About 16 years ago my father past away and my mother couldn't bear to live in the house we were currently living in and wanted to move as quickly as possible. We arranged a huge garage sale and I took that opportunity to sell off my figures and buy (which was at the time) the latest gaming console. However, with the lack of figures, as weird as it may seem, I felt there was a void in my life. So, I decided to take the leap and start small. With the release of the first Transformers movie (no judging ok), and my love for the original cartoon, I decided to pick up only the characters in the movie (as Hasbro loves to release the same molds of figures, painted differently, and given a new name). Seeing them up on my wall felt amazing. Then it was off to eBay, and the fun began. Now a days, I try only to collect figures from when I was younger. With that it gives me a sense of reliving my childhood.

What is your favorite piece?

With over 800 pieces, you want me to choose just one? That's tuff. It would have to be in between Optimal Optimus from the Beast Wars series, and Bad Bob from Reboot.

What has been your biggest fan moment (ie meeting celebs or what).

mark 3Meeting Jason David Frank! Last year was my third time getting the chance to go the our yearly Montreal Comic Con. Out of all the Celebrities that appear, he was the one that was on the top of my list. However, I was unsure if I would have the chance to meet him, I prepared myself by bringing 2 of my custom Morphers with me. When I got the chance to head over to his booth and waited in line, the butterflies started in my stomach. And then when I met him... for the first time ever... I could not speak. After getting his autograph and a picture taken, he then asked for one of my Morphers and offered to sign it. That Morpher, autograph and picture now reside in a frame in my hallway.

You also attend the Montreal Con, what is it like preparing for that?

A royal pain in the butt. But totally worth it. Lugging everything over there, setting up, and taking down is the worst part. However being there, seeing celebrities pass by, and all those costumes! Fantastic!

How tired are you after a day at the con?

Honestly, not at all. While doing the con, everything moves so fast that you do not have much time to think. However, it does hit you a few days after the Con has finished.

What is the weirdest comic book question you have ever received?

I get questions asked on a daily basis, so I would be unable to pick just one. I mark 2guess and odd one would of been why the word "Excelsior" was sign by Stan Lee on one of our exclusive covers. I just didn't know how to answer that.

What was your first comic?

I believe my first comic was a Batman one (I have no idea the issue number), which I got when I was around 8-10 years old. I ended up bringing it camping.. only to have my camp capsize and it was destroyed.

What would be a dream team up in any universe?

Venom, Deadpool, Crossbones, Sinestro, Bizzaro, and Ghost Rider.

On a desert island what comic would you need to have?

Give me any of the Archie Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, that would bring me joy until rescued.

What is the coolest place you have shipped to?

Germany. Though it might not be special, however it was what was shipped there. Someone ordered a full case of comic book back boards. No Comics, not even Bags, just boards. It cost a fortune to ship due to the weight. It is not something they can get there.. Strange.

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