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DC Comics

DC Comics

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Do you smell what Black Adam is cookin’? Among all of the crazy news this week what with the passing of yet another legend of comedy (R.I.P. Joan Rivers), nearly every young female celebrity’s naughty pictures getting leaked onto the internet and Cee-Lo Green making us want to delete all of our Gnarls Barkley records, some of you may have missed the bit of GREAT news that broke. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Warner Bros. finally confirmed that the big role that he has landed for a big... Read more...
When Super Heroes get drunk!! It happened in Green Lantern Corps #211: "Pink Elephants!" It is New Years Eve at the Green Lantern Corps Citadel. An irate Guy Gardner is chiding the rest of the Green Lantern's for choosing duty over going out and partying. After he has managed to antagonize all seven of the other Green Lantern's, Guy leaves. But he does not go very far!! Meanwhile, at a Hollywood party, (with Sting...or is it John Constantine?? And Elvira in attendance) Guy's ex-girlfriend,... Read more...
Green means GO!

Green means GO!

Written by
It’s time to look at the #31 (in true Sesame Street fashion) and today’s number is brought to you by the colour green and the objects “arrow” and “lantern.” To talk to you a little more about the number 31 is Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan, both of who have enjoyed at new lease of life over coming... Read more...
Will the Real Lobo Please Stand Up
This column is actually going to be a review column. Meaning that I am reviewing two books by DC Comics, and will give my usual play by play. This column is also about Lobo. You know the Main Man, Mister Machete, The Ultimate Bastich. He was all the rage back in the 90's, a DC version of... Read more...
Gotham Official Extended Trailer | FPB Papercut
Before Batman...there was Gotham. And next fall we will begin to see the rise of its hero. That's right, following the success of prime time dramas adapted from the pages of comics, Fox will now get into the act with Gotham, a band new show based on the origins of Batman, his allies and rogues... Read more...
A Darker Shade of Green
It’s not easy being green to quote a popular amphibian. DC’s emerald-sporting characters have fared dramatically different when launching into other media’s but one thing is for certain; they continue to hit all the right beats in the comic books. Some feared that Green Lantern would lose its way... Read more...
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