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Dreaming #15

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As the second year of the Sandman Universe begins, the sentient algorithm known as Wan is now the acknowledged lord of Dreams realm, and unquestioned ruler of all his subjects. So its a huge problem that Wan is completely insane, and more than capable of wiping out all life in the Dreaming. The question becomes: What can Abel, the only one who knows Wans secret, do about it? And what must he do to poor Matthew the Raven to put his plan into action? A new chapter in the history of the Dreaming begins here-find out why the AV Club says "If youre a fan of Neil Gaimans The Sandman, you need to be reading The Dreaming!"

Category: DC Comics
Publishing/Release Date: 06 November 2019
Printing: 1st
Category: DC Comics | 06 November 2019 | 1st Print
Creative Team:
Writer(s): Si Spurrier
Cover Artist(s): Yanick Paquette
Artist(s): Bilquis Evely
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Writer(s):Si Spurrier
Cover Artist(s):Yanick Paquette
Artist(s):Bilquis Evely
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