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Cosmic Ghost Rider (5P Ms) Vol. TP

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You knew him as the Punisher. Then Frank Castle made a deal with the devil that made him the Ghost Rider. A deal with Galactus made him cosmic. And a deal with Thanos made himdead?! Not to worry, Castle doesnt die easy. Hes back - and hes got a plan to make the universe a better place! It all starts with an idea so simple he cant believe no ones ever done it before. But as with all things worth doing, its not going to be easy. Castle takes on space sharks, faces down the future Guardians of the Galaxy and runs into Galactus during a bar fight! And dont forgetbaby Thanos?! Its Frankerthe PunishumCosmic Ghost Rider in the craziest caper youve ever seen! Collecting COSMIC GHOST RIDER #1-5. Parental Advisory

Category: Graphic Novels
Publishing/Release Date: 23 January 2019
Printing: 1st
Category: Graphic Novels | 23 January 2019 | 1st Print
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