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Arthur Curry, the King of the Seven Seas also known as Aquaman made his debut in More Fun Comics #73 back in 1941. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisenger, Aquaman has remained at the forefront of the DC pantheon throughout the years and one of the defining members of the Justice League.

Aquaman is a child of two worlds. He has both human and Atlantean heritage. Whilst most of his adventures are intensely action-packed, what defines him the most is his search to find his place in either of the realms that struggle to accept him.

Aquaman has dipped in and out of the DC Universe over the years. Often being the butt of many jokes, the character has battled hard to be taken seriously. He has gone through many changes - going from fresh-faced adventurer to disheveled ruler of Atlantis - Aquaman has been the subject of many reinventions. Arthur has even lost his hand and replaced it with a weapon in an attempt to make the character darker and much more brooding.

He possesses superhuman strength and speed (when below the surface of the waves), he also has super tough skin and the ability to communicate with most forms of aquatic life. His rogues gallery consists of many weird and wonderful villains including the ruthless Black Manta and his own despotic brother, Orm, the Ocean Master.

Aquaman also helped coach Aqualad, another orphan of an Atlantean colony, who went on to be one of the original members of the Teen Titans.

DC Aquaman Comics

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