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The Flash will outrun you. He is the fastest man alive. Debuting in Flash Comics #1 in 1940, created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, the original version of the Flash, known as Jay Garrick, sped across our imaginations and broke the sound barrier in this premier issue.

Several others have bore the mantle of the Flash; Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen. Although Barry is the current Flash, they all share a similar range of abilities. Each Speedster can tap into the Speed Force, enabling them to travel at unheard of speeds. They possess much higher levels of endurance than average humans and can vibrate through solid matter - known as quantum tunnelling. Some have been able to travel through time and can heal faster than non-metas. The Flash has also been seen to exhibit some resistance to telepathy due to his faster-than-normal thought processes.

The Flash is one of the more light-hearted and upbeat members of the Justice League. He shares a close friendship with Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. Those members of the Speed Force also share a strong, familial bond especially as many of their relationships intertwine. It is perhaps their closeness to the Speed Force that makes them so compatible. 

Recently, as a key player in the DC event, Flashpoint, Barry Allen became pivotal in the relaunch of the DC Universe. He may, or may not, still have some memories of past continuity and, as a such, makes him central to the New 52 and the stories it continues to tell.

DC Flash Comics

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