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Superior Spider-Man - Complete Collection Vol. 01 TP

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Doctor Octopus claims the ultimate victory over Spider-Man! After years of defeats at the wall-crawlers hands, Otto Octavius achieves the unthinkable - putting his mind in the body of Peter Parker! As one Amazing era ends, a new one begins for a smarter, stronger, Superior Spider-Man! And hell prove it, by donning an upgraded costume - and taking on the all-new Sinister Six! But things arent so friendly in this Spideys neighborhood - and his more ruthless approach to crimefighting is cause for concern for his "fellow" heroes. Will his violent actions mean Spider-Man is an Avenger no more? Featuring classic foes including the Vulture and the Green Goblin, and new friends such as Anna Maria Marconi, this is Spider-Man like youve never seen him before - but whatever happened to the real Peter? Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1999) #698-700 and SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1-16.

Category: Graphic Novels
Publishing/Release Date: 25 April 2018
Printing: 1st
Category: Graphic Novels | 25 April 2018 | 1st Print
Creative Team:
Writer(s): Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Cover Artist(s): Marcos Martin
Artist(s): Richard Elson
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Writer(s):Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Cover Artist(s):Marcos Martin
Artist(s):Richard Elson
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